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J D Smith

J D Smith
December 20
Married and in the heartland of the USA with little to say and nothing to say it with.


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FEBRUARY 12, 2011 10:22PM

Echo Of Love


Her voice whispers to me still,

carried to my heart on prevailing winds,

and echos from a distant land.


Across wind swept savannahs,

and oceans of salty tears that foam on distant shores,

her love-moans groan aloud in my head.


Such words rest on my brain,… Read full post »

JANUARY 8, 2011 6:26PM

Love And The Face Of Death


In the first eddies of a blistering hot day-to-be

rolling waves of sun-ravaged wind cross the field between them,

and the parched land sees no respite in the skies above,

where an oven of air bakes the landscape crispend brown.


He kneels behindRead full post »

JANUARY 1, 2011 4:00PM

Harvest of the Heart

Vapors graze this land.


Little cyclones eddy back and forth across the parchment of dirt,

where a young man’s dream of owing his own land,

slaps his face with a reality he will never lose.



Only mid 20s,

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DECEMBER 28, 2010 10:24PM

Just Let Him Go


The Santa shaker rested in the palm of his hand, with paint peeling off and the beard barely noticeable. Only a faint curl of a alphabet letter gave clue as to whether this was salt or pepper.

The shaker never left the table. It satRead full post »


Have a GREAT Christmas Holiday everyone, and remember......that pawing noise on your roof is not LadyMiko rating your blog!

Well..it COULD be... 

More likely it is reindeer,...and where there are reindeer, there is reindeer poop. So wear your boots and have a reindeer pooper scooper handy… Read full post »

Wow Little Kate! You just won't back down, will you?

Three rounds of Iron Poet,..and you and a slew of other fabulous writers answer the bell each and every round with amazing poetry.


For those of you who wonder what this Iron Poet challenge thing is, here is an explanationRead full post »


"There will be no Christmas for that child.

She’ll not make it that far. That's really tough!" 

Her mom’s boyfriend threw her against a wall as a baby for crying too loudly,and the damage was so intense that all thought she’d die then…but she survived and the boyfRead full post »

DECEMBER 5, 2010 10:58AM

Love At First Sight - a poetry repost


We each sit alone, unknown, statues adorning the hall’s edge,

where countless others have sat with nothing more than polite nods and smiles.

Yet this night differs as we view the soft white glow of the moon-nightlight,

and the stars spotlighting from the skies as a million fireflies on sRead full post »


It was a chilled and frosty night.

I got a call at 3 am, by the sexiest dame I am married to;...the one that twists her head sideways and looks me over like a pile of rank dog manure, then asks me to make her a glass of tea with… Read full post »


Leave it to Marty'sHusband to coin the perfect title for this.



Little Kate  has noted that J D Smith sets up writers on OS with occasional challenges  on writing poetry, so she flipped the poetic coin on me in calling me out with her own challenge for me.… Read full post »


 My responce to LITTLE KATE'S open call out of me.  

Small fingers run deftly along the bark of the greying tree,            

     seeking a hand grip and a foot hold to a higher place;

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NOVEMBER 17, 2010 12:07AM

So Alone


I'm not sure where I met him.

I think it was a job years and years ago. Now I see him most Sundays at church.I've been going there for nearly 12 years now on a bet with God. (Never wager with the Big Guy...you'll lose.)


Steve was there when… Read full post »


Lightning edges along the near-night skies;

          as bolts thrust their electric longings to earth.


A couple enveloped in vortexual bliss.

      share the energy of the ravaging clouds;

    &nbRead full post »

NOVEMBER 12, 2010 4:50PM

What Is A "Sensitive" Man?


 I have an issue. I have picked up the “sensitive guy” label with a few of my female friends and acquaintances.

Actually, I have picked up that label with almost ALL of my female friends and acquaintances.


I am ok with that. But I think it is misplaced a bit.Read full post »

OCTOBER 24, 2010 4:41PM



You're facing tough times, my friend.

You've looked in the mirror, and you've decided that you are not up to the challenge of just getting by, let alone winning at life!

You've been feeling overwhelmed, and beaten. You've been feeling alone and ignored and forgotten.

Every time you've stood… Read full post »

OCTOBER 22, 2010 12:20PM

Night Dreaming Eludes Me


 I am not one who remembers dreaming much. 

Intellectually, I know from past reading on the topic, as well as from conversations with family and friends…that dreaming is a constant companion at sleep. Why it is that some of us on the dusty planet can recall every detail of eveRead full post »

OCTOBER 20, 2010 7:12AM

The Perfect Woman


I had a woman friend ask me a tough question today.

"J D, what is your ideas of what constitutes a "perfect" woman?"


Yes,. she was fishing around for compliments...but it is a question that has me thinking quite a bit. I told her I'd think on it and then… Read full post »

OCTOBER 16, 2010 9:57PM

The Gift Of Amber


She stopped  by my office the first time to comment on the picture of my wife and kids.

I had no idea who she was, and while I politely heard a bit about her dogs and her cat, I was in a hurry to get some work done for a soon-to-happen meeting,..so I begged… Read full post »

OCTOBER 11, 2010 10:33PM

Hopelessly Beautiful Proven Again


"Of what use is stunning beauty, if in your whole life, you have nothing to look forward to; nothing to dream of?"  (from "Hopelessly Beautiful". the first installment of this story posted here on OS)


I suspected that Steph would have a very difficult time breaking the mold haRead full post »

OCTOBER 9, 2010 3:58PM

I 've Found Her; She's Gone


With our backs to the prevailing winds,

each back spread wide to catch bursts that push us forward,

we sailed the wheaten field as adventurers,

with golden waves darting and dancing around us in gusty cadence. 


The wind howled in our ears, and the sun beat upon our foreheads,Read full post »


A lone light upon a single wooden post,

   and around the corner a windmill, 

        paddling the cloudy buns of passing mists. 


Rutted roads and grassy oasis in gravel,

         crunch beneaRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 10:48PM

What's The Damn Point?


The hand shakes a little. 

She promised herself some early Beatles music for the shower this morning, in an effort to give herself the will to get out of bed and ready for another day of ledgers and numbers. But “Eleanor Ribgy” came on and she reaches dripping out ofRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 10:14PM

Tea Kettle Memories


A kettle gathers steam and whistles,

           and all heads turn; quiet respect to a sound. 

and to memories of places, 

                   whRead full post »


I've really missed this place.

I suspected I'd miss it a little bit if I ever left of my own accord, but never really considered it on a permanent basis because of all the on line friends I have developed here. I was just moving onto my first blog-versery in… Read full post »

JULY 25, 2010 6:59PM

OS Ramblings on Belonging


WARNING: Just the rambling thoughts of a guy trying to figure some things out...no great wisdoms or writing here. If you have any thoughts though, I'd love to read them.

It is a very different thing to “intellectually” understand that we may belong to something or someoneRead full post »