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AUGUST 11, 2011 9:53PM

The Reagan Years Begin

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~~~ The Reagan Years Begin

1980 was the year we needed Ronald Reagan to save us from the communists. We were suffering through the Iran hostage crisis under Carter's watch. Carter's rescue attempt ended with helicopters crashing in the desert. Our confidence was low.

The hostages were immediately released when Reagan came into power. Americans were once again, the born-again, swaggering doofuses, we are at heart.

The terrorists were just terrified of Ronnie. The Commies stepped up the arms race, because they were terrified of Ronnie... all was well with the Cold War.

I slept-well knowing a cantankerous, lovable old coot (with early stage dementia) was at the helm of nuclear armageddon.

I'm still a Republican, it's the Republicans that left me behind. Ironically, the Republicans didn't all leave me, just a small powerful group hijacked my party.

Republicans are still Republicans.

I can dream of a day the majority of Republicans take back the party. So I don't have to be ashamed to be an old school Republican/new-school democrat.

~~~ Aside: Life is not black or white or true or false or right or left or conservative or liberal or democrat or republican. The answers are complex. Even silly rom-coms spill over with the answer to relationships being: It's complicated. It is complicated. Sound bite solutions are easy to sell, but rarely work in the long run. ~~~  

What the hell is this self-professed idiot talking about?


2005 study by Pew Research Center of the GOP (Republican) base shows a marked dissent among the party.

Social Conservatives favored health insurance for all Americans (59% to 37%)*.

Pro-Government Republicans favored the same issue (63% to 33%)*.

The Enterprising Republicans opposed raising taxes for healthcare across the board.

The "Enterprising" Republicans are the richest Republicans. Accounting for 10% of the Republican base,

That's 10% of the Republican base, not 10% of the voting public.

"When asked by Pew if tax cuts mattered more than debt reduction, Social and Pro-Government Conservatives chose deficit reduction by a wide margin. Even Enterprisers chose tax cuts by a narrow margin (50% to 43%).

Which is to say, the Republican Party's position on fiscal policy is to the right of even the most conservative 10% of the electorate."*

These are the people that left me, the old school Republican, behind.

It is "a top down takeover by an elite ideological vanguard... synonymous with the accumulated desires of its funding base".*

The "funding base" is not synonymous with "in order to form a more perfect union" or "We the people...".

It simply means they do the money's (their masters) bidding.

Being a man with no party, I will state: Both party's do the money's bidding.

Unfortunately, for my former Republicans, this is their story. In order to be factual, they play the bad guys.

Their actions speak louder than words.




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