An Adaptation of William Shakespeare's MACBETH

Dame J.E. Marshall

Dame J.E. Marshall
Los Angeles, California, USA
January 29
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FEBRUARY 27, 2011 2:00PM


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the wave 

"Let be be finale of seem.  The only emperor is the emperor of ice-cream."   ~Wallace Stevens

Methought I was ripe for Elysium,

For sea changes down in Poseidon's sink,

Foreplaying with fire, now banish-ed  from,

To watery grave by a vex-ed blink.

By the wreck of reckless son, Phaethon,

Where changling horses of Helios play,

Round and round that water king's blue mansion,

From such wonders did I argue and pray

To let fear fall down on this salty floor,

Whilst Diana undid the pall of night,

By mirror of her moon to see once more,

Like unweaving Penelope, to fight

Death, be and seem, final king, past scrutiny.

For thee, dread fire, my soul is mutiny.  ~jem 

The Sea Sonnet is one of several new Shakespearean style sonnets featured in POLUTROPOS/THE ODYSSEY OF OTIS. 

The chihuahua named Polutropos has been cast to the bottom of the sea by Zeus as punishment for eating chili made from the forbidden beef stolen from the Sun God, Helios. 

Otis is trying to get the puppy, Polutropos, home to his wife Penny and takes the punishment with Polutropos in order to save the beloved puppy.  Poseidon (aka Neptune) helps punish them. 

However, the Goddess Diana helps them by sending a guiding moon beam.  The Goddess Athena also helps Polutropos and Otis survive the ordeal.  Otis, like Odysseus, has always been lucky with the ladies.

Stay tuned for another new Shakespearean sonnet in the conclusion of POLUTROPOS/THE ODYSSEY OF OTIS.


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