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The Cross, the Rabbi & The Skin Walker: Part 3

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The Wasp (Texas Radio And The Big Beat): “This is the land where the Pharaoh died”

“America” makes its first public appearance on the 12 piece map of Martin Waldseemüller in 1507. The map caused quite a stir in Europe since it depicted “America” as a strip of land separated from Europe by the Atlantic and Asia by the pacific. According to orthodox history The discovery's of Columbus, Vespuccij, and others were still thought to be in parts of Asia. According to Wikipedia Waldseemüller had “a leap of intuition that was later proved uncannily precise”. Waldseemüller also raised a few eyebrows when he named the new land America after explorer Americi Vespuccij ignoring both Columbus and the accepted method of naming places after peoples last names. The ensuing controversy caused Waldseemüller to change it to Terra Incognita in the second printing but the cat was already out of the bag and the New World would henceforth be called America. In Templar mythology 'Merica' is the western star toward which Knights ride and ships sail. It is the name of the 5 pointed star of Ishtar the Babylonian Goddess and it is the star followed by Prince Sinclair to the shores of the New World. Hitler called his personnel touring train America, perhaps because he too was in awe of Americi Vespuccij’s accomplishments like Wikipedia claims Waldseemüller was.

 ‘The Radicalism of the American Revolution’ by Gordon S. Wood, Americas most respected historian, lays out the facts in just how Masonic elements orchestrated the whole revolution and birth of America. There is a mysterious hand print on The Declaration Of Independence just like the one on the petroglyph depicting the birth of the crab nebula in Chaco Canyon.The founding father of America, George Washington, was a Freemason. The Great Seal of the United States of America is an occult formulae for ascertaining the true names of God (see Appendix H).

A 5 pointed star is a pentagram and the Pentagon is a pentagram.The highest award for military valor, the Medal of Honor, is an inverted pentagram.Washington DC is laid out like an inverted pentagram. Logan Circle to Washington Circle, to Vernon Square to Dupont Circle to the Whitehouse culminates with a line back to Logan Circle forming a perfectly proportioned inverted pentagram focused atop the Whitehouse. This is an occult incantation to Baphomet, the “Demon” the Templar’s were burned for having worshiped. When a Qabalistic cipher code called ATBASH is applied to Baphomet and written In Hebrew right To left it spells Sophia, a Greek word for the Goddess . The clearest explanation ever given as to just what Sophia is philosophically is my own given in LUCIFER but Sophia is also a power through which the Magi work their miracles.

 America is a land founded upon anomalous events, some that defy explanation in spite of sciences best efforts. It was plagues that laid to waste to 9 out of every 10 indigenous inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere, plagues that accompanied the arrival of the rampaging Christian hordes and paved the way for their conquests. The explanation that the Indians had no immunity to the White Mans disease's no longer wash's, if it ever did, in light of all the evidence given above. Indeed antibodies have been found in Indians to the obscure Japanese disease HTLV1. The earliest record of a Magi calling forth plagues upon his enemy is Moses setting lose the Angel of Death in Egypt. This is not by any means the only biblical plague that marked the birth of America. In 1876, the U.S. Congress declared the locust “the single greatest impediment to the settlement of the country between Mississippi and the Rocky Mountains.” By 1890 the locust had vanished from the face of North America. It is a scientific enigma for which no plausible explanation has ever been given.

 An outnumbered collection of untrained farmers and merchants managed to defeat the greatest military power the earth had known since the days of Rome. In the Battle of Long Island George Washington and his makeshift army of 10,000 men were on Brooklyn Heights encircled on three sides by 20,000 crack British troops yet Washington managed to escape across the East River with nearly the entire Continental Army cloaked by a mysterious fog which settled in from nowhere and lasted until they were safely away from the British. In the war of 1812 the British occupied Washington on Aug. 25, 1814 in preparation to burn it to the ground and suddenly a storm the likes of which has never been seen before or after in Washington rose up from nowhere and drove them from the city before they could complete their task (see Appendix I).

 Nowhere else are the masonic influences of America more apparent than the rise of the Mormon church. In the early 1820’s the nation was griped with religious fervor and Jesus, Mary and the Angels were seen lurking in every church and farmyard. In Palmira New York a man named Joseph Smith claimed he had been shown tablets of gold by an Angel named Moroni. Smith then wrote the book of Mormon chronicling the revelations of Moroni. Three witness’s testified they had met Moroni themselves and 8 more that they had seen the tablets.Written in “Reformed Egyptian” the tablets were copied without Moroni relinquishing them and later translated by Smith through clairvoyance and the use of “Seer Stones”. The book gives an account of two great civilizations. One came from Jerusalem in 600 B.C., and afterward separated into two nations, known as the Nephites who were White and the Lamanites who were dark skinned. The other came much earlier when the Lord confounded the tongues at the Tower of Babel. This group is known as the Jaredites. After thousands of years, all were destroyed except the Lamanites, and they are among the ancestors of the American Indians.

The Church of later day saints is homogenized Masonic doctrine with the pentagram being its most prominent symbol and the basic premise of both being that man can become God. In American history it was the Mormons who spearheaded the drive westward towards Manifest destiny while the Christians remained safely ensconced within forts along the Eastern Coast. The Mormon Church went on to become a rival of the great religions settling comfortably in the path of the Skinwalker. Their great city is built on the same land that was once inhabited by the Anasazi. Smith was a Mason as was his whole family, in light of all the evidence given above: Moroni was either real or the Masons have been withholding historical information while using it to manipulate America whom they rightfully view as their creation

 Idiot Wind: "I noticed at the ceremony, your corrupt ways had finally made you blind"

Science has obfuscated the facts and sequestered in the vaults of inaccessible museums any evidence that could contradict its color by number account of mans past. The theory's of Charles Hapgood and periodic violent crustal displacement of the earths tectonic shelves have been ignored, even over the enthusiastic endorsements of Einstein. Immanuel Velikovsky’s meticulous research about the destruction of all civilization on earth by Venus erupting from Jupiter 3500 years ago and wandering through the solar system as a comet is anathema to all orthodox academia. After reaching the number 1 spot on the best-sellers list shortly after it was written on April 3, 1950 Velikovsky's ‘Worlds in Collision’ was banned from a number of academic institutions, creating an unprecedented scientific debacle that became known as “The Velikovsky Affair”.

In spite of the trillions of dollars spent on researching paranormal phenomena first by the Nazi’s then the Americans and Russians you are told that there is nothing beyond Newtonian physics, it is all allusions and swamp gas.The fact that anyone would believe them, perhaps, explains why some appear to be awaiting an apocalypse with great enthusiasm. A man using the name of C. R. Christian had a controversial multimillion dollar granite revision of the 10 commandments commissioned to be erected in Elberton Georgia in 1979. The “Georgia Guide stones” anticipate a decline in the human populace with the first commandment stating: “MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE.” According to Cherokee Indian Legends the site on which the guide stones stand is near Al-yeh-li A lo-He, the Center Of The Universe. The Cherokee, and many who have studied there language, have always maintained that they were descended from the ancient Hebrews. There can be little doubt that the mysterious commissioner of the “Georgia Guidestones” is meant to be "The Highly Illuminated Father C.R.C.," or Christian Rosencreutz founder of the Rosicrucians (see appendix J).

 François Bacon is suspected by many scholars to have been Shakespeare, author of the enigmatic tale of the elementals; ‘Mid Summers Night Dream’. Manly P Hall believed Shakespeare to be a pseudonym for the secret poet laureate of the Rosicrucian's. Hall attributes great antiquity to Rosicrucian teachings (Appendix K1) and they certainly provide the missing link between Free Masonry and the Templars that critics of such a link claim doesn’t exist. John Bruno Hare the man responsible for publishing Halls compendium of Masonic knowledge onto the internet criticizes Hall for perpetuating a “conspiracy theory of history as driven by an elite cabal of roving immortals”. Aside from being the founding father of empirical science Francois Bacon is also the author of a very strange book titled ‘THE NEW ATLANTIS’. The book is about a fictitious race of supermen who conceal their existence from common man even while living amongst them. In the book Bacons supermen have used their superior technology to manipulate history to suit their own purposes.

