An Adaptation of William Shakespeare's MACBETH

Dame J.E. Marshall

Dame J.E. Marshall
Los Angeles, California, USA
January 29
Dame J. E. Marshall Productions
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MARCH 2, 2011 6:37PM


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Athena Cropped

  Otis opted to be punished with Polutropos for the crime of eating the three bean habanero chili made with beef stolen from the Sun God Helios' cattle ranch.  Helios requested that Zeus send Otis and Polutropos to the bottom of  the sea.

  One minute Otis and Polutropos were sweating in the green fires of hell and the next they were freezing at the bottom of the ocean in Poseidon's Palace.  Otis knew there was no room for mistakes.  He must choose the correct path out of the water king's palace or they would drown. 

  Poseidon made the matter worse by sending a school of catfish to trick poor Polutropos into barking.  Otis clamped the puppy's mouth and looked for any hint of light that might guide him to an exit to the surface.  Poseidon sent every glowing sea creature to swirl round and round Otis and the puppy to disorient them.  Otis looked down to avoid the maddening carousel.

   He saw a statue of Athena on the sea floor and vowed to the Goddess that if he ever made it to the surface, he would never neglect Penny again.  Just at that moment, Diana, the moon Goddess fired a single moon beam that made a single spark on Athena's helmet. 

   Otis swam in the direction the light had come from as fast as he could with one hand holding Polutropos.  He was very grateful that women had always liked him so much.

 - To Be Continued -



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I never did like cat fish!