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NOVEMBER 20, 2009 10:36AM

Why Generation Y?

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Dear Miley, Avril, Abercrombie and/or Fitch, and the late Mr. Levi Strauss,

 I call on you people because you are who dresses the Generation known as Y.  I have a question for you and other clothes makers of today:  Why do you make your clothes so our children’s butt crack sticks out even with the use of a belt? 

 It’s hard to find a decent pair of jeans that will last for a junior-sized body.  A tween and teenager of today is not going to shove their budding body into a pair of belly button-rise jeans that us mommies are more comfortable wearing. The youth of today prefer those tiny little hip-huggers that when I hold them up to me I wonder if I’d have to shave certain pieces and parts of me just to wear.  All of the jeans built for a narrow-hipped junior these days are far too low.  What’s so great about the butt crack that you people feel that kids these days should just let it all hang out?  It’s a butt crack.  It’s mere inches above their poopers.  It is still a private part of their body.  Couldn’t you add just a few inches to the butt part of the jeans so everything would be covered?

 You know, back in my days of being a junior-sized person (and oh, those were the days) jean-makers would make the back of the jeans just slightly higher than the front so the jeans would still go below the naval.  I have to admit that it is more comfortable to wear jeans that are lower in the front since it makes for better mobility.  Having the knowledge that if I should happen to stoop over my butt will remain inside the jeans is a real plus in my book.  Half the time, the jeans can be almost ugly but if my butt stays put, then I’m buying them. 

 I’m tired of running around the house yelling, “Your ass sets are showing,” as a way to alert my girls that their bums are sticking out.  I think my girls are adorable, but I really like to see them fully clothed.  If my husband had his way the girls wouldn’t leave the house in anything less than a full turtleneck and ribcage high pants.  I’m not about punishing the youth of the day, but am just trying to reach a compromise between the parents and Generation Y.

 I know that times have greatly changed since I was a teenager but have they really changed this much that we’re making it okay for our girls to go around with their butts exposed.  I remember my mother asking me if I was going to wear “that” out of the house.  Usually “that” meant a baggy pair of jeans paired with an even baggier shirt.  She used to tell me, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”  Have the designers of those days finally taken my mother’s advice and ran with it?  Things here are going a bit too far and way too low.  Even a pair of pants that fit “properly” are showing too much rear cleavage.  Are you making our kids the butt of some joke or something?

 If you people are going to continue to make your jeans this way, could you at least reinforce the belt loops since this is how my girls pull their pants back up?  Better yet, could you put a handle on the pants so the girls have something to hold on to while they walk around the mall and text their friends?  I’m two steps away from sticking long-stemmed roses down the next butt crack I see.

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Amen from the Plumber's Butt jealousy therapy group!!!!
I agree. But isn't it just so nice to see their thongs too? Oh, and I love to see the boxer shorts sticking out (at least they're not thongs!). I can't even figure out how the boys keep their pants on at all. What's holding them up????
At least there's several shirts there to cover up something (except in the front, where the cleavage would make a hooker blush). Remember when you didn't mix patterns or colors too close on the color wheel? I guess that's not cool anymore. The more the merrier, I guess.
Could you write one to the cartoon makers next? I mean, I love how all adults are idiots on every kids' show.
You poor thing...yet another component of motherhood I have to look forward to.

It's part of the whole sexualization of childhood thing. Little girls want to look like that Mickey Mouse chick whats-er-name...Cyrus? And she looks like cheap Walmart trampy Barbie inspired...

It sounds strange to say after having just defended American smut to a gentleman on another blog post, but there it is.

Here's my take: Sensuality is cool; sexualization of kids for purposes of commoditization is not so cool.
Everytime I see one of these kids with their butt crack hanging out I just want to grab their underwear and give them an epic wedgie.
Ooh! I'm going to start doing that to my girls!
So funny! Last night I took my daughter to the Miley Cyrus concert and was shocked at how short Miley's short shorts were--she had 6 wardrobe changes and not one included anything that covered her legs more than a few inches. Her butt crack did not show once, though!
that flowers in the butt thing could be the next trend! Girls pants are bad enough, but the way boys (young men?) where their pants below their butt cheeks with their fancy boxers hanging out is the one that drives me nuts. They're hodling their pants up by the crotch and cell phoning with the other hand. Hat on sideways, of course. I'm like dude, I can steal your wallet cuz both hands are full and they ain't nothing you can do about it cuz your hands are full and you can't chase me cuz your pants will fall down. How you gonna run from the cops in that get up?!
hodling their pants up? Shouldn't that be holding their pants up? I dunno. With one hand on your crotch, maybe that is hodling.
But there's nothing in the wallet because they spent all their cash on fancy drawers.
I asked my Bratz doll and she said it's so you can see her tramp stamp
Hahahaha this was excellent. Reminds me of my mom's rant on Gen Y fashion sense: "Those kids, wearing jeans that barely cover their ass and their pubic hair. And that's if they even have any!" She said some other stuff too, but that bit just had me in fits.

