Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
June 18
Jerry’s favorite memories are of listening to stories his grandfather delighted in telling him as a boy. Hearing these stories opened the twin doors of discovery of history and a passion for writing. Jerry spent years developing his skills as a writer and historian, working as a reporter and editor, while teaching American history, government, and Western Civilization part time. But the two interests—writing and history—were never truly fused together until the founding of Lifescapes, a business established to help individuals, families, and organizations record and preserve their stories. Jerry earned his Bachelor’s degree in General Studies (history) from Ball State University, a Master of Arts degree (history) from Ball State University, and a Master of Public Affairs degree (public management) from Indiana University. He is listed in Marquis Who’s Who in the Midwest for 1996-97, Silver Anniversary Edition, Marquis Who’s Who in the Midwest, 1997-98, Marquis Who’s Who in Media and Communications, First Edition, 1998-1999, Strathmore’s Who’s Who in 2003-2004, and Madison’s Who’s Who 2004, and Marquis Who’s Who in America, 60th Anniversary Edition for 2006-2007. Jerry served as treasurer and member of the board of directors of the Association of Personal Historians, 2000-2003.

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NOVEMBER 20, 2009 7:46PM

Some Passing Thoughts on Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau was a unique human being. He was as complex as an individual could be. He had strengths, weaknesses, and flaws. He also lived a simple life; one that doesn’t fit into the kind of lifestyle our culture expects or approves. Still, he stands tall and his literary importanceRead full post »

NOVEMBER 19, 2009 10:47PM

Hitler, Fascism and Nazi Germany

It’s no secret the evening news presented by the corporate media has degenerated into a tabloid mentality focused on entertainment and lollypops following the National Enquirer model. Our TVs and radios have been turned over to people who do little reporting or informing and ignore the facts. T/Read full post »

Investigative reporter and author Ted Gup asked in an article a while ago, “Do we need a CIA? Do we need this one?” (1) The simplest answer to these two questions is “yes” and “no.” Yes we need an agency or body whose job it is to collect information (intelligence)/… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 28, 2008 9:30AM

My Mom, registered at 95 to vote for Obama

My mom is 95 years-young, fiercely independent, lives on her own and drove until at age 91 her car hydroplaned on wet pavement into the rear end of a police cruiser. Giving up driving was then an easy decision.

My parents divorced little more than a month after my… Read full post »

If the intent of our founders was faithfully adhered to both President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney would be impeached and removed from office. Many if not most reading this will immediately and reactively disagree, but my intent is not to defend my assertion so much as to… Read full post »