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December 31
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JANUARY 31, 2013 6:45AM

January Thaw

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                      yo-yo like, the tempurature varied by 95 degrees

                    snow, icy  freezing rain then salty slush froze, melted

                    and then  froze again on the streets, the rock salt blue


Earlier through the warm shock a sky-colored squirrel scurried

upside down along wet, taut wire.

His bold leap

then allowed


scolding toward

a snow island

surrounded by

frozen green

and the dank

matted leaves

he defied.




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"Sky-colored squirrel." Nice. R
squirrels ~ masters of the reconstituted.
A spry harbinger of spring perhaps.
Vivid, this. Captures perfectly the squirreliness of the weather we've been having of late.
i like it. and i like squirrels. not so much reconstituted ice.
I get "the rock salt blue" ...still trying to decide the color of the squirrel... wonderful rhythm.