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DECEMBER 29, 2011 7:32PM

The Men Behind the Curtain of Your Vote Mattering

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I have long sought The Man behind the curtain.

I believe I have found them, before you get all widgety and judgmental. I must remind those of faith, they demand tolerance of "belief".

Americans are, however, under siege. A class war has raged since the beginning of humanity.

The brilliance of the current upper class campaign is convincing the vast majority it's not actually happening. Further, that demanding a fair share for the majority is class warfare and is not fair to the upper class waging the war.

Well, life is not fair.

But let me start with the basics: Capitalism in all it's glorified hypocrisy as served by those that run the show.

If you start a business, you assume risk and therefore expect to profit from its success and also suffer from it's demise.

That's the generally accepted understanding of the American Way.

In the current model adopted by the uber wealthy elite. They conspire to dupe the American public into sub-prime mortgages and bundled swaps into supposed AAA investments.

The conspirators include the too big to fail banks, The Federal Reserve (our central bank), the government and big bank cronies employed by the government (Goldman Sachs former executives for example), the fake rating agencies (Moody's, Fitch, Standard for the Poor).

We have witnessed, and are living through, a conspiracy. No theory. Evidentially, factually, provable conspiracy.

But since the government co-conspirators have chosen NOT to investigate and prosecute their guilty brethren, this becomes a moot point.

The very rudimentary point is: This is not capitalism.

So, it's not anti-rich or anti-successful.

It's pro-capitalism.

This means you take the risk and win you get the reward. You lose, you lose your business.

When you remove risk from the equation you are not dealing with capitalism. This is an irrefutable fact, by definition, for those who love capitalism.

What these rich conspirators did was remove risk from the equation, these few brilliant would-be criminal billionaires did was: Ponzi Scheme the entire globe. Congrats, you heartless bastards!

Several points need to be clear here: Conspiracies do occur, as evidence we're living through (at least) one now.

Why attack these rich, successful people?

Because they circumvented capitalism for their personal "success". They are, or would be treasonous criminals, by the definition of capitalism (and the founding fathers).

IF they didn't also write the laws for their own benefit.

First, they took NO risk. Their brilliant, should've been illegal, scheme privatized profit and socialized risk.

Simple explanation: They kept all the profits and WE THE PEOPLE assumed all their risk. We bailed out their failed banks and businesses and they received bonuses for running their companies into the ground.

To say they were UNsuccessful would be a lie.

They were very successful at re-distributing the wealth to themselves. Unlike Bernie Madoff, their plan succeeded in duping the masses into thinking these piratical psychopaths were the best and brightest and deserve their ill-gotten gains.

Akin to giving a dog a treat for mauling a child AND having the mauled child hand the dog the treat with a stupefied smile.

The mauled child in this is WE THE PEOPLE of the United States.

Upon finishing "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" (I highly recommend) I was surprised to find this headline in the usually Wall Street defensive Wall Street Journal:   The Federal Reserve's Covert Bailout of Europe.

First, The Federal Reserve Bank, is a privately owned bank. Which answered one of my central questions as to why the big banks were bailed out, but the American people were left to flounder.

The too big to fail banks they bailed out are the owners of The Federal Reserve Bank. In essence they bailed themselves out to the tune of 7.8 trillion dollars in zero percent loans to themselves in addition to the 780 billion dollar socialist bailout of their risk by the American people.

Now, December 28th, 2011 we are bailing out Europe. But not with loans The Fed would have to report, but with currency swaps.

The more complicated the better, but the point is The Fed doesn't have to report the untold billions it isn't lending to Europe, because it's "swapping" currency.

Now that the Supreme Court has awarded Corporations the rights of individuals with as little regulation as possible is there much doubt as to who is behind the curtain?

This is tantamount to disbanding the police for the people, which would create anarchy.

They have achieved financial anarchy by the design of the financial anarchists.
The fact We The People are fooled into believing WE have power is the curtain we need to peer behind.

Follow the money.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

**** Please note I didn't need to politicize one point. Right, Left, Democrap or Republicant matters not to those in power.

The labels are just another way to keep us divided and conquered.


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So the Federal Reserve loaned itself money from its own reserves? Which is basically making money out of ether, right? Wish I could do that.
It doesn't really have reserves. It uses America's credit to issue money... it writes checks.
Even better. We are the credit card. I was afraid you'd say that. I'm not going to ask where it's going to end.
The U.S. currency is Fiat money. It has no intrinsic value.
The only backing it has is the U.S. government's ability to tax.
It may be Fiat money but it still is the Alpha Romeo of currency considering the way the euro is committing suicide.
Jan, what do we do?

I do not have that answer.
In fact my posting of this is a search for answers.

