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Jack Mason

Jack Mason
New York, USA
Global Business Services, Strategic Programs
I'm working on IBM's Smarter Planet initiative, which is about the global evolution from the "World Wide Web" to a "Web Wide World" ... a planetary infrastructure that is pervasively instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. http://smarterplanet.tumblr.com

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APRIL 17, 2012 9:58AM

Boeing 787 set for first biofuel-powered flight tonight —...

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Boeing 787 set for first biofuel-powered flight tonight — Engadget

Biofuel in planes is hardly a new idea, but when Boeing’s latest and greatest aircraft gets in on the green game, we take notice. That’s right, a ANA 787 Dreamliner is currently preparing to take off from Everett, Washington this evening and will make its way across the Pacific to Tokyo powered by biofuel. Well played, Boeing, we’re all for celebrating Earth Day a little early, and it’s always good to see someone giving Sir Richard Branson a run for his money.

[Photo credit: Boeing, Flickr]

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