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Jeana Morris

Jeana Morris
November 14
Full time RN, educator, parttime writer. Former competitive athlete now just an athlete, wannabe astrophysicist, wannabe color commentator for the Philadelphia Flyers, Thankfully a mom, wife & daughter. Adventurer -relocating across country this year -2014


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DECEMBER 31, 2012 6:31PM

Happy New Year: A Glimpse Forward into 2013

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While others look back and reflect on what happened in 2012, I prefer to look forward to what might happen in 2013.  When one fantasizes, anything is possible.  Perhaps this is how we will recall the fabulous year 2013:

2013 was a record year for hurricanes.  We never made it beyond the letter "C".  The three we did have went out to sea before they caused any damage.

The murder rate in 2013 was under ten, for the entire country.  None of them were mass murders.

Congress agreed to agree and worked to balance the budget.

The solution congress came up with pleased nearly everyone.  There was one gentleman, a frequent contributer to OS who did find fault with the plan.  Nevertheless.

The NHL owners and players settled.  Half of the season was salvaged.  The Philadelphia Flyers won the Stanley Cup.

The new, improved Boston Red Sox won the World Series.

There was no damage from tornados or other natural disasters.

The 2013 Holiday Season was a record breaking year.  Companies that went out of business came back into business to take advantage of brisk sales both live and online.

The value of a U.S. dollar increased throughout the world.

Europeans liked Americans again.

There is peace in the Middle East.

The Hershey Bar cures the common cold.

The jobless rate is less than 0.5%.

All reality shows go off the air, permanently.

All of Mexico is safe to wander through, freely. 

Were these to come to fruition, looking back on the waning hours of the year would be happy.  Of course, these are only my thoughts.  What 2013 headlines would make your year?  Please don't say my demise.  That would just be wrong.  

Happy New Year.  Peace and prosperity to all in the coming year. 

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Happy New Year to you and yours, Jeana. Some great wishes here!
Happy New Year to you and yours, Jeana.

Some great wishes here!
One wish may already come true, the NHL has reached a tentative agreement. Play may resume in 2 weeks.