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Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
August 01
Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade
Only child of holocaust survivors from Eastern and Central Europe, grew up in Phila., Central PA, and NYC (2nd home). Psychologist since 1970 working with children and adults in wide variety of selttings, including schools, hospital, courts, private office, and prisons.

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Expect the unexpected. No matter what your premonitions as you start on a new relationship, marriage, pregnancy, school, move, job, career, or any endeavor, you better be flexible. It's not going to be exactly what what you envisoned. It can't be because you're not a perfect predictor of the future,… Read full post »

My heart shattered into a thousand little shards,

All of them magneticaly pulled back into my chest,

Forming a new heart of stained, sprained, strained glass.

My new heart is fragile to the touch and to the non-touch.

It longs for the impossible and reflects loss and death,

But at its best,… Read full post »

There's a wide variety of ways to handle pain, be it physical or mental. I've been thinking about the physical kind, especially since re-injuring my knee the other day. I have a Baker's cyst, which releases poison, painful liquid down my leg almost continually. If it doesn't heal with care, I… Read full post »

Since I grew up in the shadow of my Nazi-surviving (and dead) family members, sometimes I'm tired of reading and viewing Nazi stories in literature and film. However, they are hard to escape completely, especially if I want to see good acting or read an author who wrote compelling books on… Read full post »

In real life, do we see the kind of courage they show on TV in shows like NCIS ? Well, I guess "The Little Couple," from TV is real life. Of course, off camera they might take a break from their sweet, brave smiles as they love each other through the trials… Read full post »

A child doesn't have to be of a certain age to end up in the position of a mini-adult. Just a little four-year old can act grown-up to compensate for a handicapped or particularly immature parent or sibling. He's the little hero in the family, trying to hold it together in… Read full post »

Although I'm not immune to doing some new-age, cool type parenting myself, I've seen and heard lots of garbage ideas lately about parents being their children's good buddies, rather than real parents who serve as role models and provide structure, limits and guidance.  Other parents do the… Read full post »

Although I have criticized our medical system for its inefficiency, financial waste and multiple problems many times before, let me begin with a caveat. We have great doctors and nurses for the most part and people of means from all over the world, including places with universal healthcare, com… Read full post »

I heard Jerry Seinfeld say that his successful TV series has afforded him the option of doing exactly what he wants to do, which is stand-up comedy and talking with people for fun. He finds something soulful in his work. I totally understand and agree because with no comparable level of… Read full post »

Lately, I've been exposed to a number of long distance relationships. It's really hard to maintain a good sense of togetherness long distance, especially when not seeing each other often or much.

One key is communicating well and frequently over the phone, the internet, or whatev… Read full post »

Stimulated by Koshersalami's piece here on religion and politics, I am thinking about two people I met recently. One is an ardent Christian Scientist who values healing by prayer, even practitioners who know how to offer healing counsel through prayer and dedicate their lives to it. Another is a a fu… Read full post »

What's the psychology behind the bully, dictator, abuser or possesive creep who won't share, won't yield, won't let go of control to do what's kind or fair? Very often, there's a person who feels small, insecure, impotent and tries to control everything around him, to insure that he's in charge of… Read full post »

I remember an old friend, much wealthier than we were then, enjoying all the houses, land and other possessions he had. Every piece of artwork, every article of furniture, meant something to him. He was orphaned at a young age and inherited his parents' property and wealth. It's all he had… Read full post »

Isn't it fun to watch the Oscar's? Some people get the same kick out of the Miss America Pageant, as hokey as that may sound to the coolest among us. The idea is to dream, to daydream, to imagine, because besides really caring about the films, the art, the acting, and… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 28, 2014 6:28PM

Guns -Dr. Jackie's Mental Health Moment

I just heard Debbie Dingell say that's it's very hard to screen for mental illness when issuing gun permits. It's true. I've screened people for the police and security guard positions in the past. I've seen perpetrators and victims of gun violence. Sometimes, there's little difference on a test betw… Read full post »

Today, I was telling someone how I followed a hunch, an educated guess, many years ago and it worked. Truly, what is not good for most of us may do somebody some good in this case.

There was this dear older man who was prematurely mourning the impending death of his… Read full post »

I went to the Barefoot Beach Preserve in Naples, FL today to volunteer (or get paid) to be on  the lecture series next year. I was going to suggest "stress management" or "healthy eating" as possible topics. Then, I looked at the present roster and noticed that the topics were all… Read full post »

To all of you out there who are overweight, please don't be offended by the following diatribe. I'm not judging you. There but for the grace of God or fate or luck go I. I care enough, though, to offer up some tough love facts and ideas.

Now, admittedly, everyone… Read full post »

I'm not a fan of the constant apologizer, insincerely saying she's sorry over little nothings or over just being herself. You know the type. You bump into her or sneeze and she has "I'm sorry." She's all over herself with shame if she misspeaks or calls at the wrong time. (Or… Read full post »

We're so used to the basic loves of romance, commitment, trust, and deep abiding friendship, and those are, indeed, the components of good, truly long-term relationships, including marriage. However, what about tough love, in which there's judgement or even a modicum of rejection, based on wishing we… Read full post »

What makes a good parent is much like what makes a good relationship. Caring, empathy, love, affection, unselfishness, thoughtfulness, sharing/bonding, teaching and learning, enjoying/fun, and respect. Then, there's the generational difference which calls for setting a good example, providing a stabl… Read full post »

A Bat Mitzvah is a coming-of-age ceremony followed by a party for Jewish 13-year old girls. It's the counterpart to a Bar Mitzvah, the same event for boys. I saw three wonderful young teens do this thing this weekend. They were priviledged Upper West Side Manhattenites. They performed their… Read full post »

Some people walk around happy, kind, friendly, relaxed and radiate joy wherever they go. It's a stroke of good luck to cross paths with these people. It's rare. Usually, the secret is that those particular people feel loved and secure and then spread the wealth. I can think of a few… Read full post »

I ran into a friend and mentioned a little open house on Super Bowl afternoon. He referred to it as the "Stupid Bowl."  I had scheduled this little gathering for Ground Hog's Day, not even realizing at that time that it would be Super Bowl Day. So, I made sure the TV… Read full post »

I saw a beautiful depiction of the complexity of evil last night on stage in New York. The play was "Breakfast with Mugabe." The dictator, appropriator of land, and mass murderer of Zimbawe for many years, the opposite of a Mandela, experienced Hamlet-like paranoia and hallucinations in the play, and… Read full post »