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J D Smith

J D Smith
December 20
Married and in the heartland of the USA with little to say and nothing to say it with.


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OCTOBER 31, 2012 12:11AM

The Life The Storm Can Change

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One house is lit with self-generated power on the corner,

an island of civilization dropped in the center of unfolding void,

as darkness filters past the last wisps of sunlight and pours over us,

and rising angry waters grope up our legs and over our thighs. 


I can feel, not see, waves lapping against me one quickly after another

as the ground transforms in mere minutes to inland sea and surf

Fear grips my heart as even the one house lit blinks off and dark

and moon itself comes out but covered by coiled ribbons of deluge. 


I hear wailing and crying echoing down the road a bit;

not the sound of physical pain, but realization of how little we have now

or maybe of how much we have that is now useless

as we depend on things much more direct and dire. 


I tug again at the inflatable raft behind me, bright red dulled by night

filled as it is with food and books and batteries and toilet paper

but also laptops and a tv that seem to valuable to simply leave

but so worthless now to hang on to as well. 


Maris sits in the front of our ark humming a bit

trusting daddy will pull her to a place where Bert and Ernie play again,

whimpering more than a little as lite drops play off her nose and toes

and threaten to wetten her as much as mommy’s couch left far behind. 


I pull us to higher and higher ground, trying to find a place to stand

yet knowing the raft is then useless as a tow truck for what is left.

I think of a life with Ella in that house, alone with the couch

with the memories of her mom hanging on; till the absolute bitter end.


I have to hang on too, pulling Ella behind me to a new life somewhere,

not back to that house flooded with both water and memories;

not back to the flood of pain I can no longer fight against

not back to the impossible of staying and being happy. 


I prayed that my life could start over with Ella,

that it could be re-started in a bold new way with courage.

The storm from the very finger of God did come,

and the wind and waters took all that we knew but each other. 


It may be wrong to smile in the midst of such tragedy

but I like what I remember my pastor said to me not long ago

about how our life COULD change for the better yet.

God makes good of all things.” 


I had to smile a bit more as we passed the flooded church...       


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one spin miss writing poetry
"...“God makes good of all things.
I had to smile a bit more as we passed the flooded church... " Love that!! Hope all is well with you and yours. R&R ;-)
I like this a lot
I' m missing it to
Thanks JMAC and MCS! Here's hoping somebody can get on with their lives too!
"God makes good of all things"... :-)

You had me believing this was you and your loved ones. You drew me right into the middle of the storm, the feelings, the emotions, the memories, the tug of war of what really matters ... the enormity of it all. Well done, JD.

I'm glad to see you writing still. But where O where is that poem of joy??? Hmmmm?????
I came back and read again.

This time I see another type of storm. Change is constant ... I wrote a note to a friend just this morning who was facing an enormous change in her life. One not of her choosing but, nonetheless, it is something she must face. She is struggling to find that higher ground on which to stand. She is flooded with emotions and memories ... fear and uncertainty ... even feelings of hopelessness. She is devastated by her circumstances. But, I believe through it all she will find that higher ground and see from where she stands the possibilities ... that she will see her new life and smile again.
Great thoughts and realizations coming from a fiction rather than real event. Isn't it fun to know you write so well you can create imaginary events to have imaginary responses to and learn from them? Like from dreams? You almost got me with this one. Was about to call you and tell you to pull your family up her to our home at 9K feet and stay with a while! xoxoxo rrr
Oh, JD...you've made me cry.....

You still owe me that poem of joy, JD. Don't think I'll let you get away with telling me it sucks! That won't cut it! It was your challenge AND you did say you would post when I posted so ............TAG!

: )
Okay Mr Smith! We made a deal. Right?

Come on now! No reneging!!!!

: )
I'll post it on my birthday when we get back...if it is still open here.
JD .... thank you.

: )