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NOVEMBER 9, 2012 9:19AM

Karl Rove Death Pool: What's your prediction?

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He has to answer for the 400 million dollars very publicly wasted on a campaign that failed to deliver. Stock brokers have off'd themselves over less.

Or perhaps he really is a sicko-sociopath and could care less, but his recent ramblings to say that Democrats are guilty of voter suppression (!?!) suggest he is in a tailspin.

What will be the headline of his demise? Within what timeframe?

To see something within two weeks of the re-inauguration would be fitting.

O.D. in a hotel beside a toked up prostitute?

The David Carradine treatment? (what? too soon?)

Falling from a very high place?

I imagine such a public spectacle would demand no less than a public spectacle.

Or, rather, what will be the headline of his public demise, to be followed by the actual one.

Claims of Sexual Harassment? Homosexual encounters? (What poor mistreated fellow would subject himself to that? I shutter to think.)

The discovery of large offshore accounts, charges of embezzlement and fraud ensue?

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Having an id-venture
aha i see you are as viscerally delighted in rove's rather humiliating
as i am.

but we must consider the magnitude of it.
he is eternal now , in cyberspace, doing his meltdown.
his pac? achieved 1.5 percent success.
angry millionaires cussing him.
angry billionaires maybe plotting his demise?
leave him to stew in his juices.

but..uh...what i got, presently, sciatica, sciatic nerve,
that would be good.

guy is done.

Ah, yes, James, he may very well stew for eternity.
Well, if the punishment is eternal, might as well get what you can get while your pleasure center is still operable.
May he find diversions to be hollow and insufficient.
Truth will always catch up to you.
Awaiting the movie . . talk about tragic drama!

Maybe he'll shoot Dick Cheney first, before he goes, right in the blood pump.
I cannot overstate my delight in his political demise.

Excellent, tr ig, however, I don't believe Karl's out to do US any favors in the process. What's he got on Cheney? Maybe Dick's the gunman in your scenario...
Get to writin'...hollywood awaits!
Cheney's already been the gunman at least once.
Never, ever, go hunting with Cheney.. is the word on the hill.

The guy is even more of a cockroach than Keith Richards... although Richards is a good kind of roach.
What ever happened to big Dick? Maybe he's already dead.
Haven't heard hardly a word about him.
Thank you, Wolfman. we shall gleefully dance in the moonlight.
Together, if independently...
Karl Rove is so massively narcissistic that my wager is he'll stay indefinitely, incapable as he is of self-criticism.

My dream scenario: Rove and Cheney challenge each other to a duel, and both find their mark.

By the way, I saw your new avatar on FB. Looks like a ropes course, and you seem to be doing right well at it.
Better yet, a dueling threesome involving a playoff round with Donald Trump.
An overnight religious conversion to Islam, followed by talk-show bookings, a book tour and his own TV show during which he will come out as a heavy metal rocker.
Dan, I thought about Trump after writing the line on public spectacles. I can see him barging in from nowhere and demanding to be apart of the idiocy, getting terribly longwinded about historical events require historical players or other such entitled nonsense--until both Dick and Karl blast him just to shut him up!
CM, if it suits his quest for power, I can see it. Except I see it as a verrrry looong saaaad train wreck, only to delay the inevitable.
PS Dan: that was in Galveston, the obstacle course I mentioned in 'Siddhartha's Horses', and yes, I scampered across that cargo net like a little squirrel.