 Fredrick Nietzsche: "if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."

From Madam Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley’s “ascended” and “hidden” masters we have arrived at David Ick and his seemingly ranting theory that our leaders are malevolent shape shifting Reptilians.Yet before you spit coffee on your computer screen something has been carving up livestock in Americas Southwest since the late sixties. Cattle Mutilations have been documented since Skippy the horse in 1967. Scientists at the Skin Walker Ranch ascertained with forensics that the mutilations on the ranch were done with a long blade and shorter scissor like instrument. Just like the elongated claw and teeth that once graced the anatomy of certain dinosaurs. From the Skin Walker Ranch also comes the story of a creature with a 3 foot wide spread between its glowing yellow eyes being shot from a tree and leaving a “Velociraptor claw print on the ground” where it landed before disappearing. The Native Indians of the southwest, who were once eaten on a regular basis by the Anasazi, tell story's of a shape shifting demon called a Skinwalker. Bernal Díaz the conquistador under the command of Cortez who wrote an eyewitness account of the Conquest of the Aztecs. Wrote that a gate at the Aztecs sacrificial temple was like a mouth open “with great fangs to devour souls” and many Aztec Gods are depicted as reptilian. The “Chupacabras” reputedly draining the blood of livestock in the Mexican valley at the current moment bare an uncanny resemblance to the Gargoyles that were festooned all over European architecture during and after the Templars period of preeminence.

 Jacques Vallée and John keel the two most brilliant men to ever study UFO’s both came to almost identical conclusions: in ‘Passport to Magonia’ Vallée theorized that the very same entity's man once saw as angels, fairy's, and leprechauns he now sees as aliens and UFO’s because these entity's have no true form, they appear as we expect them too. They are control mechanisms, consciousness's that operate within the conjunctions of earth and the existence of man. Another words they are the Gods of men and the elementals of Paracelsus and the Rosicrucians. They are the “Kachina” spirits of the Indians of the Southwest and they are something far darker unleashed by the Anasazi. What they are not is our space brothers! Many of these entity's share a common thirst for blood. Even Yahweh demands that the blood of animals slaughtered for meat be reserved for him in the Kosher rites of Orthodox Judaism. Vallée was vehemently accused by the UFO community of falsifying information in one of his later books when he referenced a flying refrigerator like object terrorizing peasants in South America by draining their blood with a light beam while they hunted overnight from blinds in the jungle and slept in their village huts. Apparently judging from the outcry by the UFO community “our space brothers” are docetic and require no nutrition.

Keel went Vallée one step further when he postulated that these beings live “conterminously” with the human race in dimensions that are beyond the periphery of mans perception. Traditionally the oldest known text of Jewish mysticism or Qabalism is the Sepher Yetsirah or the Book of Formation supposedly written by Abraham himself, next is the Sepher ha Zohar written by disciples of Rabbi Akiva ben Joseph; Rabbi Simeon ben Jochai and son, The Rabbi and his son hid in a cave from the Romans shortly after the Bar-Kochba rebellion against Rome in 132 AD. All of these books can be traced back with historical certainty to the beginning of the fourteenth century when they were published in Spain, along with the Zohar, by Rabbi Moses de León, shortly before his death in 1305. From these texts are described the “Tree of Life”. Incredibly enough these books all demonstrate more than just a passing acquaintance with Quantum Physics. In Quantum mechanics there are 10 dimensions. Since 1995 the proponents of String Theory have solved many of its early contradictions by adding one extra dimension and fixing the number at 11 this is called M Theory. Whether there are 10 or 11 dimensions is currently hotly debated among particle physicists. According to the Sepher Yetsirah the ‘Tree of Life’ contains 10 spheres of existence but for the last 700 years plus Qabalists have debated whether there was an eleventh sphere called Da’at (knowledge) between Kether (the Crown) and Tiphareth (Grace). On the ‘Tree of Life’ there is only one sphere which manifests all the other spheres. It is the realm of the tangible called Malkuth (the World). The other spheres, although not visible to man, play out their influences through Malkuth. Physicists now realize gravity could not exist unless 90% of the universe is undetectable to the human senses and the instruments currently at our disposal. They call this invisible 90%; Dark Matter.

On the Tree of Life the spheres of existence are connected by 22 paths no one knows the number of subatomic particles, but it is believed to be around 20. In Qabalism there are 4 worlds containing the spheres of existence called Atziluth (nearness), Briah (Creation), Yetzirah (Formation), and Assiah (the world of action). Four forces govern the interactions of matter: Electromagnetism, Gravity, and the Weak and the Strong nuclear force. In Qabalism there are 3 mother letters Aleph (corresponding to Air), Mem (corresponding to Water), Shin (corresponding to Fire). The mother letters have the ability to transubstantiate to the letters in Gods name Yod, Heh, and Vav and it is the letters of Gods own name which he uses to seal the 6 directions of infinity to create a cube where existence is possible (Appendix K2). Stephen Hawking proposes an infinite number of parallel universes connected by wormholes. Sidney Coleman was once quoted on a tee shirt by his students in Harvard as saying: "Not only God knows, I know, and by the end of the semester, you will know." He theorized these wormholes are necessary to keep the cosmological constant at zero because with a negative charge the universe wraps itself into hyperspace and with a positive charge it explodes.There are three basic properties of a black hole: its mass, its spin, and its charge.

The most important key to the Qabalah is Gematria wherein each of the 22 Hebrew letters are assigned a numerical value. Every word has a sum. When the sum of 2 words are the same they are interchangeable. In Qabalistic lore Rabbi Simeon ben Jochai and son wrote the second book while hiding in a cave. The Hebrew word for cave is mearah Its Gematric value is 315( M = 40, O = 70, R = 200, H = 5) the same as the invisible world of formation that comes before the world of the living; Yetzirah (Y = 10, Tz = 90, Y = 10, R = 200, H = 5). The Rabbi and his son were hiding as a result of the failed Bar-Kochba rebellion.Coins commemorating that rebellion have been found in America as have many other Hebrew artifacts. Somehow Haplogroup X, Hebrew mitochondrial DNA, was introduced to the Navajo gene pool about a thousand years ago at the very same time the Anasazi first appeared in what is now Navajo land.

Catholic Boy: "I make angels dance and drop to their knees. When I enter a church the feet of statues bleed"

The word cave appears 39 times in the old testament. In the Qabalah 39 is the number of completion, the metastasis of God. The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus is a Christian story about seven youths who in 250 AD escape the persecution of Christians by the Roman emperor Decius when they hide in a cave where they are transported through sleep hundreds of years into the future.The story is repeated in the Qur'an in Surah 18, verse 9-26. It is repeated after verse 7 and 8 where the incorporeal being dictating the Qur'an tells the reader that they have created everything on earth and that they will inevitably destroy it. In the Qur'an the time elapsed, dates, and number of sleepers, are not given and the reader is told that those details are best left to God. After warning the time travellers to stay in the cave and avoid detection lest they be stoned the Qur'an tells its readers: “We caused them to be discovered, to let everyone know that God’s promise is true, and to remove all doubt concerning the end of the world”. According to Islamic scholars these verses were revealed to Mohammed after Rabbis from Medina put people up to questioning him about young men from the past and a man who traveled the earth from east to west. In both the Bible and Qur'an Lot hides in a cave with his 2 daughters after Sodom and Gomorrah are incinerated by Gods wrath. The Gematric value of Gomorrah is 315 (O = 70, M = 40, R = 200, H = 5).

There is a black mat separating the current epoch in America from the one that existed before it 12,900 years ago. The mat is extremely common occurring and marking the abrupt end of over 50 different “Clovis” sites. Although the mat contains Nano diamonds, metallic micro spherules, carbon spherules, magnetic spherules, charcoal, soot, and fullerenes enriched in helium-3, academia continues to insist that it was mans hunting practices that was responsible for the extinction of the Mega fauna in America. No word yet from them on what possibly could have been responsible for the extinction of man who also disappeared from the continent at exactly the same time. All of the chemicals mentioned are irrefutable evidence of an apocalyptic fire. Iridium has also been found in the mat in quantity's large enough to indicate an extraterrestrial source for the Fire. Iridium is one of the least abundant elements in the Earth's crust but is quite common in meteors.

