JANUARY 11, 2012 12:11AM

History Repeats in Dublin NH

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I only found out today that a few days ago, Rick Santorum spoke to students at Dublin School in Dublin, NH.  He was, by accounts, politely poked by the students and faculty about his stated views.  While it was not stated one way or the other, it's doubtful he got a standing ovation.  He didn't do very well there.  I'm not surprised.

Twenty five years ago I was in a similar situation.  I was a senior at Dublin School, and my class had a chance to ask Republican presidential candidate Jack Kemp some questions on his road to the GOP nomination.  The questions were different back then.  Gay rights and welfare were on the agenda, and the Iran-Contra scandal was still relatively fresh in the public consciousness.

Jack Kemp was closer to the libertarian line than some might think.  He talked about changing food stamps to a cash handout, which my class generally derided.  His general talk on welfare, which included lower benefits, drew a lot of rolled eyes.  We didn't actually boo him -- we were too polite and well-bred, even me -- but we didn't cheer his heartless policy proposals.  Or him.

 It's been a very long time, but my old high school, a private school with a sizable tuition bill, still has a lot of people with a strong sense of social justice.  Tonight I raise a glass (of orange juice) to them.  I'm glad some things haven't changed there.

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