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June 24
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NOVEMBER 29, 2011 2:03PM

What Did Jenner Whisper to Rick?: My Theory

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Jenner and Rick


I'm disappointed. Clearly, Jenner whispered that everyone has the virus, which explains the blood test, Rick going out of his way to plug fat man in the head after he'd done the job well enough with a chest-shot, and then Shane's casual observation about the bites.

I've read the comics, too, but this series has pleasantly deviated from the comics so much that I'd hoped the everyone-has-the-virus would have been dropped. I don't like that bit of zombie lore because, again, it doesn't really make sense if Zombie bites cause infection. What, the bite accelerates infection? Come on.

I wish the secret had been more profound.

Original Post:

I admit that this post is a bit out of character for me, but I do, in fact, watch some television, and I do, in fact, love all things to do with zombies, and for all its flaws that have emerged in the meandering first half of the second season, for my money, The Walking Dead is still the best zombie stuff out there. 

For those who don't watch the show, it is your typical end-of-the-world zombie apocalypse scenario, taken out of Pennsylvania (where Romero's films are set) and plunked down in Atlanta.  Rick, the show's primary protagonist, wakes up in a hospital to find the entire world has gone to hell.  Once reunited with his family and a small band of people trying to stay one step ahead of the zombie hoard, the search begins for a safe haven.  

In the last two episodes of season 1, that safe haven was believed to be the CDC in Atlanta, where the gang meets Dr. Jenner, the last remaining scientist occupying the CDC compound.  Offering the gang food and hot showers and shelter for only a day or so, the CDC's self-destruct mechanism comes online, and everyone must get out or be burned to a crisp.  Jenner decides to opt-out, believing that death is preferable to the world as it has become, but before Rick and the gang escape, he pulls Rick close and whispers in his ear.  

Now that season two has reached its mid-season hiatus until its Feburary return without the secret being revealed, I thought I'd share some of the popular theories I've seen circulating, debunk those, and at the end of this piece present my own theory.  

1. Jenner told Rick his wife Lorrie is pregnant.  This one has been proven false in show already since she revealed it to Rick, and he was not suprised.  This one was the most widely accepted theory before that revelation, putting many back at square one.  

2. Jenner told Rick that everone is infected with the zombie virus.  This one could be possible.  It could be possible because, as per my understanding, that people come back as zombies after natural death in the comics version.  Further, it would explain why Jenner did the blood tests on the gang when they first entered the CDC.  He was looking for a person who was "clean" of the virus.  When he remarks that he didn't find anything, he is saying that he didn't find anyone who didn't have the virus. 

I don't think that's it, and here's why:  We have not been shown, at least to this point, someone suffering natural death come back as a zombie.  In fact, the show has gone out of its way to show that a zombie bite is required to aquire the virus.  If it happens at natural death, why would it lay dormant until natural death while the bite turns people to zombies in a matter of hours?   Why wouldn't it just turn everyone to zombies as soon as they acquired the virus? It just raises more questions than it answers.  

3. The gang is immune to the virus.  This one is related to the previous theory, but it was completely disproved with the infection of Sophia at the end of the mid-season climax.  

MY THEORY:  The government created and unleashed the virus.   This theory fits for several reasons.  First of all, it explains how the virus decimated humanity so quickly and effectively.  It also explains how such a virus came to exist in the first place, and a scientist at the CDC would absolutely have that information.  He would know that the virus came from the CDC, and he would know how it came to infect the general population.  Jenner, knowing the nature of the virus, would then have good reason for his hopelessness and desire to commit suicide.  In other words, Jenner knew that the situation was absolutely hopeless.  

If you have a theory, I'd love to hear it.  

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Hum, I believe that because so many of these movies and books have been created around this idea that this is merely a premonition of things to come. Hope I am not around to witness it.