The Bible tells its readers God rained down fire on Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:24) and sowed the sites with salt so that nothing could grow there (Deuteronomy 29:23). Scientists began to turn up evidence of settlements that had been burned from above in areas around the Dead Sea in Israel as early as 1973. The forensics on the charred remains of settlements southeast of the Dead Sea indicate the fires started on the roofs of the buildings. The Dead Sea, which is also a salt water lake, in Israel shares many of the common geographical features as a land thousands of miles away in the Western Hemisphere. The Mormons built their city besides the largest salt water lake in the western hemisphere, the Great Salt Lake, the very same area where evidence for the largest concentrations of the doomed “Clovis” peoples have been found, an area not far north of Chaco Canyon.

Angelina: "I see pieces of men marching; trying to take heaven by force"

String Theory postulates that the the smallest particles are in actuality 2 dimensional dancing filaments of energy that interact in 10 dimensions plus time. The oscillation of these string like filaments produces all the different particles that constitute the universe. The oscillation of the Strings themselves is contingent on the geometry of each of the dimensions they interact with. Sting Theory is potentially the holy grail of science, unifying the Theory of Relativity with Quantum Mechanics and the behavior of Electromagnetism. When calculated in 11 dimensions all of the math works and there is no reason to doubt its veracity. Pythagoras has been called the father of string theory because he taught his followers that existence was produced from harmonic vibrations like the string of a lyre being plucked from different positions. His theory's about the music of the spheres anticipates the discovery 2700 years later of Schumann Resonances which are the electromagnetic pulse of the planets and the Orbital resonances which guide the planets through orderly orbits. Many legends and story's were spawned by Pythagoras's legendary intellect but Manly Hall asserts he was born in Syria, in a story very similar to the birth of Jesus, some 2800 years ago and schooled by Rabbis (Appendix K3).

There are tears in the fabric of Human perception. In the slit experiment subatomic particles up to the size of buckyball molecules exhibit the characteristics of both waves and particles when according to mans science they should just behave like particles. When equipment delicate enough to observe them is added to the experiment they will only behave like particles. As if they know they are being watched and are conforming to the observers expectations. Bell's theorem synthesized from John Stewart Bells 1964 paper titled On the Einstein Podolsky Rosen paradox proved the non locality of sub atomic particles, what is now called Quantum entanglement. Electrons can be emitted in pairs with their spins dependent and opposite from each other. If one is negative the other will adjust to positive. When the electrons are separated the adjustment continues even in experiments where the electrons were separated by over a hundred kilometers. As soon as these particles are examined with instrumentation the adjustment ceases and the electrons go back to random spins. Many modern technology's are beginning to rely on Quantum entanglement. State of the art technologies like Quantum computing, Quantum cryptography, and Quantum teleportation. Scientists have already succeeded in teleporting complex sets of information using the precepts of Quantum entanglement.

Not only is mans perception torn but so is the universe. Since the very first days of relativity science was aware of the probability of Einstein Rosen bridges. For many years it was believed that travel through them would be impossible because in the center was a black hole whose own center was a singularity which would rend anything passing through to its smallest possible particles. In 1988 this scientific maxim was proven mathematically incorrect and Lorentzian traversable wormholes became a probability. People all over the world have reported an anomalous atmospheric condition called electronic fog. The most famous account being the Bruce Gernon book where while piloting a plane, island hoping to Miami, he was engulfed by a fog that was penetrated by a spiral tunnel. He flew through the tunnel for a period of what felt like a few minutes. When he emerged the plane was already over Miami and 40 minutes had gone by.On every far flung corner of the earth spiral petroglyphs testify to an awareness of these portals. Sun daggers pierce the center of some of these petroglyphs during significant astrological alignments perhaps marking periods of time when they will open up or take travellers through them to particular places.

A New Machine: "I have always been here. I have always looked out from behind these eyes"

Akhenaten reigned as Pharaoh of Egypt about 3450 years ago. He introduced monotheism to Egypt and some scholars consider his reign as the progenitor of Judaism. The monotheism caused a schism within the Egyptian priesthood. Upon his death his dynasty was usurped and his son and successor Tutankhamun murdered. The power was again returned to Thebes whose priests immediately set about vilifying Akhenaten by defacing his monuments and referring to him as "the enemy" in archival records. Akhenaten and his family were hideously misshapen with elongated heads shaped like gourds. In Paracas, Peru; archeologists have found hundreds of the same kind of skulls. The Peruvian skulls have been dated by Brien Foerster, expert on Inca and pre Inca civilizations, to be 3000 years old or older.

Many who have examined the evidence given here have come to the conclusion that the ancient Israelites were in America at least 3000 years ago. The Bible tells its readers that Solomon had an alliance with Hiram, King of the ancient Phoenician seaport of Tyre. The King constructed a fleet for Solomon so that he could sail to the mysterious lands of Ophir where he extracted huge quantity's of gold (2 Chronicles 8:17-18). The gold made Solomon the richest King on earth (2 Chronicles 9:22). According to the Bible Solomon's navy, built for him by the King of Tyre, plied the earth and once every 3 years brought Solomon the wealth from all the far flung corners of the earth (1 Kings 10:22).

The King of Tyre also brought building materials in order that Solomon could construct his Temple. Jewish law forbade the use of steel tools inside the Temple during construction. The Pseudepigraphical work: the ‘Testament of Solomon’, says Solomon complied with the law through his control of Demons by a magical ring shaped like a hexagon with the secret name of God inscribed in the middle. Using the ring Solomon forced the Demons to build the Temple. There is a far older reference in Talmudic lore whereby the reader is told; "everyone helped in the construction of this Temple - even the spirits, the hobgoblins, the angels" (Shir Hashirim Rabba 1:5). The story is related in much greater detail in the Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Gittin Folio 68a. The Talmud explains how Solomon enlists the help of the prince of Demons; Ashmodeus, to find the Shamir which Moses brought out of Egypt. The Shamir had the ability to split rocks. The temple was not the only structure Solomon built. The Bible also credits Solomon for building Baalath (Kings 9:17-19) in the deserts of Lebanon where the mysterious Temple of Baalbek now marks the veil of history that has been erected and tended to by academia.

Shrouded in clouds high up in the Andean mountains of Peru; Ollantaytambo is alleged by academia to have been built by the Incas in the Fifteenth century, the problem being that the Inca’s primitive technique of stacking much smaller and ill fitted rocks can be easily discerned from the perfectly formed and fitted boulders that constitute the foundations of the ruins. An objective examination reveals the original, and much older, constructions at Ollantaytambo were destroyed by cataclysm just like Tiahuanaco. In “The temple of the Condor” it becomes apparent just how idiotic the assertions of Jean Peirre Protzen are. Above the area it is evident that great blocks of andesite, an extremely hard igneous rock, were quarried from the face of a cliff. The cube like indentations where the rocks were extracted are as smooth as a mirror and no known technology even today could accomplish that feat. According to Inca legend Ollantaytambo was founded by a brother and sister sent by the Sun God, they had in their possession a golden wedge. The Bible also mentions a golden wedge in connection with the land of Ophir where Solomon got his gold (King James 2000 Bible: Isaiah 13, 12).

The temple of the Condor derives its name from a naturel wedge shaped stone that has been fashioned into a sacrificial alter by adding a carved stone condor head to drink the blood of victims as it runs down into a well below the beak. The Condor is the ancient Inca symbol for the sky God. Gobekli Tepe discovered beneath the soil of Turkey by a Kurdish shepherd in 1994 is the worlds oldest known temple predating Stonehenge by 8,000 years. It is also dedicated to the vulture. Aside from being just one more archeological site where impossibly large boulders were used in its construction, this time by “hunter-gatherers”, Gobekli Tepe features exquisitely carved reptilian creatures that have no place in this world. In fact there is a whole menagerie of beings depicted at the site that do not, or no longer exist, at least for now, including humanoid figures with no mouths. By far the greatest mystery of Gobekli Tepe is just who painstakingly buried it 9000 years ago and why.

