FEBRUARY 5, 2010 11:11PM


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Hahahahahahahaha. I love that photo!
Me too! And it's EXACTLY how I've looked the past 4 hours!
That poor little bored child! What suggestions do you have to liven up a dead Friday evening?
preaching to the choir!
The only hope for that poor kid is a night cap and whatever else might help him to sleep. Like a baby, of course. YA know.
Is that one of your brothers?
Yes, that was Trig. He wore the cap well into high school, and the expression to this very day.
"Yout told me I was getting a Harley for Christmas!!!!"

That's one of the best pictures I've seen in a long time. A perfect way to end the evening. Thanks for the smile :-)
the awww factor on this is off the charts. too cute.
Wonderful! Great growling gurgle (toot) noise would not make 'Photo' any more`
He will be a great Rabbi who
May like lobster and bagels
and lox on a poppy bunny
it made me say goo coo o
alas, I was asleep, so missed the boredomfest...
That pic take the cake dear.
Even the hat speaks volumes.
That's why there is this place called OS.
Nice with my first cuppa Joe here.
Do something exciting and different this weekend...go out dancing or to listen to live music...or anything you don't usually do...
Well good morning! Look at all I missed when I was so bored I had to go to bed to put myself out of my misery!

Natlie - I agree! I'd like to get my hands on that squishy belly and cheeks!

High Lonesome - Ha!

Boomer, you're right. He does have a look of petulance about him, doesn't he? Not just boredom!

Spotted and Buffy and lorianne - I know! Kind of makes me goo goo!!

And that leads me to Art James - it makes him goo goo too! Thanks for gracing my blog with your presence! I feel complete now.

Poor Brian - asleep already? That's why you wake up so dang early!

Mission - the hat does add quite a bit, doesn't it? :)

Cartouche - it is isn't it? Kind of sort of maybe not makes me want another baby....

Jane Redux - that's a good idea! I think I might just try to come up with something for Good News Sunday. Thanks!

Leonde, great ideas! Well - the live music part. I'm not much of a dancer. :) Thanks for stopping by.