JANUARY 25, 2009 8:34AM

Furboding pets in the morning...

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Your hair looks mousey

Furboding: /fer-BODE-ing/ n. A pet's creepy and silent stare which is so intense that it pierces sleep.

Sentence: Sandra’s dreams were interrupted by an awful sense of furboding and she became aware that her cat, Felix, was staring at her ominously as she slept.

Etymology: Blend of ‘fur’ and ‘bode’ (be an omen; portend) - a play on the word foreboding(A sense of impending evil or misfortune)

Created by: Mustang.

Dogmateyes: /dog-ma-tize/ v. intr. To be woken up by a child or pet who is quietly but intently staring at you from the edge of your bed.

Sentence: We had our chiuaau's voice box cut so he wouldn't wake us every the morning with his annoying yelping. But now he just sits there at the end of the bed and dogmateyeses us. We wake up startled,  like frightened sqiurrels hidding under the bedcovers. We're thinking of getting his eyes done.

Etymology: dogmatize (asserting opinions) + dog + eyes

Created by: bookowl.

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"Furboding"! Excellent. I know that look.
The looks I can handle. The jumping onto the bed to check whether I'm awake is what gets me.
You're on a roll! The drawings are perfect, too.