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Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
August 01
Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade
Only child of holocaust survivors from Eastern and Central Europe, grew up in Phila., Central PA, and NYC (2nd home). Psychologist since 1970 working with children and adults in wide variety of selttings, including schools, hospital, courts, private office, and prisons.

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We know about Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with its flashbacks, anxiety, depression, anger and mood swings, and withdrawal. But there's another side to surviving trauma and I'll call it Post-traumatic Wisdom or PTW (my term). It comes from our ability to learn, grow, and develop.

The ex-wif… Read full post »

In any relationship, people's priorities, desires, goals and wishes can differ. The husband considers a simple life of having one house or condo and the wife likes living in different locations different seasons. The husband wants to eat out often and the wife wants to eat at home. The boyfriend… Read full post »

I've been watching some comedy shows and roasts and political satire on the internet/TV. Maybe I'm getting old. The references to "butt-f....g," the the many swear words offend me. Is it really necessary to refer to politicians' and celebrities' private body parts? Isn't there any way of doing satire… Read full post »

I, like you, look at the tabloid headlines on my way through the supermarket checkout line. Most of them are downright lies. But not always. Finally, I had to ask myself, "is Bruce Jenner really doing a sex change?" Normally, I don't concern myself with the Kardashian family. Actually, they aren't… Read full post »

Here's a little summary that applies to marriage and relationships, in general.

Marriage Killers (usually producing a slow death or promoting shallowness)

1. Lack of validation-as in the smirk, sarcasm, put-downs, ignoring, silent treatment, walking out of the room while someone is talking,… Read full post »

All people are created equal, right? Under the law, ideally. In terms of their right to respect, love, opportunity. I hope. In reality, NOT. Inequality, of which we hear so much lately, especially with regard to finance, is a law of nature. We're not all alike and we never will be.… Read full post »

Here's a repost of my reaction to killings previously:

The opposite of love is indifference. The underside/ correlary of love is jealousy, anger and even-- in the extreme--hate. All of that horror results from hurt and fear. Most anger is really anger at the self.  So do hate crimes occur b… Read full post »

People who love their work are happier, no matter how much they earn, but that doesn't mean they're never frustrated with pieces of the job or aspects of the career or field. Even psychologists I know who are truly dedicated and never want to retire complain about bureaucracy, resistent patients and… Read full post »

Always, New Year is a good time for life review, setting goals or making wishes and figuring things out. Here are some ideas I've thought or heard lately on this subject.

1.  This year will be one of making decisions based on love first and other forms of self-fulfillment, success, and… Read full post »

DECEMBER 30, 2014 10:30PM

Faith-Dr. Jackie's Mental Health Moment

A foreign observer of my little home Hanukah service via Skype over a year ago said that it must be nice to have "something to believe." I know that person has beliefs but loved the focus on incorporating a set of beliefs and traditions into one's life.  I really think that statement c… Read full post »

I've seen my share of torture victims-- traumatized adoptees from far away orphanages, grown people still traumatized by old child abuse, war refugees, raped children and grown-ups. Never did I see the abuse causing a change of heart, sympathy for the enemy, or a desire to confess wrongdoin… Read full post »

We've all been reading about oxy addiction and how rampant drugs like Vicadin and hydrocodone get overused and abuse. Yet, doctors keep prescribing, people keep using and, often very innocently, one pill at a time, the best people in pain become addicted. It can happen to anyone. Sure, there's intens… Read full post »

Intimacy isn't so much about what happens, more about how. Not so much about content, more about process. Two siblings discuss their scary dreams, giving each other understanding and support, feeling their common ground. They don't agree on lots of things and sometimes there's not so much trust and c… Read full post »

I'm writing this blog in response to Jonathan Wolfman's piece about the Rose Bowl parade prejudice. 

In another generation, civilized people will take it for granted that families and marriages are composed of people who love and care about each other, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.… Read full post »

Children learn conscience by example, not by punishment, not be lenience, not by lectures. They see parents doing what's right, not what's easy. They see consistency, not reactions which come naturally at the moment. Sometimes, people explain what they're thinking and doing, mostly they just refrain… Read full post »

What's life without fantasy? Many a young woman, married or not, is now heartbroken over the engagement of Mr. Cumberbatch aka Sherlock. I'm happily-married and still pine over Neil Diamond in an occasional weak moment. Any divorced person knows the feeling of missing the good times when the old rela… Read full post »

Just like CSI or good police work, a psychologist doing an evaluation needs to observe and gather evidence. When interviewing, it's important to determine the level of opinion, memory, and truth. Looking for concrete examples from direct experience and observation helps. Watching someone interact and… Read full post »

Several women in my circle of experience have lost their spouses recently. Their friends referred to them as "strong." What does that mean? I really wonder what others think makes a person "strong."

There is the psychological concept of resilience, about which I have written before. Resilence isn't… Read full post »

Nerd that I am, I was listening to my TED phone app about the mathematical concept of symmetry. There were pictures of perfectly symmetrical objects of nature and architecture, from starfish to Rubix cube, to mosaics. But, what impressed me the most was the Japanese temple with all symmetical columns… Read full post »

A man I know doesn't believe in religion but does believe in Jungian archetypes. That means that he follows Carl Jung's psychological premise that we are formed to a large extent by the genetic structure created by the accumulation of our historical background. So, our personality has a lot to d… Read full post »

No matter how many beautiful buildings, grants, and skilled employees a hospital has, the medical care is only as good as the ability to communicate. As we know from the Liberia-Dallas ebola connection in the news recently, every healthcare worker should ask important questions about what the patient… Read full post »

Stimulated by jmac and other posts on what they've learned.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2012 7:30PM

Personal Wisdom-Dr. Jackie's Mental Health Moment

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Stimulated by jmac and other posts on what they've learned.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2012 7:30PM

Personal Wisdom-Dr. Jackie's Mental Health Moment

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How could it possibly be that a middle class, not schizophrenic, not extremely abused teenager or young person gets brainwashed into such extreme violence in the name of a false religion that he beheads a good person? It's unimaginable. That person must be impounded over and over with the idea that… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 26, 2014 8:55PM

Class-Dr. Jackie's Mental Health Moment

You can't buy class, intelligence,character or love. Recently, I had evidence of rudeness and hurt perpetuated by well-educated, cultured, wealthy and superficially nice people. They had a good time, apparently, with a new acquaintance. Then, when the person called to try to continue what seemed… Read full post »