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Jack Heart
July 13
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JANUARY 2, 2010 9:15PM

Attica:the Approach

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 There’s a silhouette in the pale moonlight
A trickle of blood runs down the Goddess’s thigh
There is sorrow tinged with delight
And in swirling violence there is the hurricanes eye
Out beyond the threshold there’s a dieing king
His daughter wears scarlet intoxicated with pleasure
In swift streams of thought choirs of angels sing
And demons scurry to conceal the treasure
There’s an uneasy truce between the left and the right
And in the last world a fool has been born
Shielded from sinning within a cradle of light
The high priest smiles mockingly at the oath he has sworn
There’s a crucifixion in the infinite space
A terrified scorpion stings itself to death
Signs of awakening in the most ancient race
Exhaled in the vapor of the dieing kings breath
In wanton surrender to the God of the mountain
Whose gaze finally toppled the citadel to earth
The lady frolics in a bubbling fountain
And dreams of her lover who has suffered his birth
The king casts his last rattling breath to the east
Where the successor awaits at infinity’s door
Amidst thronging angels enters the holy beast
And distant drums echo from fog shrouded shores
It is in these hours the angels have gathered
Anxious to settle their eternal score
When the boundaries of reality have shattered
Then mortals shall witness the angel’s war

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Wow, this is deeply powerful.
Very well written, rated.
An interesting a b ab scheme rich in metaphor. I particularly like the line: "His daughter wears scarlet intoxicated with pleasure"
What color is the eye of the hurricane? Is it red, please tell me. Who is the scorpion? Please say.