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JANUARY 6, 2009 8:27AM

Serial Killers in the Medical Profession

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syringeDr. Harold Shipman

Dr. Harold Shipman was the greatest serial murderer the world has ever known.   Most of his 459 victims were elderly women, killed by lethal injection of morphine.   He did this for many years while other nurses and doctors looked on.  A police investigation went nowhere, and was dropped.  Finally, Shipman was caught when he killed the mayor after forging her will transferring her entire estate to him.  The police caught this mistake, after he was sentenced to life in prison, the guards found him dead.  He had hung himself in the prison cell.

Dr. Michael Swango

Another serial killer, Doctor Michael Swango poisoned coworkers with arsenic slipped into foods and beverages.    With patients, he usually gave an overdose of patient's current prescription. He eluded capture for years by moving from place to place, while his past history was never checked.  Swango killed anywhere between 30 and 60 people, until he was finally sent to prison.

British Medical Journal

Dr. Herbert Kinnel published an article on doctors as serial killers appeared in the  British Medical Journal

He says: "There are enough recorded instances of multiple murders by doctors (real or bogus) to make at least a prima facie case that the profession attracts some people with a pathological interest in the power of life and death....

Arguably medicine has thrown up more serial killers than all the other professions put together".

Dr. Kinnel makes the following points:

1) The medical profession seems to attract some people with a pathological interest in the power of life and death

2) Doctors have been responsible for killing not only patients and strangers but members of their own family.

3) The political killers par excellence were the Nazi doctors and the Japanese doctors engaged in biological warfare

BMJ 2000;321:1594-1597 ( 23 December ) Serial homicide by doctors:
Michael Swango: Doctor of Death

Pulitzer Prize winner James B. Stewart's recent book, {Blind Eye - The Terrifying Story of a Doctor Who Got Away With Murder}, tirelessly follows Swango's career through interviews with his professional peers and tomes of documentia. He points a finger at the nation's hospital administration system as being part of the cause of Swango's ability to elude charges for so long. Nurses and patients alike saw forewarnings, but, according to Stewart, the departmental doctors scoffed and did nothing. As Swango moved from institution to institution, neither personnel nor hiring directors checked his past history, and when they did, they accepted his own testimony over anything incriminating on record.

After Swango's arrest, Stewart told the New York Times, "(His) case shows that the medical establishment will blindly trust the word of a fellow doctor over the word of other witnesses, and that the medical profession cannot adequately police itself."
A book devoted to Shipman's crimes, Mind Set on Murder, written by Carole Peters has been published, The General Medical Council must now respond to the results of the expensive four-year inquiry with a plan for better policing of the medical establishment.   The pressure of lawsuits from families of Shipman's victims will ensure that measures are taken so that such a long-running killing streak by a doctor, which involved as many as 36 patients a year, never happens again.  It can no longer be assumed that people who enter the healthcare industry have only the best motives.  While killers like Shipman are rare, patient care demands better scrutiny. Nearly 400 murders. This would give killer Dr. Harold Shipman the dubious distinction of being the greatest serial murderer the world has ever known.
Demon Doctors, Physicians as Serial Killers, Kenneth V. Iserson, M.D.
No one expects their trusted family doctor to be a cold-blooded serial killer. . . Dr. Kenneth V. Iserson has assembled eight amazing profiles of some of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries' most heinous physician-serial killers and -mass murderers. These doctors have perverted the noble ideals of their profession, exploiting the trust inherent in the patient-doctor relationship to their own ends.

