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Jeana Morris

Jeana Morris
November 14
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OCTOBER 29, 2011 11:10AM

Political Correctness NOT Found Here

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In the summer of my junior year in high school, I attended a journalism course at Catholic University in Washington D.C.  Having gone through 11 years of Catholic schooling, I pretty much knew what to expect.  Had I been able to go to Jewish University, Hindu University or Shinto University, I would have been in for some surprises.  After time, even the thickest of folk catch on to the customs.  You figure, you're at a place named after a religion, it's a private university, it can do as it pleases, following that religion, its traditions and principles.  

Ett, wrong!  No, in this country of super-political correctness, you must still remove religious symbols in areas that might offend the human rights of - who else - the moslem students who attend the - are ya kiddin me? Catholic University!!!!

Come on.  What do you expect?  Do you really think that if I went to Islam University they'd get rid of the prayer rugs?  How long before I'd be fitted for my berka?  This absolutely has gone too far.  The law school professor from George Washington University, Banzhaf has taken the political correctness thing to a new low.

Is it just me?  Why would you go to a university if their religion is the main focus of its core?  Especially if your religion is the polar opposite of that religion.  

I would not attend Atheist University.  That goes against everything I believe.  I would not go to Moslem University, even on a full scholarship.  So why, I have to ask again, WHY would anyone attend an intitution whose religion is etched in its name and on every sweat shirt in the campus book store?  

Well, I'll tell you why:  so they can protest, cause a commotion and boo hoo about their civil rights being violated.

My civil rights are viotated on a daily basis.  Every day in the news I am treated to yet another religious symbol being torn down because some atheist with too much time on their hands took a ride and was offended by a cross at a cemetary.  To you I say:  "Stay the hell home!"  Stop looking for trouble.  Get some balls.  Stop being offended by everything.  It is not all about you you f'n moron.  

I'm offended by all the offense.  Learn to accept.  Stop pushing your standards on all of us.  How many Moslem soldiers lie in Arlington or Gettysburg?  If there are more than 20 I will personlly lie an appropriate wreath on all of their graves.  

This country has gone to the dogs with its fear of causing any of the "in" group to have little sad faces.  (Or should I say cats?  don't want to exclude)  We are a helmeted, unlabeled group of sheep holding up tests marked in purple, which by the way, displeases me - ugly color.  We are so up in arms over every last thing that we can't see the truth.  We are no longer a world power and that is the real crisis here.  We are shallowly crying about meaningless things only because we are fearful about our future or lack there of.

This weekend will find numerous Halloween Parties in full swing.  Yet many find Halloween disturbing.  What of that?  I say we have costume parties year round as we hide behind the mask of political correctness.  What will it reveal when the mask is gone? 

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I'm offended by all the offense. Learn to accept.

Do you see the absurdity of you offering this bit of advice in screed such as you just wrote?

If not, perhaps you are part of the problem rather than a part of the solution.
perhaps it's part of the 'no established religion' idea in the constitution.

or maybe it's part of the civil rights act: you can't exclude brown people anymore from restaurants, and you can't keep moslems out of catholic universities. once in, they demand equal treatment.

maybe you should re-think religion. there are some who think it should be a private concern, between you and god.

no pope, no vatican, and no religious schools.

their ideas are no better logically than yours, but have the better social advantage: they don't intrude, and they don't demand.
I would feel much better about your intolerance if the Catholic church, and all the others, did not have the special privileges, such as tax exempt status, which they enjoy. It seems the churches want all the goodies that come with this separation, but do not want to acknowledge that part of why they can continue to exist is because of the same constitution that maintains separation.