Ship of Fools: "Come on, people better climb on board Come on, baby, now we're going home"

Its more than likely that Smithsonian stooge Kurt Dongoske has only been right about one thing ever in his life: only 10% of what went on 1000 years ago can be ascertained by the archeological evidence. The architectural evidence should add about 40% more to that, and when forensic evidence such as Christy Turners revelations about the Anasazi and the cocaine mummy's, locked away in the vaults of academia, are added the odds shift to the inquiry's favor. Academics have willfully chosen to plod away at shards of pottery oblivious to all that contradicts the dogma inculcated through pseudoscientific authoritarian figures that mentored them through the stifling university's that spawned them. These theory's should have been proven wrong long ago if empirical precepts were followed and even allowing that they have not been due to the ulterior motives of the hidden hands that guide human fate, they should have been discarded immediately with the discovery of Gobekli Tepe.

Not only is “Dr.” Zahi Hawass a known criminal ( Appendix L) but so is the entire editing staff of National Geographic for continuing to give him a forum to perpetuate the discredited crackpot “ideas” of academia. In light of just the facts presented in National Geographic's ‘Ancient Astronauts’ these antiquated theory's collapse like the economy under the weight of Wall Street. The “Scholars” that hatched these ideas were technicians that had no business trying to think for themselves in the first place.The tedious excavation of archeological sites is a vital trade in the reacquisition of knowledge but a trade none the less. The fact that you can make a pair of sneakers does not make you LeBron James.

National Geographic and the Smithsonian are at loath to present the facts unless put into the space brother format of Ancient Aliens. And although aliens are a much better theory than cavemen constructing the various architectural enigmas aroumd the world there are still gaping holes in that theory too. The only thing that can be said with certainty about the evidence is that man once possessed technology's that we do not have today. It can also be assumed that with those technology's came knowledge that has also been lost. The best place to find that knowledge is in the shrouded dawn of history. The closer to the source the better.

What can be discerned through the inaccurate translations of ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, and Sanskrit tracts are man is the the highest expression of organized matter in this world, but there are other worlds that are intimately entangled with the world of matter. These other worlds are inhabited by beings that are unrestrained by the laws of matter, yet the existence of these beings is vitally enmeshed in mans existence causing them to vigorously interact with the world he inhabits. They do so through their agents and priesthoods, and through control of the forces we call nature. When necessary they manifest themselves among men.

Plato is the father of deductive reasoning and probably occidental philosophy itself. He did not talk in parables like Jesus and he did not write cheap science fiction like Stephen King. It is absurd to think that he told the story of Atlantis as a metaphor, as “scholars” claim, perhaps Moses was just kidding too. Many new agers have not read it but before Plato go's into Atlantis in Critias he gives a brief overview on page 2 of Timaeus. He makes it very clear that the entire story has been relayed for thousands of years through the Egyptian priesthood. He gives specific dates, detailed descriptions, and tells his readers exactly who said what to whom, Not exactly the way one tells a parable or metaphor.

In Timaeus the aged Egyptian priest tells Solon, a Greek philosopher predating Plato, that civilizations have arisen and been destroyed many times throughout mans existence, usually by water or fire but sometimes through other calamities. When by fire there are survivors among those who live by the water and when by water there are survivors among those who live in the high country but always just when civilizations seem to arrive at the pinnacle of their knowledge they are smashed by some unseen hand and forced to start all over again as ignorant and illiterate savages.The aged priest also tells Solon that the Greek tale of Phaëton losing control of his father the sun God Helios chariot and bringing the sun to close to the earth was a myth that commemorated “a declination of the bodies moving in the heavens around the earth, and a great conflagration of things upon the earth, which recurs after long intervals”.

When the Music's Over: "A feast of friends "Alive!" she cried Waitin' for me Outside!"

On December 21, 2012, 11.12 GMT, during the Winter solstice the Sun will be in the center of the Galaxy, touching a place astronomers call the Dark Rift. This rift is where a river of shadows pierces the heart of the Milky Way. The celestial river of darkness was considered by the Maya to be the passageway to the Underworld, a place they called Xibalba. Roughly translated Xibalba means “Place of Fear” or “Place of Phantoms”. The Judeo-Christian equivalent of Xibalba is Hell or Gehenna, the realm of Demons. The Mayan calendar abruptly ends on the Winter solstice this year.

The Mayans are a people themselves shrouded in darkness. About 100 years before the appearance of the Anasazi, Maya civilization suddenly ceased to exist, with their center of trade, the city of Cancuén in what is now Guatemala, abandoned in an orgy of violence. The aristocracy of Cancuén, 31 men, woman, and children, were discovered in 1999, hacked to pieces and tossed in a Lake. Nearby, in an unmarked grave, was buried their great king; Kan Maax.

In Tortuguero, Mexico, on April of 2006, Maya scholar David Stewart deciphered hieroglyphic Maya inscriptions on what archeologists call monument 6. The inscriptions say that when the Maya calendar reach's its conclusion Bolon Yokte: “the god may 'descend' ye-ma, y-emal”. Bolon Yokte is depicted as a man in the Dresden Codex but elsewhere as a hideous fanged monster. In each instance he approach's a being with a coiled serpent for its crowned head.

The Mayan calendar began on August 11, 3114 BCE long before the Maya existed and about the time mans earliest known civilization began in the Mesopotamian Valley with Sumer. The Sumerians are the progenitors of the Phoenicians, the Hebrews, and The Brotherhood of The Snake - from "The Gods Of Eden" by William Bramley. It was this 1989 book that gave rise to the New Age belief expounded by David Icke that the human race is ruled by malevolent shape shifting aliens.

The Maya calendar is divided into 13 Baktuns each equaling 144,000 days. The thirteen corresponds with everything Judeo Christianity holds sacred in Gods name and the 144,000 thousand corresponds with the number of people God shall mark before he destroys the world in Revelations, the last book of the Christian Bible.The Maya Long Count resets to 0 when 13 Baktuns are completed. Stewarts translation is one of the few accounts of what the ancient Maya believed will happen when the calendar resets to 0 but other accounts of what happened the last time it did are given in the various Maya Creation monuments found throughout Mexico and Central America. According to the Chilam Balam or ‘the Book of the Jaguar Priests’ the road from the stars descended from the sky and the 13 Gods of Heaven and 9 Gods of Hell came to earth. Other Maya descriptions state that “Creation happens at the Black Hole,” at “the Crossroads,” and “the image” will appear in the sky.

Contemporary Mayans expect nothing less at the end of 2012 than the manifestation of the dark Kingdom of Xibalba on earth. The Mayans believe that Xibalba is inhabited by winged creatures with the body of men and the heads and wings of bats. These creatures are blood drinkers and hostile to man. Most fierce among them is Camacotz or Camalotz which means "Sudden-Bloodletter". Its said that Camalotz killed most of the denizens of mans second creation by ripping off their heads.

The Cherokee also believed in a bloodthirsty creature called the U`tlûñ'ta. The U`tlûñ'ta gains immortality by slaughtering humans, drinking their blood, and eating their liver. She is a female demon who has skin like armor and a finger like a spear. She uses the finger to stab her victims.U`tlûñ'ta means Spear-finger. She had powers over stone, being able to lift and carry immense rocks and she could cement them together by merely striking one against another.

Flying” majestically In the northern night sky“ into the Dark Rift is the constellation of Cygnus, which is a Latinized version of the ancient Greek word for swan. Many claims have been made for Cygnus aligning with ancient architecture including the pyramids but there are 2 striking things about Cygnus that are facts. Close to Deneb, the brightest star in the constellation, an emission nebula duplicates the shape of North America right down to the Gulf of Mexico. Cygnus is also one of the major sources of cosmic rays bombarding earth. The other is the Crab Nebula whose birth was recorded by the Anasazi. Aside from neutrinos,which don’t interact with anything,cosmic rays are the only particles that can penetrate the earths surfacedown to a half a mile or more and they have been proven to alter DNA effecting evolution itself.

