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Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
August 01
Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade
Only child of holocaust survivors from Eastern and Central Europe, grew up in Phila., Central PA, and NYC (2nd home). Psychologist since 1970 working with children and adults in wide variety of selttings, including schools, hospital, courts, private office, and prisons.

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MAY 9, 2012 9:28PM

Dr. Jackie's Mental Health Moment--Like the Parent

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An 80 year old mother mentions that her own teenage mom gave her baby self to her grandparents to raise. Do you think it's odd that she did the same to her son? While he spent years resenting her for pawning him off for most of his formative childhood to his alcoholic father and poverty-stricken grandparents, it appears that she was not doing anything malevolently rejecting at all, just following the example she learned in childhood herself. She did what came naturally.

 Maybe it's never to late to learn and understand what happened to you. Find out how your parents and grandparents were raised. What kind of treatment did they receive? What kind of stimulation, education, experiences? Then, think about the impact on their perceptions of how life proceeds, their feelings about people, their ability to relate, and, of course, how all that impacts on your own upbringing. Insight leads to acceptance and growth.

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