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Jeana Morris

Jeana Morris
November 14
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FEBRUARY 14, 2013 8:39PM

Chris Dorner Folk Hero? What the F*@%????

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 A smiling Chris Dorner photographed with American Flag


So the ballad of Chris Dorner continues.  Spawned by the media, it was inevitable to make the infamous cop killer legend, wait for it,        dery.   Walking in the footsteps of Mumia Abu Jamal, it is justifiable to turn a cop killer into a folk hero.  Thank goodness for our liberal media.  What would we do if we ever had to think on our own?  We might actually make good decisions.  That just can't be.  No Gandhis or Mother Teresas for us.

Representing a cop killer as martyr- why it's as good as any top grossing movie!  What an energizing way to lift our morale and put the country on one unitified track.  The 1980 U. S. Olympic Ice Hockey team has nothing on this.  Dorner will fuse the country, leading us to our destiny.  Thanks Twitter. We are grateful Huffpo.

It is now official, Dorner's body has been positively ID'd.  He is our hero.  I can just hear "One Tin Soldier" playing in the background.   He is the role model for all our children.  Going out in a blaze of glory, Dorner will be remembered at least until February 18, 2013.


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If he knew how to rap, his kill-the-cops message could have won him a Grammy.
wouldn't that be "wait for it, dary?"

If he would have known he would end up burned I bet he would have had his teeth pulled in advance.
The guy tied up two people and kept them hostage at gunpoint. And he killed a few cops! I don't see him being a folkhero anythime soon. Even the crudest of rap artists wouldn't touch this.
...and I stand corrected. Yes FB and another site actually have a rant about him being part of a smear campaign. Not likely.

Sorry for not being on top of this with the first comment.
Yes, our beloved liberal media will hail Dorner as a a victimized martyr. What a fine message for the young, impressionable, and the potential copy cats.
What other place in the world could one die as a hero while committing crimes?
Jeana, from what I saw of the news coverage the focus of interest was on the spectacle, rather than on Dorner personally. There were some on Facebook early on who saw him as a Serpico type -- honest cop v. corrupt LAPD - but that idea never got much traction that I know of.
A major category of folk hero, in today's context, is the defender of the common people against the oppression or corruption of the established power structure. Members of this category of folk hero often, but not necessarily, live outside the law in some way. This would seen, by some, as Dorner vs. the LAPD as Matt suggests above. Take Jessie James for example. He rebelled against a society that he didn't like and became a folk hero. However, while Jesse was many things, including being a sometimes kind man, a dapper dresser, and a prankish charmer, he was also a cold-blooded murderer, robber, horse thief, racist, and terrorist. It's a matter of cause vs consequences. When folks believe the cause is worth the fight a folk hero status may be established by some even though they do not condone the crimes committed.
Bonnie & Clyde along with the other high profile bank robbers of their times were folk heros because everybody hated banks, but they were still stone-cold killers. This guy won't be a hero in any one's eyes. R
If one is unhappy in the United States, to date one is free to leave it, actually the most important freedom of all.
I guess it could be said that Dorner did leave. Still, I am woeful that no one commented on my question as to where else in the world could one die as a hero while committing a crime. It was not rhetorical. I'll just be more blatant.
For the record, I am very happy here in the U.S.A. However, I am not a fan of most of the media.
Trudge164 - from your lips, or should I say, from your keyboard, to God's ears! Though Mumia's name is still be chanted, his cause being proclaimed. He has also been a speaker at a number of college and university graduations, via satellite, of course. To me, this is beyond dispicable.
Very few would think him a hero. His killing innocent parties is terrorism and did not serve to clear his name in the way he yearned for. However, you shouldn't ignore that he was likely fired and disgraced for writing a report about a supervisor, where he alleged she beat up a mentally ill man for no viable reason. And, the courts and the LAPD brass covered it up. That's his version and I am very prone to believe it. Of course, it doesn't explain,much less excuse, his murder spree. It's a sad statement that police and govermental corruption has made so many so desperate that they need any folk hero. You should spare some of your outrage for the systems that are destroying people and not being held accountable. It helps them that so many folks like you don't get it. I don't blame you for not "getting it." It nearly impossible to get it unless you experience it.
Oh, trust me, our very corrupt systems have a great deal of my outrage. As for experiencing it, I've fought with the insensitive, unethical systems on behalf of patients who desperately need to access the "system". While I've wanted to ring a few necks, I understand that is not the way to deal with these problem. The news can be contacted to help, but often they will not assist if their agenda is not served.
While Dorner may not have been treated fairly, his response was beyond wrong.
The system in this country may have many, many flaws, yet compared with other countries, our folks are angelic. I could never laud our governmental agencies, but if things ever fail, say a collapse of our economy, those agencies may look good.