Cosmic rays interact with the earths magnetic field which in turn interacts with the Schumann Resonance. Some scientists have postulated that the Schumann Resonance is the very life breath of the Earth herself, governing all the forces of nature. They effect human behavior and have been linked in scientific papers to suicide rates. There is also a growing awareness that they effect sunspot activity and human health. It would not be a great leap to assume that they are entangled in the Orbital Resonances that guide the planets and are the source of the 2 dimensional dancing filaments of String Theory that produce matter itself.

In Codex Rosae Crucis published by Manley P Hall the original medieval manuscripts of the Rosicrucians are reproduced. One of them depicts the earth as a series of concentric circles from the surface to the core. The reader is told that the atmosphere on the surface is thinnest and as each circle towards the core is accessed the atmosphere becomes thicker allowing things that cannot materialize on the surface to manifest themselves within the bowels of the earth.

Written in cuneiform the oldest known human story is the Epic of Gilgamesh.When the Goddess Ishtar is spurned by the mortal Gilgamesh she cries to her father Anu : “I will knock down the Gates of the Netherworld, I will smash the door posts, and leave the doors flat down, and will let the dead go up to eat the living! And the dead will outnumber the living!”

Quantum Entanglement makes the possibility of distant stars effecting the earth a likelihood. H P Lovecraft in his famous Cthulhu mythos said the old ones were sleeping on the bottom of the oceans and biding there time till the right astral alignment when they can once again walk the earth in their terrible reign. Their return is awaited by a priesthood of bat winged humanoids who wait for the day of Cthulhu’s return in the caves of the earth.

In the Zohar Jehovah says it was he who cast the ancient serpent Leviathan into the sea where he still sleeps awaiting the day when he will execute his judgments upon man. All over the world, particularly in the land once occupied by the Anasazi and Aztec, people are seeing atmospheric entity's that have the ability to defy the laws of matter and take on any form the observer expects. Since the bloodletting of WWII people have been seeing UFO’s, Big Foots, and Chupacabras with ever increasing frequency.The one stable of all the story's is that what these people are seeing is incorporeal and does not leave any physical trace of ever having been there. Frequently the phenomena is accompanied by the presence of balls of light. These globes of light leave in their wake a trail of dead and mutilated animals and do not always confine their activity's to the earths fauna. There have been human mutilations in Brazil and the slaughter of groups of humans in the former Soviet Union. Apparently what is coming is already here and sometimes unable to restrain itself. The day is coming soon when it will no longer have too.


Appendix I

An online excerpt from the book "Washington Weather" by authors Kevin Ambrose, Dan Henry and Andy Weiss, vividly describes what happened:

"The tornado tore through the center of Washington and directly into the British occupation. Buildings were lifted off of their foundations and dashed to bits. Other buildings were blown down or lost their roofs. Feather beds were sucked out of homes and scattered about. Trees were uprooted, fences were blown down, and the heavy chain bridge across the Potomac River was buckled and rendered useless. A few British cannons were picked up by the winds and thrown through the air. The collapsing buildings and flying debris killed several British soldiers. Many of the soldiers did not have time to take cover from the winds and they laid face down in the streets. One account describes how a British officer on horseback did not dismount and the winds slammed both horse and rider violently to the ground."

Appendix J

Dr. Franz Hartmann in his in his ‘Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians’ describes the Fraternity as "A secret society of men possessing superhuman--if not supernatural--powers; they were said to be able to prophesy future events, to penetrate into the deepest mysteries of Nature, to transform Iron, Copper, Lead, or Mercury into Gold, to prepare an Elixir of Life, or Universal Panacea, by the use of which they could preserve their youth and manhood; and moreover it was believed that they could command the Elemental Spirits of Nature, and knew the secret of the Philosopher's Stone, a substance which rendered him who possessed it all-powerful, immortal, and supremely wise."

Appendix K

1:“Is the "Brotherhood of the Rose Cross"(Rosicrucian's) the much-sought-after link connecting the Freemasonry of the Middle Ages with the symbolism and mysticism of antiquity, and are its secrets being perpetuated by modern Masonry?”

2: “He sealed them with His spirit and fashioned them into a Great Name and with this sealed the universe in six directions.

He turned towards the above and sealed the height with I, H, and V.

6th. He turned towards the below and sealed the depth with H, I, and V.

7th. He turned forward and sealed the East with V, I, and H.

8th. He turned backward and sealed the West with V, H, and I.

9th. He turned to the right and sealed the South with I, V, and H.

10th. He turned to the left and sealed the North with H, V, and I.”

3: “He traveled among the Jews and was instructed by the Rabbins concerning the secret traditions of Moses, the lawgiver of Israel.”

Appendix L

According to Wikipedia 10/14/11 His views and links to business ventures and the Mubarak regime have engendered controversy. He was sentenced to a prison term, which was later lifted, in connection with the awarding of a gift shop contract at the Egyptian Museum.



Aliens and Ancient Engineers

Forbidden Archeology

Ancient Aliens - Alien Devastations

Ancient Aliens: Aliens and the Undead

Ancient Aliens - The Cygnus Mystery

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Hey, Sidney Coleman was a friend of mine - from sci-fi, I might add, not physics. And that's my only comment.
I wish you all the best, but I tend to believe the more traditional history of America, although no historical research is probably without errors.

I hope you get some good comments. Enjoy.
Dum comments are not really appreciated here Myriad I would never think of going on your blog and making one:
I would like to thank my friends markinjapan for giving me a crash course in editing and Boomerbob for helping me write the piece on the Mormons
I can't imagine the amount of work that went into this. It's scary, involved, and well-written.

Regarding Myriad's comment,

From Wikipedia's article on Sidney Coleman:

"Aside from his academic work, Coleman was a prominent science fiction enthusiast. He was one of the founders of Advent: Publishers[6] and occasionally reviewed genre books for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.[7]"

Nothing dumb about that.
Hey, I'm an extraterrestrial and I can assure you, we don't talk to Mormons.

(They annoy us like they do everyone else.)

Seriously, do you really believe all of this crap? Have you ever noticed that people that believe in crazy stuff always hate science?
Have you read any of Edgar Casey's predictions on 2012? I think you might find that interesting as well. I can see why this took six months to complete - it's a very detailed body of work and, although I'm not worried about 2012, I think we are about to reach a collective moment of conscience by way of the natural evolution of our society. Oh, and by the way, 2012 is a Leap Year! :)
In that case my apologies to Myriad that’s why I have friends like you Kosher to compensate for my lack of formal education
Impressive body of work, though certainly there feels to be some missing threads of info. Perhaps they lie buried among the slaves of Monticello.
I don't tend to subscribe to psychics, but I have enough friends who use them regularly that just before graduation a few years ago I went for a reading from a highly recommended gentleman. I know enough of what not to say, or to say, and was actually surprised at some of his "cold reads" being fairly precise. His cards told me that I was reincarnated many times through a descension of philosophy that became the Rosicrucian order, starting from my early days as a cohort of Paracelsus. As to my own family, my great grandfather was a 32nd degree Mason, and as my grandfather chose not to follow in his path, our family wasn't raised with any of it. I would be curious, now, to have a conversation with him- his rise to great banking success in New York in the early 20th c- and how much of his Masonic connections influenced his career.
This certainly gives a pause to reflect on the spheres of power, influence, trade and "democracy" we believe we have. Certainly, our country could only be built on the backs of enslaved people, as any empire has been, and that "enslavement" may be the persistent belief that we have much opportunity to influence the governing forces of economy and society- in exchange for a smattering of material reward. Perhaps the OWS movement is the sign that the exploited are hitting back, and ready to topple the houses of their overlords. Sadly, many of them would like to occupy those houses instead. It certainly is no coincidence, that your writing reflects the interests of the GOP (remnants of the Masonic empire) versus the Mormons (and candidate Romney), which are coming to heads in the election year 2012. The question must be answered, if only symbolically, who they believe is the Lizard King?
Excellent work Jacko, but if you remember from earlier this year, Gabrielle Giffords is the Antichrist, and will be manifesting Evil Female Power soon from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. All three paths...Mormonism, Masonism, AND Man-Hating Harlots will be in confluence soon...wink
Most of what I've heard about 2012 has been positive, but from what you're saying it doesn't sound very good. :(
Comments are interesting and I need to talk to Razzle since I just went to Cayce conference on 2012. I will need to re read to digest further. The Caye people are more positive about immediate future but I gather that we are in time of transition. It does feel as if there is discontent but I attribute that to recession.
Jack, sorry I am late.. I am fighting off a kidney infection.
This was so much work. I do believe about the reptiles.. Even as far back as the Egyptians they had illustrations on their walls.