Plumber crack is back. Ick.
I think there are actually two different things at work here.

For girls, it's jeans that are designed with a low waist so that even if you get the right size and wear them right, there is "butt cleavage" aplenty.

Guys seem to just get jeans where the waist is too big and them let them hang half way down their butt - or more. The only silver lining is that their stupid boxers tend to cover up butt crackage.

My girls aren't quite there yet (10 & 12), but I'm hoping the "fat plumber" look miraculously goes out of fashion in the next few years.
In theory though, this terrible fashion crime is a way for teens to rebel and act out and show that they are choosing a different norm than their parents. And thus it's cool.

But, like Facebook, it will stop being cool if all of us started doing it! So, maybe if my kids start doing this, I'll just go all droopy drawers on them - and that'll put an end to it! Especially if I threaten to pick them up at school every day with my butt hanging out!
How old (or rather, how tall) are your girls? Forget the Wal-Mart "juniors" section. The actual Ladies wear section there now has jeans that are hip huggers in front with a higher waist in the back. The Levis boot-cut or flare-leg ones are good, they come as small as size 2 petite, which overlaps with the juniors' section in terms of who it will fit.
Jess, I am with you. My daughter is FIVE YEARS OLD and they make "low rise" pants for her size. And very, very little else. The little zippers are like two inches long! And, because she has a butt and thighs, they ride down over her panties. (No, I have not seen bikini style panties in her size, but then, if I looked, I would have to gouge out my eyes, I'm sure, because they probably come in leopard print.)

I have gone to K Mart because they actually carry pants that come to her waist, but I know that K Mart clothes would probably make any fashion conscious teen or tween girl commit hari kiri with a hairbrush.
Thanks for the suggesion Lee.
i have teenagers. i cant count the number of times i have had to shield my eyes & say "crack kills". *shakes head*

of course, my kids have seen my yearbook & hasten to remind me of my own (albeit more modest) horrifying teen-aged fashion choices.
Jess--here's the make and model I'm speaking of. I have four pairs of these in different shades of blue. They're great.

You know, the boys wear those HUGE belt buckles so that they have a convenient handle to grab onto if the pants fall down TOO far. However, I am always tempted to tell the crotch-grabbers that they don't have to keep checking, that their 'bits' are still attached.

Hey, maybe they could hook the huge belt buckles to the long chains around their necks and make a new kind of bling-bling suspenders!
I thought I was the only one screaming at my long-waisted daughter, "pull up those pants!" I was mortified to see her plump white flesh showing above her pants, especially since it was hard to find shirts long enough to cover her. That stuff I used to diaper was not for public consumption! I don't miss those days; she is in college now and agrees that young women should not be showing plumber's ass. So parents, keep up the discussion about what message clothing sends, and do they really want to send that message? They really are listening.
A swift kick in the ass. That's what they need.
The nickname of the too cool Gen Y fashion victims is "hipster" but maybe it should be buttster.
Jess, I have sooo many issues with the way pants are made for women. It would take up several pages to talk about it. Let's just say that I totally understand what you're talking about.
When my daughter was younger, the only jeans issue we had was what designer name would on her butt....and at what cost. I don't envy you. You are fighting Madison Avenue and Seventh Avenue and, most influential of all, Peer Pressure Avenue. A tough battle for any parent.
yes. all day long i have to tell my 3 yr old to pull up her pants to cover her bum and ariel panties. it is not her fault. clothing makers are cheating us saving that extra inch of fabric on every pair.
yes. all day long i have to tell my 3 yr old to pull up her pants to cover her bum and ariel panties. it is not her fault. clothing makers are cheating us saving that extra inch of fabric on every pair.
I am soooooo with you on this. I am sooooooo tired of this horrible fashion trend. I see boys that can't even walk because their thighs are so grossly encumbered by their pants. I'm trying to think of an equivalent in my generation. I guess sometimes we wore our pants too tight. Lying on the bed trying to zip them up. I find myself longing for those days...when you could actually see boy's butts.
"It’s a butt crack. It’s mere inches above their poopers. "

I'm sorry, but I giggled out loud at this.

I've tried the low-rise stuff, despite my advanced age, and can't figure out how anyone with a big arse and small waist like myself is supposed to keep them on. A belt? Around there? Just to _add_ bulk? Sure! Great idea! :-O Mine just feel like they're inching downward slowly but surely with every step.

