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August 01
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Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade
Only child of holocaust survivors from Eastern and Central Europe, grew up in Phila., Central PA, and NYC (2nd home). Psychologist since 1970 working with children and adults in wide variety of selttings, including schools, hospital, courts, private office, and prisons.

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NOVEMBER 12, 2012 8:04PM

Nursing Racket-Dr. Jackie's Mental Health Moment

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I can't stand it anymore. There she sat, down to 65lbs., slumped in a chair, chin hair blooming thick, head hair cut short, depressed, alone, neglected, the mother of an executive in the health field. The nursing aides are defensive, concerned about their own schedules and breaks, careful to do only the routime toileting and washing and get out of there on time.

 I'm there as a friend, not a psychologist. I learned a long time ago the fruitlessness of consulting in nursing homes. One patient I remember was gently helped to starve to death, as the staff refused feeding, even providing protein shakes to combat her anorexia. The chief of staff back then cautioned me not to mention it in the charts, lest he be liable. What a racket! I'm done.

Have you seen a good nursing home? Let me know.

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We need a national conversation about nursing care for our elders. There must be a way of assuring best care practices and supervision- the only way to start this is by writing about it. Exposure is the only thing that changes this. Advocacy starts here.
No matter how much we know about what the elderly need--individual attention, group support, comfortable surroundings, etc., as long as these warehouses are for profit and get paid for making it look "right" on paper only, they'll skimp on actual care and provide assembly line maintenance only.
Years ago, this particular nursing home had volunteers, pets, and more staff. Now, it is nothing much.