I hope I can(see the end days). WE took a green planet and turned it brown! We deserve whats comming, and people can feel it and theyknow its close. Thats the interest int this zombi thing. Zombies? never! But the chaos of the decline of our civilisation seems very accuretly betrayed.
A pizza boy against a rich pamperd man. Im going to go with glen. The token" rich person" was left out of the script sadly.
I digress.
the jenner seen is this. The gov. did create it, now weather they(the gov.) released it on purpos? who knows I doubt it? but thats what the suicide rash was about (guilt).
Now rick was in coma... or dead, right? The blood sample sceen would not be there for no reason. I like your thoughts on the dead returning, when they were killed by natural causes. The suicide farmhouse scene would disprove that.
The camras in a place like the CDC, jenner could have seen the darkside of shane and told rick abought the neck scratches. but no. They have to go back past that farmhouse, maby the 2 bodies are gone and changes everything. everyone comes back.
Darel did try to warn them. And darel plays the A-hole redneck, that is always right.
Now we have top remeber these actors were" guest stars" on the show. This means in real life, mearl has no contract for the show. If they fight about money enough we may never see him again. He knows he is the best actor in the series(daryal a close second). he also has a bigger role in the comic(i hear). This means his agent and him are nagotiating with AMC. If the money is not right, we may never see mearl again.
you can look up who is signed and for how many episodes if you want to ruin the fun (i did).
My point being They have a few different ideas on how to play it out long beforehand. So if one actor has a problem they can work the story around it. Contracts, drugs and death. Are all common problems in hollywood. Any one can change the story.
Back to jenner TS 19? only the 19 out of millions were tested? I think his wife got it earlyer than people are thinking. And they never got a fresher sample afterwords.
He may have told rick we did it, maby the name of someone or somewhere still working on it?
but no.
it all comes back to the blood, rick had to give his son blood. Whats the point of all that? They could have just holed up at the farm untill sophia was found. But they shot the kid and put ricks blood in him. Rick, who may have been dead, we dont know, shane thought he was. Those iv bags last a few hrs. not months. He should have died from dehydration.
I dont think this was a mistake. But alot of them were made. The batterys in the clock died? that would take more than the 60 days jenner said its been since it went global.That puts rick with no water for a mo. or so.
How did he not get bit when they grabed him off the horse? I could point out too many erros to count. Look at ricks beard when he wakes up. Shoot i look like that in a week, and his cheeks were shaved down. did a zombi pop in and manacure his beard.
We all saw steven segal (licence to kill?)l and kill bill. The two most popular coma recovery scenes. It takes months for you tendons and mussle to come back. But rick jumps out of bed and runs home? A town that small would not have that hospital. he would be heliported to the nearst real hospital. like a city. small town hospitals deal with small problems. Dyral shooting a 12 ga. without sholdering it? All these things people dont think about, but feal. It just will not feal real and they stop watching. I did! the girls talking about fishing like pros while they just sit there like they have a worm on. They are not flyfishing. Then they kill the only cute girl on the show? and when she was alive, they are giving peaks of a 16 year olds boobs and butt?
There is something in ricks blood. A cure? The cause? We wont know. but thats the wisper. he thanked him and jenner said the day will come when you will regret this, then wisperd why. this is your answer. I belive rick has something in his blood, the cure or the cause. who knows.
My question is what happened to morgan?
Ok, I have spent the last 9 days watching Season 1 up to S2E6. This is my theory. The very first episode of the show has Rick pulling over into a gas station of some sort where he roams around and finds the very first zombie girl we meet. The little girl with the teddy bear. After that scene goes down, we skip to the car chase, and Rick getting shot. That very first scene was never touched on again. Was it a flash forward? OR, my theory, the very first scene IS actually the very last scene. I believe the series will end with Rick having been bitten and laying in the same parking lot where we first met him. Argue THAT! ;)
I do believe the governement was behind this. My believe is that Jenner told Frank that one of the other CDC facilities accidentally released the virus. We heard Jenner say that there were other facilities around the World, we also heard that he said the facilities were manafactured to mantain deadly virus' from the community. My guess is the virus accidentally leaked out of one of the other facilities.

If this is not the case, I have a strong feeling that it revolves around the pregnancy, or it has something to do with Jenner watching Shane attack Lori in the Arcade room earlier in the episode.
"2. Jenner told Rick that everone is infected with the zombie virus"

Is clearly what he told him. I knew that from the start from watching it and knowing the comics.

And your rebuddle became obsolete with the last episode and with the season ending and them throwing in the random security guards with no bites was a clear ploy to throw something in to show this.
I agree, and I'm disappointed. Clearly, everyone has the virus, which explains the blood test, Rick going out of his way to plug fat man in the head after he'd done the job pretty well with a chest-shot, and then Shane's casual observation about the bites.

I've read the comics, too, but this series has pleasantly deviated from the comics so much that I'd hoped the everyone-has-the-virus would have been dropped. I don't like that bit of zombie lore because, again, it doesn't really make sense if Zombie bites cause near immediate infection. What, the bite accelerates infection? Come on.

I wish the secret had been more profound. Nothing to look forward to, now.
Jason, zombie bites don't cause infection. They never did. All they do is kill you with the fever and whatnot. After death, they come back to life as zombies simply because they died, not cause they were bitten. The humans just assumed the bite caused them to infect Since they hadn't seen any human die of anything other than a bite. If they had, and once they did, they would know anyone that dies comes back...
@Solange305: That isn't true. Of course, it is true for the Walking Dead mythos, but by-and-large bites transmit the virus in much of the literature. You can google that, read Max Brooks, etc. Everyone-already-has-the-virus is pretty much unique to The Walking Dead.
Ok, so heres my opinion on what went down here.

I feel that jenner could have told rick either of my first two examples, or both.

First, i feel that jenner could have told rick his wife is pregnant even though rick seems surprised when she tells him. I think this because in the still shot of that scene jenner's wedding ring is clearly visible, and he did test everyones blood after all so i believe he would know regardless. As for rick hesitating to tell morgan, he could have been hiding it from the group and his wife to prevent bringing up any "troubles" incase anyone in the group had their radio on.

Secondly i feel that jenner could have told rick that everyone has the virus. I think this because this whisper is such a mystery as well as the disappearance of mearl. Mearl was never proven to have been bitten and during the show, the amount of blood loss he would have sustained would lead me to believe he would have naturally died where he busted open the window in the building he was handcuffed on (or atleast on the fire escape or the ground below). Him not being there leads me too believe that everyone has the virus and he simply got up and walked away as a walker. As for rick saying mearl was the one who took their van, i am very skeptical about that, i doubt it was mearl and i doubt we will ever see mearl again. And rick not saying it over the radio, why would he share that with anyone? And for fear his group was on the radio as well.

Also, i highly doubt the theory of thhe gov making and/or ,releasing the virus. I think this because jenners wife was ts19, and jenner said she was basically the einstein of their cdc operation. Also if the gov knew about it, created it, and/or released it i feel like they would have adequate military outpposts to contain the known damage it would cause, including 0 tolerance human contact with unauthorized personnel, i.e. no civilian refugee posts (so no atlanta in the show); and basically shooting any human with blood on them at all, not evven giving them the chance to be tested for the virus.

I hope you found this comment interesting, looking forward to future responses.