As for shape shifting I believe in that too as well as anything written by Lovecraft.

"H P Lovecraft in his famous Cthulhu mythos said the old ones were sleeping on the bottom of the oceans and biding there time till the right astral alignment when they can once again walk the earth in their terrible reign."
I hope I dont see that day.
well done
I have read all three of these pieces now. I will re-read again and begin to formulate a comment that will go up sometime this weekend. Much of what you write I agree with. My birthday is December 21. King Solomon was given I believe if memory serves me right 44 pentacles to control the demons. And in numerology I believe 11, 22, and 33 are the master numbers.
Sorry I am late, but I am glad I read this twice. Damn, Jack! This is one fascinating wrap up to a truly fantastic journey. The work here is impeccable, and thanks for the well chosen links. I would like also to thank you for a well-planned and intriguing series. You also must warm up to the fact that the closer a research gets to the truth, the scarier it gets. When some people don't understand something, they get offended and bent out of shape. Unfortunately this is the basis of our anti-intellectualism here in America. Excellent saga, my friend, seriously thought-provoking. R
One more piece of information I wish to leave you with is the link between the Templars and the Masons, which might be found in Royston Cave in Scotland. There are drawings there within which many believe tie the Templars to the Masons. You don't need to read this page but if you page down you may see som of the wall carvings. http://benhammott.com/royston-templar-cave.html
The Universe is Fabric ... kudos on this tour de force ... my two dimensional dotted hat tips to you, sir.
For about 60 years between the Nineteen-Twenties and Eighties, upper-atmospheric lightning was relegated to the status of myth, and who the heck wants to believe in 70 kilometers of flaming plasma shaped like a carrot?

70 kilometers of flaming plasma shaped like a carrot!

No respectable scientist believed in that nonsense until 1989, after high-speed photography in the upper atmosphere became feasible, and then those unbelievable monstrosities were recorded everywhere, and it quickly became apparent that millions of these events occur every year, all of them too brief to register upon our dull senses without high-tech assistance.

About the "unseen world," Jack Heart and I don't employ the same vocabulary, but what we have in common is an absolute conviction that evil exists.


For most of liberal America that strange little word is just about as foreign as a Maya engraving.

People may make mistakes, like kidnapping and torturing children, but as soon as some clinical psychologist or social worker explains their mistake to them in terms they can understand, they will probably reform, in exactly the same way (I suppose) as a hammer will probably reform itself into a carnation, if only some bourgeois professional explains to it why it should.

"Mistakes were made," said Bush/Cheney and their friends, and revised their rhetoric, although they remained the same themselves, and hundred of thousands of their victims remained stone dead.

And now we have Obama, who plays liberal America like a two-dollar fiddle, while his drone-war annihilates women and children all over the world, and...

"Mistakes were made," say the liberals, and besides...

"Obama is the lesser of two evils!"

"The lesser of two evils!" And that pat little phrase is all they know and all they want to know about the enormous force of darkness, although it is manifest everywhere in every era.

So Jack Heart and I may talk about evil with different vocabularies, but we see it the same, all the way from Chaco Canyon to the Oval Office.
(Apologies for the long stretch of bold-face, which escaped from an html style-tag that I forgot to close.)
The Devils greatest trick was convincing man that he did not exist, that’s why he invented rationalism but God has struck back with Quantum physics
Open Salon is a great forum of course but have you submitted this material anywhere else? There is an alternative narrative to the "official" version of our nation's history here and it deserves to be read and considered.
If you can sell it for me Becky I will be glad to split the momey with you
Hi Jack, I have been up in Auckland working on the Green Party campaign (we have elections Nov 26) and this is the first I've had time to read your last two posts.

Congratulations. This looks like several years of work. All I can see is that the official story of the founding of America has been extremely Eurocentric. I believe this has been for ideological reasons - to inspire settlers with the patriotic fervor necessary to massacre Native Americans.

However the mitochondial evidence doesn't lie. Human beings have been in western hemisphere much longer than we have been led to believe - and they didn't all come from Siberia (if any of them did).

I first learned about crustal displacement nearly 20 years ago from Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock. According to the mechanism he and Einstein outline (and which is supported by the geometrical riddles in the Sphynx and various Egyptian pyramids), the displacement in Dec 2012 will be caused by a "wobble" in the Earth's rotation aggravated by gravitational forces created by an alignment of 8 (?) of the planets. The wobble is due to the ice caps - they supposedly cause the earth to rotate imperfectly.

An unnamed high level source told me that the CIA for sure believes that this effect is real. And that this was a major reason why the US government allowed the Arctic ice cap to melt (or at least most of it).
Jack, I finally found the time to read these pieces and while I can’t honestly say I believe every claim in them, I’m awestruck by how much work clearly went into this. As skeptical as I am about paranormal and spiritual matters, I have an enormous amount of respect for you as an independent thinker and as someone who is so well-versed on such a wide variety of subjects from history to politics to particle physics.

I want to offer one critique in terms of your presentation. You present loads upon loads of fascinating information but it feels like it’s thrown together almost at random, jumping from topic to topic with almost no logical progression at all. One minute we’re in ancient Egypt and the next we’re looking at String Theory. Until we get to the final section, it’s not entirely clear what your overall argument is. The Skin Walker story at the beginning is an excellent way to draw people in but then you jump straight to the Anazasi without letting us know your purpose. The thesis of the piece belongs right after the introduction so from that point on we’re not just absorbing seemingly-random information and wondering how it’ll eventually come together, but examining it in terms of how it supports a central claim we’re already aware of.

I wouldn’t bother making that critique if I didn’t think this piece has serious potential. With just a little bit of revision I can easily imagine it in print somewhere.

Regarding the historical stuff, I found it extremely interesting. I’ve always been fond of the idea that most of what we’re taught in history class is false, and you do a great job offering counter-evidence to the established narratives.

As for the science, when referring to String Theory you state that “there is no reason to doubt its veracity” which is something I’d strongly object to. There are plenty of reasons to doubt its veracity as well as every modern attempt to explain natural phenomena so far removed from our level of perception as to be conceptually incomprehensible. Modern science is based on a mountain of assumptions that are constantly being called into question, such as the idea that matter can’t be created or destroyed, that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, and that subatomic particles obey the same set of physical laws as galaxies. Regarding this last assumption, I believe that it’s only a matter of time (assuming the world doesn’t actually end next year) before scientists finally start considering that the four basic forces we’re familiar with might not actually be the only four in existence. Right now they refuse to even entertain the thought, so they have to invent all kinds of concepts like dark matter and dark energy to explain galactic motion, and postulate the existence of 2-dimensional strings within 11-dimensional space just to come up with an equation to tie it together with particle physics. String Theory is fascinating but it is by no means immune to skepticism.

I will grant you that paranormal events are entirely possible, as the scientific method precludes from our established body of knowledge anything that is not verifiable by experiment. If a phenomenon can’t be recreated in a lab, it can’t become a part of accepted scientific knowledge, so it is possible that these beings of supernatural consciousness do exist. Whether you call them angels, demons, ghosts (or kami if you live in Japan) there is plenty of evidence to back you up, though unfortunately nearly all of it is anecdotal, and if there’s one characteristic nearly all humans share it’s a highly active imagination.

Finally, I must say that I don’t believe for a moment that the world will end on December 21, 2012. People have been prophesying the end of history since the beginning of history, and every generation has its slew of supposed dates of termination that come and go and yet we’re still here. Each of these dates is rooted in something, whether it’s holy scripture or numerology or the calendar of some ancient race. We’re only hearing about the Mayans now because they happened to choose an end-date that takes place within our lifetimes. The fact that their calendar begins at roughly the same time that human civilization begins is not even interesting—of course one of the earliest civilizations would start their calendars at a year corresponding to the rise of the earliest civilizations.