Maybe that's why young girls wear them--they make them feel like they're in danger of losing their jeans, just like the boys are? :-/
you're behind the times. the true fashion-forward have gone back to a combination 60's/80's super-skinny, regular-rise pant. (some fashionistas even wear 80's acid-wash, high-rise pegged jeans)
Be thankful you only have to badger your daughters about it. I teach eighth grade. My "pull your pants up" observation comes right after taking attendance, between class changes, etc., etc.
Loved the rose idea. Rated.
That is what is in the stores; I feel sorry for my daughters. I also feel sorry for the rest of us because people tend to hold on to the styles of their youth; so 10 or 15 years from now when they're still wearing these things... Oh, the horror!
I swear there's an obese 20-ish guy I see during the course of my regular routine about 3 times per week, and there is more of his butt showing than covered. I don't get it. I just don't get it.
Idiots they are. But I also too remember growing up in the 50's and 60's and the hell we supposedly put them through with our fashion identities. Parents just never understood us, why does that echo come from my daughters now? jeesh......older/exasperated
Great post. For those of you concerned about the tender behinds of Generation Y, you might be interested to know that Neutrogena has come up with a moisturizer especially for one's "coinslot," so youngsters can avoid dry, flaky skin down there.

Ok, so it's really a fake SNL commerical, but it's pretty amusing:

I was in England with my daughter year before last, taking part in her college orientation weekend, and it seemed as if all the teenage boys in town were wearing what I've since been calling "dork pants." I can see why pretty young girls might be persuaded by the media to flaunt their bodies in such a way, but these skinny, dopey-looking boys showing off their Ys? It makes no sense to me at all. Memo to boys who favour dork pants: it's NOT cool.
I hope this is only a fad that will soon fade away. My heart goes out to parents who are fighting this but stay in the struggle, your children are worth it!

For the coin slot spot outside of the US. God, this is funny . . . .
"It’s a butt crack. It’s mere inches above their poopers."
I know, what a stupid fashion statement...
I know whereof you speak! Everytime one of my girls buys me a pair of jeans they have the disturbing tendecy of feeling like they're about to fall to my ankles. Just give me my Levis and Wranglers that fit comfy and have done so for the last few decades. On another note, I'm not sure whether those ultra loose pantaloons on boys are any worse than the change squeezers we wore in the early eighties. I don't know if my poor package ever got over them...
Maybe since the kids want to wear their clothes so tight that they can show everything, the manufacturers are just helping the budding little ho's along.
I didnt read this, but pull your pants up above your assholes , you assholes. Ill read it later, my apologies.
Amen...and what is up with the too long, baggy shorts, leaving out 3 inches of ugly leg and then some bulky, seriously bulky running shoe the scrawny ankles go into? I have to avert my eyes for the pain. Just one word to these men...MIRROR.
What is the US really doing with Iran's "frozen" assets?

Boy, am I glad that I am too old for this. If I were in your shoes, I would make (sew) my daughters pants and they would have to live with it. I was in a store recently and I saw sexy, short shorts for girls in a size one and two ( as in still in diapers) . I was horrified. What happened to teaching our daughters that they are worth what is in their brain, not their bra???????
Until this started a few years ago it would be extremely rare to see any butt action from the babes. The pants were higher and the shirts were longer.

Now it is great for us guys to be able to stroll the plazas and the food courts and the open lawns on a warm day and enjoy some butt views.

Yet, there has been a fashion trade off here. Until the last few years there would be a percentage of babes who would not be wearing a bra, some even with open sleeves. But while pants of come down (so to speak), seeing full boobage has become far too rare.

Now us guys have to put up with seemingly dozens of straps flying all over the shoulders, while we see tank tops and layer upon layer hiding the boobs. Even though many a full bra is exposed, we don't get to see nipples like we used to.

After these past few years, I say it's time make straps NOT in fashion. Less on top, and THEN it's OK to raise the jeans. Let's be fair!
Can't remember exactly when I read this, but a fashion designer said that girls showing off their booties would be a happening thing, and here we are. I can't stand the falling down pants, boxers sticking out style of young males; saw one dressed like that last week pushing a lawn mower, ridiculous.

I tell 'em what Crash Davis once said... "Think classy and you'll be classy."
Oy. I hear you and raise you one 16 year old girl. She's skinny as a rail and gorgeous, but her friends who are more "average" teenagers sometimes look like stuffed sausages in these clothes - through no fault of their own.

Of course, the fact that the Abercrombie & Fitch CEO is a sixty-something guy who dresses like a surfer and dies his hair beach blonde, doesn't want "fat" people shopping in his stores and likes to surround himself with nubile adolescent (or barely out of adolescence) age boys MAY have something to do with the design of his clothes...
Very funny! But in my opinion let the childs do their own stuff and wait some years till they are growing!
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