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Jerry Kavanagh

Jerry Kavanagh
New York,
April 19
Jerry Kavanagh is a former Assistant Arts Editor at New York Magazine, Editor in Chief at Conde Nast's Street & Smith's Sports Group, and New York Bureau Chief at SportsBusiness Journal.


MAY 15, 2012 4:52PM

The Art of Kindergarten

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I have only six letters in my name, kindergartner Amanda proudly admitted today. Then she proceeded to misspell it on the rainbow she drew for me: A-M-U-N-D-A. And I know how to spell lettuce, she added, apropos of nothing. She did know.


Not to be outdone, Sophia said, I know how to blink with both eyes, which she promptly demonstrated with alarming rapidity.


Their classmate Braeden wore the multi-colored evidence of art class on his forehead, cheek, and the tip of his nose, having unsteadily proved to himself the veracity of the different fragrances on his scented markers.

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