Luckily this is not something we need to argue about. At 11:13 on December 21 of next year, we’ll know. If it turns out you’re right, I’d be more than willing to shake your hand, but unfortunately I’ll probably be too busy running my ass off from Camalotz.

In any case, thank you for this delicious feast of food for thought, and congratulations on the accomplishment of writing it.
So much we don't know; so much we do know. If anything, all ancient civilizations and cultures have consistently talked about epochs in time between good and evil. The planet itself is giving literal "rumblings" of what is about to happen, I think. I'm not of the 2012 mind that all will be flowery and positive energy. But I am of the mind that evil will not be sustained and that ET's are monitoring the entire scenario and have already altered DNA that will pave the way toward the future.

The manifestation of evil can take many forms. It primitive societies, it was physical and barbaric. That's all they had. In today's world, it is more insidious and odious with many venues. With that perspective, one could argue that the demons had been released ages ago. Even America is a shadow of what it once represented just 50 years ago. But for those controlling those shadows, the reckoning is approaching.

But ancient cultures also talk of "goodness" being released, not just evil. We humans are mere spectators, I'm afraid, while those two forces, whomever and whatever shape they take, clamor it out.

But I think most people agree some sort of change is over the horizon. Neither capitalism nor government is working and those who control both will not relinquish control but try to impose more control. That's the ultimate evil.

More times than not, prophesied dates have no cataclysmic appearance; instead, events just seem to happen in the random order of current times and scheme of things. I'm sure that's how 2012 will be. It's a beginning, not an end, that's for sure.

I can see why this took such a great amount of your time. Rated.
Jack, I didn't realize you had posted part 3 until this morning and am catching up now! What a tour de force series and I'll be reading all three straight through for extra continuity and detail.
Sorry it took so long to post on your last installment of this incredibly journey Jack, but I loved the links and became utterly engrossed by all the details and it took awhile to enjoy the readings.

This is nothing short of awesome work my friend, both in the research and the presentation – simply awesome!! It's interesting, intriguing and just as disturbing as it should be.

Humans don’t deal well with the unknown, they hide it, they bury their heads in the sand, or they develop escape mechanisms; one belief system after another in rapid succession lest we open our minds to reality. Is science yet another fledgling system doomed to the same dogma of the early relief valves designed to entice us into complacency? My money is on a resounding YEP!

It really wasn’t that long ago that we were absolutely certain, e.g., in early medicine (science), that blood-letting was the cure for our “out-of-balance humors” and the vast majority of today’s world is still “certain” in some form of religion – 86% of humanity to be precise, monotheistic making up the majority.

The new kid on the block, science, is gaining in numbers, but as you so succinctly pointed out, science is itself so self-satiated in its own ego it too is rapidly becoming severely polluted as man’s articles of faith, written by the few for the masses to read, believe and to ensure our comfortable coziness in ourselves. Hell! The very concept of scientific method is of OUR making, designed to revolve around man, a philosophy developed by humanity, very heavily weighted in humanity’s favor (or at the very least, certainly not in favor of the rest of the planet/universe).

What mystifies me so much is the obvious similarities in them all, sciences and religions; fairytales and politics, yet we (humans) choose to dwell in the idealism that “WE” are the foundation of our universe; WE are the beginning, the middle and the end, thereby avoiding the reality that we are probably neither.

“Man can become God!” Pfft! Perhaps, as we sit here enjoying our hamburgers, we should be at least a bit wary of the very strong probability that man could indeed be a hamburger in the making instead :-)
Our existence always reminds me of one of the old Twilight Zone episodes "The Little People" when I think of the “universe” and our role in it.

Hell! Are we nothing more than an experiment in a petri dish, started over and over again until the experimenters get it right?

Is the scientific standard used by archaeologists, carbon-dating, the right measuring tool; or is it a limitation because we know of nothing better?
Took a while to read it all and there is a lot to comment on so even though this reply may seem long it is actually quite short.
First of all as I may have indicated previously when I looked into this a few years ago I found that there was ample evidence for a major unsolved mystery that the traditional academics haven’t explained properly; however the highest profile theorists that have addressed the subject that I know of have all filled their theories with a stunning volume of obvious mistakes. The strongest singe piece of evidence to prove that there is a major unsolved mystery involves the long list of megaliths that have been moved allegedly without any modern technology. I made a list of these when looking at it on Wikipedia at what is now called List of largest monoliths in the world. as you can see it includes a method to calculate the weight of the megaliths; the reason for this is there is that the proper scientific method should involve showing the work especially when there is an enormous amount of disinformation on the subject and many exaggerations, as there is in this case. One of the most common exaggeration is the Baalbek megaliths which are often cited as being over a thousand tons when they’re actually almost certainly only about 750 tons. Another one which I suspect as probably wrong is the one you cite at 800 tons at Tiahuanaco the most reliable estimate that we were able to find was about 131 metric tons. Michael Coe wasn’t the one that came up with this measurement but he was one of the ones that put the estimate in this range. This is the first that I heard of any CIA connection with Coe and from a traditional archeological perspective it may seem hard to believe that the CIA or a related agency would be interested in this; however I suspect that a closer look at enough subjects would indicate that they have good reason to take an interest whether or not Coe is involved. Even with the lower weight this and many others including the Colossi of Memnon which weigh 720 tons and were moved over 400 miles can’t be explained by the traditional methods according to the experiments that have been done to replicate the moves. Dozens of them were done up to 10 tons and they required an enormous amount of effort and coordination. When they went over ten tons there are only three that I could find at 12, 25 and forty tons. The twelve ton effort failed when the sledge fell apart. The larger ones, quite frankly involved cheating and spin. The simply declined to explained how they got it on the sledge in the first place or even ask the question. Then they presented their case in a complex manner without much clarity which enabled people to spin it any way they wanted to after the fact. A close look indicates that they only barely budged them a little at a time. The 25 ton megalith wasn’t moved more than 20 feet if that, there was no explanation as to how far they moved the 40 ton megalith that I saw; my guess is not much and perhaps it involved settling.

This clearly indicates an unsolved mystery but none of the explanations I have seen have been satisfactory. There are also many other unsolved mysteries which could be listed in a serious effort to sort it out but I’m not going to go into that now. One that I can’t understand why you mentioned though is Velikovsky's ‘Worlds in Collision’ which I read about from Carl Sagan and his theory clearly contradicts the basic gravitational laws of physics originally discovered by Kepler and Newton. It would be hard to imagine how this can be patched together especially since Sagan also provided an explanation of the debate that fits the description of cult activity to make their case and has no scientific merit. Another one of your sources that has problems is Sacred Sites which I looked at a while ago and they relied on unreliable sources and presented some factual flaws in their estimates for many megaliths. Some of these apparently came from Graham Hancock although he didn’t cite his source the information was easy to recognize and Hancock made quite a few mistakes; which was ironic because when it suited his purposes at times he could make a good case for some things. The mistakes that I noticed the most were the fact that his weight estimates for megaliths were all over the place without regard for density or size and on at least one case he got the type of stone wrong. In one bizarre incident at the end of his book “The Fingerprints of the Gods” he seemed to have decided at the very end that he had to come to some conclusions but didn’t have enough information so he just came up with a theory that involved having Antarctica relocate in a surprisingly fast period of time and he made no effort to address traditional Geology or plate tectonics.

