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JUNE 17, 2009 3:36PM

Video from Iran Shows Apparent Shooting of Demonstrator

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The sourcing of this video is not independently confirmed, but it alleges to show the shooting of an unarmed opposition supporter (it was posted to YouTube on the 15th). Online discussions are suggesting Ahmedinejad "supporters", possibly plainclothes security agents, took to the streets openly assaulting unarmed civilians and breaking into buildings. It is alleged the authorities want to "provoke" Mousavi supporters, in order to justifiy a brutal military crackdown, but unconfirmed online sources are saying it is pro-Ahmedinejad elements that are engaging in street violence.

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invalid parameters?
sorry it played second time..... still watching
only thing I'm surprised about is that this hasn't happened hundreds of times by now. the whole technology angle throws a few new parameters into this situation doesn't it.
I think if what you want is revolution, a peaceful revolution in which blood is not shed is always preferable. Call me crazy.