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From the World Wide Web to the Web Wide World

Jack Mason

Jack Mason
New York, USA
Global Business Services, Strategic Programs
I'm working on IBM's Smarter Planet initiative, which is about the global evolution from the "World Wide Web" to a "Web Wide World" ... a planetary infrastructure that is pervasively instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. http://smarterplanet.tumblr.com

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Self-Charging Lithium Ion Battery – Thank You Georgia Tech - Gas 2

Georgia Tech has made a self-charging lithium ion battery. This could be a major breakthrough for the electric vehicle (EV) industry, if it can be economized and applied to the auto industry.

Researchers at Georgia Tech started wi… Read full post »

OCTOBER 2, 2012 10:50AM


Big Data is a New Category, Distinct From Other Technologies

Big data describes the continuous processing of very large, public, and changing data sets using distributed data processing and data storage systems. There is no question that mainframes and super-computers process very large and changing… Read full post »


Four Concepts For The Future That Could Create A More Sustainable World

Earlier this year, Sony teamed up with the Forum of the Future to brainstorm four scenarios of what life will be like in 2025. Among them: a treadmill of “hyperinnovation†and declining carbon emissions; a scena

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A road map for urban agriculture in NYC | Grist:

Although there are 700 urban farms and gardens spread throughout New York City’s five boroughs, urban farming there still feels ad-hoc, somewhat tacked-on in many places. The gains have been slow and future progress isn’t guaranteed.

To … Read full post »

These $10 Robots Will Change Robotics Education | Wired Design | Wired.com

When the African Robotics Network announced their $10 robot design challenge this summer, co-founder Ken Goldberg was careful not to share too many expectations, lest he influence contestants’ designs. But he never imagineRead full post »

“Big Data in your blood. Very soon, we will see inside ourselves like never before, with wearable, even internal , sensors that monitor even our most intimate biological processe†- The Morning Briefing: What is Big Data worth? | SmartPlanet (via futuristgerd) Read full post »
Your phone will soon be your new doctor — GigaOM:

Soon, your phone will know more about your health history and fitness goals than your doctor does. And according RunKeeper founder Jason Jacobs, when this plays out at scale, it will change the dynamic between you, your doctor

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“The idea is that by harvesting the incredible amount of data “exhaust†that every one of us generates as we traverse a city, planners can optimize services in the city to make them more efficient, cleaner and cheaper. But there is a fear that such top-down programs may threaten the very…

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Completing the Social Business Transformation: A Manifesto - Forbes:

Ray Kurzweil’s analysis in the “Singularity is Near†predicts that technology capabilities grow at an exponential rate. Long periods of preparation and solving many small problems set the stage for the ability to combine those/… Read full post »

In Colombia, world’s first crowdfunded skyscraper offers investors a share in profits

Citizens don’t often get a say in the major building developments that populate their city, mostly because they are usually funded by wealthy architects or investors. However, we recently saw residents in CopenhRead full post »

Closing the Urban Loop: Combining the "Internet of Things" and Predictive Analytics:

With a topic looking towards the future from two separate angles, to see where they converge, one must factor in where they converge on the exploding size and scale of cities.

3d printed iPhone 5 case (Taken with Instagram at Shapeways LIC)

Customer experience will be become a new management discipline, says Forrester analyst:


Companies in nearly every industry disappoint their customers, especially when customers cross channels. Many cusomer experience initiatives don’t realize their potential because neither employeesRead full post »

Mobile app enables crowdsourced monitoring of local water sources

Much the way Creek Watch lets citizens take part in monitoring the local watershed, so mWater allows those in the developing world to help keep tabs on local water sources. READ MORE… Read full post »

“It’s a common misperception that responsible or sustainable investments are all in the hug yourself, warm feeling, good intention category, the inevitable consequence of which is diminished investment return. Nothing could be further from the truth.†-

Companies that Invest in Sustainability DRead full post »


Report warns of global food insecurity as climate change destroys fisheries: Persian Gulf, Libya, and Pakistan expected to be hardest hit by decline in fish stocks in coming decades @ Oceana via Guardian

Check out Oceana Report!

“The $22,000 robot that Rethink will begin selling in October is the clearest evidence yet that robotics is more than a laboratory curiosity or a tool only for large companies with vast amounts of capital†- Quote from an article in the NY Times titled “A Robot With a Delicate Touchâ€. … Read full post »
IBM Will Flourish In Any Economic Environment - Seeking Alpha:

But IBM plays a critical role in the operations of the largest, most well-known companies in the world, by enabling them to more efficiently deliver their products and services to the end consumer. It’s just that we don’t really hear… Read full post »

Can Urban Farming Go Corporate?  |  Reuters

Farms have sprouted in cities across the country over the past several years as activists and idealists pour their sweat into gritty soil. Now Paul Lightfoot wants to take urban agriculture beyond the dirt-under-your-nails labor of love. He wants to take… Read full post »

Harvard Business Review: Data Scientist Is The ‘Sexiest Job Of The 21st Century’ | Popular Science

What is the sexiest job of the 21st century? If you said “data scientist,†you’re probably an editor at Harvard Business Review and probably not anyone else. The HBR has named the emerging praRead full post »

How WebRTC will upend the mobile world | GigaOM:
A new technology, WebRTC, also known as RTCWEB (Real Time Communication on the Web), is poised to send a virtual tsunami through the mobile communications industry, likely changing the landscape for a good long time.  The idea is to put some of the/Read full post »

Extreme weather poses a growing risk to the stability of insurance companies and has broad ramifications for the economy and society. Our new report shows what insurers, regulators and investors can do to address climate change risks. To learn more and to download the report, follow the link below! @Read full post »

Are you ignoring advocates while chasing after influencers?:


Here are a few things we know about influencers and advocates:* They are not the same and require separate strategic frameworks.* Unfluencers usually require an incentive before they engage.  Advocates just love the brand an/
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An operating system for cities: How IBM plans to make your city smarter | VentureBeat

Cutting emergency response times in Rio de Janeiro by 30 percent? Reducing pollution in San Francisco’s Bay Area? Eliminating traffic congestion in Lyon, France?

Those are all things you can do …

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