The story behind the alleged Angel named Moroni may be another story although most of what I have read about this can be explained by traditional psychology and cult methods not to mention an enormous amount of fraud. However after taking a look at enough of this it seems to pat and it is hard to imagine how and why they got away with so much. This isn’t much to go on but I suspect a closer look is worthwhile. Jacques Vallée theorized about this by comparing myths but this isn’t much stronger from an evidentiary point of view and more work should be done in order to take this seriously as a theory. One thing that might be related is the orders of Melchizidek which is part of the Mormon religion and there is also a sect that may not be related to the Mormon religion that I know of which is mentioned in “Messengers of Deception” by Vallee; it was begun based on the alleged contact or mystical experiences by Hiram Erastmus Butler from Pennsylvania. This involved some mystical activity at the beginning of the twentieth century and later the cult that followed it wound up adopting the belief that “the Lord is an Extraterrestrial.” Vallee doesn’t provide hard evidence that I know of but that isn’t the point the followers of these cults believe it and one of the points that Vallee tries to make is that even if these alleged visions have any validity they’re presenting deceptive messages which can easily be refuted by rational thinking. Or in other words either they’re the result of hallucinations by Schizophrenic s or they’re real but they come from unknown intelligences that lie, according to Vallee. This requires a lot of fact checking and there isn’t enough to come to solid conclusions that I know of but it does seem like another unsolved mystery.

to be cont.

As for “Dr.” Zahi Hawass, he’s a clown. He does more to appeal to emotion than any sincere scientist should ever do and he constantly uses manipulation tactics when it comes to inconvenient facts. He can be quite rational when it comes to things he can explain and presumably does quite well but when it comes to unsolved mysteries he takes temper tantrums. This should raise some serious questions. One thing you might want to take a closer look at if you haven’t already done so is The Fatima UFO Hypothesis. This was based primarily on research done by Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada based on the original records taken at the time of the incident whatever it was. I’m not sure I would believe everything they come up with but they address a lot of issues that both the Church and the Skeptics ignore and neither of the two attempts to debunk this, that I know of, except by suing ridicule or other manipulation tactics. This was presented on Wikipedia for about four months before it was arbitrarily redirected and virtually deleted without using what was the normal procedure. There are still problems with this but it has a close connection with cult activity and there is an enormous amount of evidence to indicate that something unexplained happened.

This doesn’t answer all the questions that should be asked or even come close but it does indicate that there are some serious unsolved mysteries and that the mainstream academics sources aren’t addressing it properly. That doesn’t mean that the Ancient Alien theorists are doing a much better job; in fact I suspect you must know that that is full of an enormous amount of misinformation which is why I once speculated about the possibility that they might recruit a group of crack pots to distribute accurate information from sources that are unreliable and mix it up with an enormous amount of misinformation. It is also part of the reason why I have been recommending a Truth and Education Commission or something similar although I don’t expect it to start with this.
Also for a more detailed discussion about the megalith moving experiments see this old string from ATS. Even Roger Hopkins who has been involved in these experiments as a skeptic has admitted he can't explain it since he first began his experiments. I think Rogers partial conversion took place a couple of years ago; previously he stated with conviction, and lame arguments, that it could be replicated.
What a wonderful summary and distillation.
rated with love

Atheism is what those who know
leave for those who are not sure
so that they will never know.

As I have said in my last posts Quantum entanglement and the Double Slit experiment
leave those who endorse atheism
in the position of endorsing a crude Victorian science
whose only purpose was Caucasian empire in the first place.
Even Isaac Newton the father of Victorian rationalism
did not believe the least bit of what he fed to the mass’s.

Since there is not much time left God has allowed his prophets
to speak through the likes of Bob Dylan,
Jim Morrison, Fredrick Nietzsche, Bernard Riemann and others.

In most, if not all cases, they have been silenced by those who would call themselves Adepts.
The Adepts have done this in the service of the war they have waged against God
and each other since the Tower of Babel
“I see pieces of men marching trying to take heaven by force”.

The tall man will appear in the dreams of those he has chosen to reveal his presence,
obviously Dylan was one of the elect.
“Where would you like to be overthrown Jerusalem or Argentina”
Wow what material and more....Pythagoras was into sacred geometry
and this needs a very good reading. Thanks for sharing this here.
Well..... I read your three posts Jack. Although I must be honest that at times I skimmed certain sections. But I spent an hour reading the last two so I got the general gist if not reading every single word. I might go back before the end of the year and re-read a few points for clarification.

I have no reason to be malicious nor do I have any desire to berate anyone. So, my feedback has absolutely no intent other than to understand and search for truth.

I guess I'm not sure where you were going at times. It seemed you were trying to pull many disparate issues into a cohesive message but the glue didn't seem to bind at times. At least for me. I suspect the intent was to tie history and the coming future into some apocalyptic, almost preordained reality.

Much of the questions surrounding the world around us and many of the issues that are on your mind, are also on my mind. Simple things like the Bermuda Triangle or does quantum physics offer some type of insight into a true reality or was there a history we don't appreciate that ties early cultures around the world together. These questions obviously have merit. But, I must say to try to tie everything with a neat little bow and chalk them up to some theory isn't very appealing to me. It is primarily not appealing because your theory exists only one place. That is in your mind. It is not a theory held by any other person. There may be bits and pieces that countless other people, including myself, seek more knowledge about, but in totality this is just a representation of your mind.

Actually, to a certain extent, we could say the same thing about every theory. To use an extreme example - Einstein & Planck's great works or Michelangelo's great works. In other words, their creativity and their theories on art, science and the universe existed no where else but their own minds. Now, when they all expressed those theories to the rest of us, we accepted them. We accepted the physics because our understanding of mathematics worked to some degree. But, I could argue that the theory and the math create somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy that only exists as an illusion. In other words, no one really knows what is real.

So, with that last statement, there can only find one eternal truth. That truth exists one place for each of us. That is, in our own mind. That truth is that when all else is released, there is only one thing left. Love. And, that means when our mind releases everything we think we know, there is no concept of time, of relativity or quantum physics or anything else. Just love. A timeless reality not defined by science or reason or the rule of law. Just a state of being without boundary, fear, judgement or reason. The only truth we know exists beyond all doubt is love.

That's about all I have to say for now.

As a Mason (Blue Lodge, Cryptic, York Rite master and Knight Templar and...a noble of the Mystic Order of the Shrine) I object to all this!

Quite a write, Mr. Heart. I tried to wade through as much of it as I could and then thought, What the hell..and skipped to the last paragraph, hoping for a logical summation.

So...what IS coming and when will it come. I need to know so I can buy some groceries.
OMG your GREAT. I have to read this slowly over again because the details and knowledge are so cool. Thanks for this. I read that Pythagoras said all problems can be solved via the triangle. Solve any two corners and the third is easy. According to the Chinese the Feng shui of the USA is really in bad shape...
Fine work....( Found you through your comment re: pain on Scanners blog).

I will have to go back and re-read this a few times more. Too much to digest at one time. I do believe that the Masons and others of their ilk were very much responsible for the shaping of America. Lots of evidence.While not able to quote and give credit, I have read and seen much about it and find the hypothesis believable.

I also believe that there is far more to extraterrestrials than the government wants us to know. Re: earth wobble... Let's see where the President is during December 2012. It might give us a clue.

By the way going to Florida is not the last stop. I spend my winters there to avoid ice and snow. You'll understand that when you get to be my age...and one bad fall can kill you. Then you suck down those pills. Will follow.
What a lot of work you did to research all of this.
I know many native people who have seen shape shifters
I will come back and read this again but I do appreciate
what you have given us with this post.
rated with love
I rate it for what I've read so far- You and ume and james- I've got a lot of catching up to do..
[r] Jack, I am sorry to arrive so belatedly. Will be back soon. I am breaking for now to ponder the first part of pentagram insights. Holy Toledo! I saw a movie last night with a scene from a skull and bones ceremony. gave me same chill i got reading about this pentagram history. later. best, libby
My house sits where a lake use to be and before that there were oceans here. You should see all the imprints of diffeent animals on the big rocks we dig up. It is a game to my children trying to figure out what the animals were. They clean them off with water and soap to see the imprints closer.
Oh my.. All this has been waiting for me.

It does not surprise me that the founders would take aspects of their social/intellectual club (Freemasons) they admired and use them as part of the process of laying out ground rules, and anchors for a new country.

Very interesting.
I wanted to remind here that sophia is the greek word for wisdom (a philosopher is the lover of wisdom) and as such was chosen by the gnostics and later the Templars and Free-masons.
Very interesting read . Rated