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APRIL 4, 2012 12:11PM

Ann Romney: Unzip Him and Let the Real Mitt Out

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 This is a bit silly, but just too amusing to pass up. In an interview with WBAL in Baltimore Ann Romney shared some intimate secrets about her husband:

Ann Romney’s remarks came during an interview with Baltimore radio station WBAL, during which the host asked her, “And one of the things, Ann Romney, that folks talk about with your husband, Mitt Romney, and I’ve seen him in casual conversation-He comes off very smooth and okay. But sometimes he comes off stiff. Do you have to fight back some criticism, like ‘My husband isn’t stiff, OK?’” Laughing, Ann Romney responded, “Well, you know, I guess we better unzip him and let the real Mitt Romney out because he is not!”

Apparently Mitt is not stiff. I guess after he unzips and let's the real Mitt out he's a flip-flopper. I take this as a promising sign: after Bob Dole lost the election in 1996, he courageously appeared in some public service announcements publicizing the problem of erectile dysfunction. It appears Mitt is the natural successor to that legacy.

I guess we can file this in the "Unfortunate Choice of Metaphor" category. 

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gave us a good chuckle
My question is why aren't the Republicans running the wives for the nomination?
I heard this!! I felt sorry for more ways than one...
Very witty. A flip flopper even in the bedroom, yahoo! Rated for laughs.
That was hilarious. Ann was supposed to be humanizing ole Mitt. Guess she suck-seeded!
Sounds like something that should have happened on the Carson Show.
Yeah, I heard about that from NPR's "Wait, Wait" show yesterday. I thought they were making it up at first, it just seemed too good to be true!
Yeah, I heard about that from NPR's "Wait, Wait" show yesterday. I thought they were making it up at first, it just seemed too good to be true!
Judging by his progeny Mitt unzips enough.

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