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Jett Noire

Jett Noire
August 22
Just wonderin'. Toujours. Ruth 1:16-17 - Per Fernsy, beat prose poet. ***** Tu me manques. Toujours. No matter how angry I get sometimes. No matter how much time passes. Thought I was doing okay, then saw your new profile pic and I was on the floor wailing. Again.


FEBRUARY 6, 2013 9:06AM


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Image0089Well, I never.  Never ever have I ever.  I am a fool and a persistent one.  After all the severances and  no mores, still.  Still, I want to call and tell you to look at the brilliant Full Worm Moon.  Still, I feel you near me in the thin place where we spoke our truth.  Still, I just know any day now you're going to knock on my door and I will open it, stunned as Rhoda was, and say something ridiculous, and you will say, "May I come in?"  Still, my heart will not be still, as long as I know you are alive.  En français, it is "toujours."  In the still of the night, the brew that we began ages to perfection.  Despite the obstacles, despite the silence, still.

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First written and saved April 2012. Still true.
we all can understand those persistent embers of hope. Fine writing and relateable sentiments.
Thanks, Fernsy! As your bio says, "Looong story."