Jean Ellen Whatley

A Woman With a Past Is Off the Leash

Jean Ellen Whatley

Jean Ellen Whatley
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
April 24
Subscribing to the notion that we're all more alike than different, Jean Ellen Whatley feels privileged in her self-appointed role of cockeyed purveyor of our human condition. She's both perceptive and profuse, sometimes profound, rarely punctual and given to alliteration. An Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist, Jean has provided countless hours of live reports on everything from murder to mayhem, and prize winning pickles at state fairs from North Carolina to New Mexico. Whatley never skipped on any restaurant tabs. She has attracted a growing following on her blog, A Woman With a Past: The Post Apocalyptic Approach to Men which will soon be available on Operators are standing by. Her current project, Off the Leash: Road Stories With My Dog is the next installment of her memoir, only this one REALLY moves, literally and figuratively. Jean earned critical acclaim for her screenplay, THE LOVE YOU NEED, in the Cinema St. Louis screenplay competition, but no movie deal. She was recently a finalist in a nationwide writing competition sponsored by, SheWrites, a Web-based women's writing forum with more than 15,000 members. She’s been published in, has been a guest columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Winston-Salem Journal and the Albuquerque Journal and a guest host on KMOX (CBS) radio in St. Louis. Jean is the proud parent of four, remarkably well adjusted, mostly grown-up kids and two mutts. In her spare time, she cleans up the poop, the dogs’ that is.


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FEBRUARY 5, 2012 12:16AM

A Woman, Her Dog and the Road Trip to Revival

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Have you ever felt like running away? I mean truly running away;  quitting your job, checking out, going off the grid, saying goodbye to your family and friends, leaving town, the grocery store, the gas station, the lady who cuts … Continue reading

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How did you know what I was thinking? My fantasy -- buy a VW Vanagon, load up the pets, and head out. Until then, I will accept your invitation and ride shotgun with you.