DECEMBER 1, 2009 4:21PM

Islam and HIV in Africa

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HIV/AIDS in Africa

HIV in Africa

In mostly non-Islamic Lesotho, HIV infects about 24% of the population. 50% of women under 40 are infected.

In mostly Islamic Niger, HIV infects about 1% of the population.

In mostly non-Islamic Cameroon, HIV infects about 16% of the population.

In mostly Islamic Mauritania, HIV infects less than 1% of the population.

In mostly non-Islamic Swaziland, HIV infects about 26% of the population, and 50% of adults in their twenties.

In Islamic Senegal, less than 1% of the population is infected with HIV.

In non-Islamic Zambia, HIV infects 15% of the population.

In Islamic Mali, HIV infects 1.3% of the population.

In non-Islamic Malawi, HIV infects about 14% of the population.

In mostly Islamic Sierra Leone, 1.7% of the population is infected with HIV.

In non-Islamic Zimbabwe, HIV infects about 15% of the population.

Islam in blue, HIV in red.

Islam Africa

HIV Africa


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Okay, we all know that Islam values modesty and sexual chastity. However, in many Islamic Countries like Iraq and Iran where constitutionally sanctioned executions of homosexuals is commonplace, religious leaders issue fatwas that homosexuals should be killed in the "worst possible way" and Sudan where they're currently working to classify homosexuality as a capital crime.

What's your point here? That the best way to stop the spread of HIV is to take the cue from the Islamic world and round up the homosexuals and execute them?
What was the impetus to blog this? Did these numbers surprise you? A sexual education intervention is definitely in order...but I think that some of these places are a bit chaotic so all of that goes out the window. Any Suggestions?
@Goro Rivera

I was reading about the epidemic of HIV in Swaziland, which poses an "existential threat" to the very existence of that nation, where 26% of the population is infected, and there really aren't enough able-bodied citizens left to carry on the ordinary business of society.

This was worse than I expected, and I expected the news to be very bad anyway.

So I looked at the statistics of HIV in a few other countries, and noticed the striking correlation which I sketched here. It isn't exactly common knowledge, although it isn't exactly surprising, either.
I wonder what those maps looked like ten or even five years ago...A real issue that needs the worlds attention. For the most part, the US people would rather read about Tiger Woods. Thanks for the post.