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Jeana Morris

Jeana Morris
November 14
Full time RN, educator, parttime writer. Former competitive athlete now just an athlete, wannabe astrophysicist, wannabe color commentator for the Philadelphia Flyers, Thankfully a mom, wife & daughter. Adventurer -relocating across country this year -2014


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Hi to all on Open Salon and a very happy, healthy, and properous New Year!

I'd like to start off by wondering how many of you think that you have done the stupidest thing ever.  Do you think that makes you part of a unique group of 1?  Well chances are… Read full post »

 Back by popular demand - my own- The L A Flyers - A Dirge


Everyone who knows my likes

Is most aware I love the ice.

No, I don't skate, I love those who can,

Especially ice hockey, I am a huge fan. 

Here in Philly, we have a… Read full post »

Governer Jan Brewer of Arizona vetoed a very controversial bill which would allow discrimination against gays.  Whatever her motive, Brewer made the right call.  The fact that this bill was even on the table is absolutely disgusting and shameful.  What are these alleged Christians thin… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 7, 2014 12:15PM

A Moving Day



Once the boxes appear, it's no longer your home.  The boxes, dull, nondescript, bland tan cases opening wide to swallow the contents of what was your life for many years.  For me, it was ten years.  So many things change in a decade. New priorities are reflected… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 5, 2014 11:55AM

10 Years of Facebook (MeMeMeMeBook)


 Yesterday the World celebrated, or at least acknowledge the 10th Anniversary of Facebook.  How about that?  10 years of finding out what your friends and relatives are doing every moment of every day.  Wow! All this, coupled with the knowledge that they can know wh… Read full post »



Tis the season for giving and receiving, so who is the top of the list?  Well me of course.  I am the most important person in the Universe, or hadn't you realized that yet?

This post is dedicated to all the I's out there, and many there are.  In… Read full post »


The man who was a true channel of peace has died.  The loss of Nelson Mandela yesterday, affected the entire world.  Grey skies over the Northeast portion of the U.S. mirrored the somber mood of much of the world upon hearing that this beautiful man had passed.

Numerous adjectives h… Read full post »



While the only thing Barbara Walters and I have in common in a slight overbite,  I still feel compelled to critique Ms Walters' yearly list and propose one of my own.  Certainly I am not foolish enough to think mine will obtain any recognition, no calls from Today, The… Read full post »

DECEMBER 1, 2013 1:43PM

What sound does a breaking heart make?



In a season that we are told is joyful, that we must make merry, hearts break. No surprise.  Hearts have no concept of seasons or holidays.  With wariness and obligation, some some call to mind those who cannot or will not find happiness at this time of year or… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 28, 2013 9:51PM

I'm Thankful for Open Salon and more..



Yes, I am thankful for Open Salon.  It's great to have a forum for voice my opinion, gripes, and joys.  People can love what I write or hate it and I'm no worse for the wear.

But there's more that deserves my gratitude.  Here is my list for 2013,… Read full post »



Americans gasped in horror, almost as one, as they heard the news:   "The President is dead."  John F. Kennedy, the thirty-fifth president of the United States of America, died in Dallas, Texas, at 2pm EST, on November 22, 1963.  People of a certain generation can relay… Read full post »



 Religious leaders come and go, some retire, some leave in disgrace.  The Reverend Billy Graham has been a solid influence for millions of Christians and non-Christians for my entire life.  Ever strong in the sixties, seventies and eighties, his ministry seemed to declin… Read full post »



 Never let a good crisis go to waste.  This crisis, aka the Ocare website catastrophe is a cleverly planned mess.  Do you really think that the whole thing was a result of a bunch of bumbling boneheads?  When Ocare doesn't work, and it won't, it was never sup… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 1, 2013 11:45AM

Brown - the new color of shame



 Colors are often symbolic:  green for jealousy, yellow for cowarice, black for morning, etc.  Brown will forever more be associated with disgrace or utter shame.

 Confused?  Allow me to clarify.  The Brown Unversity students showed the lack of valu… Read full post »

OCTOBER 31, 2013 11:13AM

Thank You Red Sox! Worst to First!!!



Thank you my wonderful Boston Red Sox.  In one year you went from Worst to First to World Series Champs!  I love all of you and your mountain man beards.   It's fun to be a fan, to recapture that long lost youth.  It's even more fun when your… Read full post »



Right now, Obamacare is the biggest joke in the U.S.A.  Saturday Night Live is having a ball with the ridiculous situation.  The Sebelius skit was funny and showed that she and the other Ocare creators, and the web designers are a laughing stock in the U.S. and the… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 11, 2013 11:08AM

Recalling those we've lost: A 9-11 tribute







The very first time you can’t recall their face, you panic.  Perhaps the one you love has only been deceased for a few months, maybe longer.  But your mind’s eye can no longer focus in on the subtleties of their face.  It is now a b… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 8, 2013 1:21PM

Bombing Syria: who makes that call?






For a number of days, a debate has raged over the attack on Syria.  Pundits on both sides have defended their opinions.  Members of the Senate and Congress are voting, perhaps not so much by conscience, rather by how soon they are up for re-election.&nbsRead full post »





This morning I finished the book  "The Slave Across the Street"  by Theresa Flores.  But the book isn't finished with me.  All day I felt its presence, almost haunting me.

Flores tells of her terrifying days of slavery to a group of men.  She does… Read full post »

JUNE 7, 2013 8:54PM

Kudos and Thank YOU!

Thank you and kudos to high school valedictorian Roy Costner IV who tore up his speech opting to recite The Lord's Prayer at his graduation.  As always, he was instructed by school officials not to mention God.  

When he spoke the beautiful words, many were moved, the usual were apalled.… Read full post »

Many readers were plagued by the narrow minded opinon of David Sirota yesterday on Salon.  I had to read it twice to make sure I understood what was being said by the author.  Demonizing White Male Privilege, Sirota politicized the catastrophic events of Monday's Boston Marathon.  

Sir… Read full post »

MARCH 28, 2013 3:05PM

Help! I'm so confused

If there's anyone who can help me make sense of what's going on, it will be much appreciated.

Sotomayor, a judge on the not-so-Supreme Court states that it is not right that the federal govenment define marriage.  But the federal govenment has their nose in everything else.  So what could s… Read full post »

 A smiling Chris Dorner photographed with American Flag


So the ballad of Chris Dorner continues.  Spawned by the media, it was inevitable to make the infamous cop killer legend, wait for it,        dery.   Walking in the footsteps of Mumia Abu Jamal, it is j… Read full post »

In my whole life, I have never watched the entire Grammy Award program.  Who has that much free time.  Even doing the DVR thing still involved nearly two hours that may have been better spent.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed it.  Now I am not a Grammies newbie.  I've seen portions be… Read full post »