DECEMBER 30, 2009 4:11PM

For My Brother

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Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Trigsterrrrrr!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to you!
Okay, I got some clip art, but I was going for animated clip-art. Apparently I'm too dumb for animated clip-art...
after you figger out animated clip art, can you come over & teach me how to link to youtube videos?
Very nice!


I don't think he celebrates Birthdays. He's a Jehovah Witness or something like that. Why happy day anyway, Trig.
Thank you dear sister and spots and Dr. Potatohead.

Brian B. You are a weasily leche. "Can you come over & teach me how to link to youtube videos?" This post is not the appropriate place for a suck up to a pretty girl. I know more about you than you might guess. Barbra Anne told me. If I ever caught you near my sister I'd break your fucking face.
I'd say "Have a great celebration" . . . but has that guy ever stopped?
(I mean this in a NICE way - honest!)

Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday! Do you feel really old?
Oooops, my prior comment was rather inappropriate wasn't it. No worries. I c and p'd it and sent it via private message to the perv...

Thank you dear sister
and spotted_mind
and Dr. Spuds
and Evangelia
and Rev H.L.

You've all been good friends to me here on OS, and Jlynne, well you're my sister and I adore you of course!
Have a wild and crazy birthday you heartbreaker!
Trig, Happy Birthday To You and Many More. May I be so forward as to ask your age? No, I didn't think so.
Is it Trig´s birthday?!!! Happy Birthday dear Trig! So your mom nearly started a new year with a baby Trig some years ago (how many, by the way?) ? Wow!
Kisses man, enjoy your day with your son and loved ones.
and Happy New Year!
Happy, Happy Birthday, Trig!
Thanks again Sis and all of the above!
j lynn! You are this guy's brother?? Well, I won't hold it against you.

Happy b-day, Trig :)
Smithery, I can't resist. I am NOT his brother. Just sayin'. :)
Hey, yeah, happy bday, Trigger man.
Happy B day Trig. Hope it is a merry day for you.