"Physicians possess a unique opportunity to commit murder, both with their access to chemicals and their ability to sign a death certificate. . . . Each physician in this study represents a completely motivated and successful murderer. . . . This riveting study of transgression could only be written by someone working with the precision of a physician."
A report into Shipman's activities submitted in July 2002 concluded that he had killed at least 215 of his patients between 1975 and 1998
In total, 459 people died while under his care. It is uncertain how many of these were Shipman's victims, as Shipman was often the only person to certify a death
Michael Swango
Herbert G Kinnell, writing in the British Medical Journal, speculates that Adams "possibly provided the role model for Shipman".[138]  John Bodkin Adams

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Its not hard to understand why/how people like this can operate uncontested. Doctors, particularly in the west, are treated and revered like gods. Every breath divine, every word exalted, every step miraculous. When in reality, they are just people who are capable of good things and bad, and can make mistakes or be swayed by the literature of the day (or the salesman of the hour). They have mortgages, families, problems of all kinds big and small. They can be distracted. They come in all different types ranging from good to mediocre to downright bad-- without even intending to be. And some are outright murderous. In short, doctors are just like the rest of us. And we should treat them accordingly.

P.S. If _my_ doctor happens to be reading this... I was referring to all those _other_ doctors, not you.
Facinating artical ! As a Professional Nurse with 20 years practice in Trauma Medicine I can attest to the prevalence of "Black Death Humor". Please let me reassure you that there are at least as many Nurses with the same dark obsessions. I believe they are sometimes referred to a "Angels of Death".
Rest easy My friends! This will only hurt for a minute...
Dang it - missed your post.
Celestial Ephemera, as a trauma ICU nurse myself and the daughter of a Japanese POW, I think I can speak with a bit of authority on the issue of dark humor when I say that it's got nothing to do with violence, murder or cruelty. Indeed, it's the defense that nonviolent individuals use to persist in their work despite repeatedly witnessing unexplainable cruelty. Serial killings are not unknown among nurses, of course, but we do not enact the culture of silence that physicians have created. Swango's case, in particular, shows the danger of professionals "sticking together" when that cohesion blinds them to their colleagues' dangerous, even criminal, actions.
What I want to know is who you and Dr Amy think can afford to pay for 80 million baby boomers to have $50,000 heart and hip operations every year in the future?

$6,000 an hour for surgeons is not sustainable. Medical costs are choking this country, as I stated in my last few posts.
Doctors are NOT like everybody else - they are worse. It has been my experience that doctors, and especially plastic surgeons, have a much higher rate of sociopaths than the general population. I went to a board certified Stanford plastic surgeon for minor cosmetic surgery. He operated on the wrong leg and 19 other parts I did not consent to surgery on. Instead of apologizing or having his insurance company compensate me and pay for the corrective surgery, he lied, even though his own records proved he did the wrong surgery. I sued him for malpractice, and it turns out he arranged to have his friend, a superior court judge, assigned to the case (I didn't find out until it was all over). All the evidence was in my favor, including the fact that he altered his records to try to cover his mistakes, but the judge ruled against me, ordered me to pay his attorneys' fees, and forced me to remove all posts on the internet about what the doctor did. I went to 2 other doctors to fix the first ones mistakes, and they only made things worse, both of them also doing the wrong parts, the 2nd one doing it deliberately. And #3 threatened me with physical harm if I didn't remove my negative rating of him on a doctor rating site. At first I removed it because I was afraid of him, but then I reported him to the police and reposted it. When he saw that, he responded to the post by saying I wasn't really a patient, I was a former employee who stole drugs from him, that I was a drug addict and that I was extorting money from him - all totally fabricated. Then he started posting fake negative reviews of my business, even though he has never been a client of mine. And to top it off, he had his wife file a phony restraining order against me, saying I threatened to kill her and her children. I didn't even know he HAD a wife & kids until I was served with court papers. So I had to spend $400 and miss a day of work to fly to LA to fight that. It was of course dismissed for lack of evidence. Finally with doctor #4 I found a good doctor and good person, and interestingly this was the first woman I went to. I am currently recovering from my 18th surgery to fix the others' mistakes, and I still need more. It has cost me more than $140K so far. Just like sports figures who behave badly because the public idolizes them and they think they can get away with anything, doctors try to get away with muder, and they will continue to do so until people stop thinking of them as demi-gods and hold them responsible for their bad behavior.