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August 01
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Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade
Only child of holocaust survivors from Eastern and Central Europe, grew up in Phila., Central PA, and NYC (2nd home). Psychologist since 1970 working with children and adults in wide variety of selttings, including schools, hospital, courts, private office, and prisons.

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MARCH 30, 2012 11:03PM

Dr. Jackie's Mental Health Moment-materialism

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Everyone's so fascinated with the almost nonexistant chance of winning enormous bucks in the biggest lottery, fantasizing what they'd do, realizing that a smaller win may be more manageable, usually deciding to do things which may actually be possible with just twice the money they already have, instead of 10,000 more times. Buying stuff, traveling, retirement, charity all sound good. Investment is sometimes mentioned, too.

What's really interesting is how people think that happiness is just one purchase or financial opportunity away. Even when giving away bundles of cash, the decision-making can be a nightmare. We already know from research and history that most huge lottery winners, especially the poorer ones, don't realize greater happiness in the long run as a result of their "luck." In fact, anxiety, depression, broken relationships, drugs, crime and bad investments, even bankrupty aren't uncommon.

So, I recommend enjoy the fantasy, be grateful for what you have, and if you don't win, it's OK. 

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I buy one scratch off per week. It doesn't destroy me, but I have never hit the big one, and probably never will. It hurts me to see the poor throw away a bunch of money on lottery tickets. I suppose that gambling is part of the seamier side of America.