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Jeve (aka John and Steve)
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Jeve (aka John and Steve) -WHAT?! The hybrid name works for Brangelina and look how many kids they have! We’re really just two strapping, young (shut up) homosexuals who are at the stage in our relationship where having a child just seems…well right. We have a Jack Russell named Lucy, and to substitute have contemplated shaving her, plopping her in a stroller and going for a walk in the park. Vanity kicked in when we thought strangers might actually think she resembled one of us. Jeve has been in partnership since 2002 and we adore each other immensely. Oh and just to clarify, (people have been wrong before) we’re partners of the DOMESTIC kind, NOT business, although the process of having a baby does seem a lot like a business transaction.


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APRIL 24, 2011 12:54PM

New Beginnings

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I can’t believe it’s been 10 months since I last posted. Where do I begin? I’ll cut to the chase- STILL NOT PREGNANT. And to tell you the truth I thought this blog was over, but then a friend of mine, Carleen, inspired me. She said that maybe there are folks out there experiencing the same thing so here I am.

If you had followed our blog you know that last June we were pregnant with twins, but we miscarried just the end of the first trimester. Since then we have tried again with our frozen leftovers (nada), then we tried again (zip, zilch) and AGAIN (zero). Each transfer became a massive letdown (just like the Knicks). We had so many opportunities because our extremely fertile donor gave us 44 eggs (the average is 20-25), which turned out to be a curse because in the end our doctor believes the eggs weren’t “quality”.

I feel for our surrogate, Stacy, whose been taking pills and injecting herself with hormones this whole time. What a strong lady. The good news is that she’s with us all the way and for that Steve and I are forever grateful.

During all this time I kept telling myself I knew that parenthood (BTW- love that show) wasn’t a done deal and that this was all part of the territory, but I was just trying to cope. The truth is that I was depressed and the roller coaster was at a constant drop. But I have decided not to let this get the best of me. Steve and I are continuing our quest. We’ve gone egg hunting (BTW- Happy Easter!) and have found a new donor. Our next transfer is this summer. I have also decided to take charge of other aspects in my life that I COULD control. I have gone back to the gym and started eating better (I can still look like a ‘hot daddy’ even if I ain’t one yet). I quit my job, which was just sucking out my soul, and am in the midst of a huge career shift. So I went back to school, partnered up with some local folks in my new industry and decided to open up my own….

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