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Jeana Morris

Jeana Morris
November 14
Full time RN, educator, parttime writer. Former competitive athlete now just an athlete, wannabe astrophysicist, wannabe color commentator for the Philadelphia Flyers, Thankfully a mom, wife & daughter. Adventurer -relocating across country this year -2014


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APRIL 25, 2012 6:43PM

How to change America

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Watch the You Tube video "If I Wanted America To Fail"  if you haven't already.  If it makes you sick, thank goodness for you.  If you think my suggesting others watch this makes you sick, I see you as part of the problem.

 God Bless! 

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Very effectively done, although the video kept stalling out. I really like the contrast between the narrative and the inspirational photos that remind us what an incredible country this is, or at least can be. I particularly liked the fact that the narrator resembles Sen. Rubio. Anyway, thanks for providing this link. I wish I could vote right now.