Although the power may be to entrenched to dislodge.
there's nothing wrong with printing money, there's nothing wrong with stealing it. the only crime is getting caught. and there's the problem for the chumps: even when they see the crime, they can't do anything about it.

you're too ignorant, too lazy, too impatient, too feeble mentally and morally, to catch anyone. you can vaguely see the need to restrain your masters, but can't even dream of doing it. which means that learning you're being screwed is not very useful, it just makes you a little angry, to no purpose.

so relax, why worry. life goes on, you'll get by, turn to the sports channel, or 'bold and beautiful.'
Al, you are annoying.

No answers, just petty criticisms.
Since the decent people seem to be driven into a corner I have to reluctantly conclude the bastards must either be killed or sent into exile. Perhaps Russia can be persuaded to re-invigorate the gulag system and we can rent one. Siberia has lots of open space.
Al, I'm upgrading you to really annoying.

(T [ I add the t free of charge])here's nothing wrong with printing money, there's nothing wrong with stealing it. the only crime is getting caught (Assclown, anti human).(A freebie, after a period a big letter) and there's the problem for the chumps: even when they see the crime, they can't do anything about it. (And your solution is simply being an ass?)

you're too ignorant, too lazy, too impatient, too feeble mentally and morally, to catch anyone. you can vaguely see the need to restrain your masters, but can't even dream of doing it. which means that learning you're being screwed is not very useful, it just makes you a little angry, to no purpose. (That's just lazy, ignorant spelling and grammar: Al's Ignorantly Presidential).
Al, since you offer no solutions and type your responses in lower case lazy ass BS.

I don't post here often anymore. I don't have time for your acts of futility. I just posted an act of futility. You bolstered the futility with your own stupidity.

Leave my posts please Al. There is more to what I've written and less time I have to spend dealing with your shit.
To get a bit more serious, it is evident that the presidency, the courts, and congress have been thoroughly incapacitated by the massive wealth of the controlling elite. The only evident counterforce recently is the growing misery of the people who have no work, no housing, no future. The elected local officials have responded to the basically peaceful protesting "occupy" movements with intolerance, disdain and finally a touch of brute force. This is obviously only a temporary stopgap since the driving miseries still remain and are growing worse. In due course the inexorable forces will lead to reactions of desperate force on both sides and the outcome is questionable. The government can arrest only so many people and I wonder if naked totalitarianism will work in the USA. There are indications that preparations for this are being made. I do not offer solutions, merely possibilities.
Please be a little more tolerant with Al. He is on the right side, merely trying to prompt sensible reactions by sticking pins where it might hurt a bit and get some movement. At the moment you are asking people to react positively where there are no positive actions indicated nor seemingly the effective popular force in evidence to make that force respectable. It probably will require a bit more suffering and some stirring of general realization of the total calamity of our destination. It will take time.
Jan, my tolerance is at its end.

Who tolerates my ideas?

Al has pissed me off for a couple years. He is unwilling to write what he believes. Lower case BS as though he's not fully formed. Don't be mad at me, I use lower case.

Al needs to leave me alone, although we appear to agree, I dislike his passive aggressive style.
My guess is that Al is almost totally depressed and angry at the lack of positive popular response. I find that understandable.
What I wrote was factually correct.

A debate started.

Al kills it.

And so it goes Jan.
jay, i'll comment, you clip if you want. i think it's important to hear every viewpoint, i recommend it to you.
A capitalist society is not sustainable. I think we all realize that logically, but we do continue to try to convince ourselves otherwise. And one another as well. And when that fails, we blame, because others didn't bow. Rated.
Well, at the moment of starting to type this comment, there remain five hours (less eight minutes) to this calendar year. Given that I can't let commenting on OS blogs consume as high a percentage of that amount of time that I wish I could, I must omit substantive content on this topic, for now. But I couldn't forego commenting my ?simple? -- any way, _heartfelt_ -- THANK YOUs: to you, Jay and all my fellow commenters here. Now I'm off to Google "Maya" to find out (a) what calendar replaced the one that will be officially dead what is now already considerably less than seven hours; (b) the histories, ethnicities, and geographical locales and migrations of the Mayans (to find out what % "Mayan" my own individual inbody life is) -- so as to know when the fireworks start (hope all pet owners have made proper precautionary provisions for all pets). I do truly appreciate all OSers -- my online extended family and Jay, so far as I'm concerned, your dialog[ue] here hasn't been "killed" at all. Hang in there, "mun" because should I not die afore I wake, I'll be following its continuance eagerly.
Five hours? Only 1.5 here. Happy New Year, wherever you are.
P.S. Short ?"translation"? of previous long winded post:

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone! [Wanted to write that in Spanish (for some reason?!), but couldn't remember how to put together the letter "n" with the symbol~]