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Jim White

Jim White
November 02
I use my fork to pick horse stalls on a regular basis. We all need to take a fork to the state of political affairs and reduce the accumulation of manure. I'll also be picking on the right wing authoritarians and picking at issues that have been ignored for far too long. Most importantly, our country is in the process of picking its next set of leaders.


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AUGUST 28, 2008 8:30AM

Don't Pick the Old Guy!

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August 29, 1936.

That is the date of birth for John Sydney McCain III. To capture the flavor of that date, I found what was purported by an enterprising E-bay seller to be a copy of the cover of The Saturday Evening Post for that date:

Sat Ev Post McC bday

That slogan on the car really seems to sum up the McCain campaign: “Four wheels, no brakes. We’re off!” McCain’s campaign on the Straight Talk Express has no brakes. The “maverick” is allowing his entire campaign to be run by lobbyists and he has abandoned all of his centrist views to try to win over the base (and boy is it base) of his party. The look of skepticism on the young lady’s face says it all.

On the occasion of McCain’s 72nd birthday, I took a look at the Wikipedia entry for the number 72. One interesting tidbit is that was the number of fights for Joe Lewis, who finished his career with a record of 69 wins and 3 losses. Notice that the magazine cover refers to an article where Max Schmeling explains how he beat Lewis in their first match-up. Schmeling is an interesting case. Hitler tried to use him as a propaganda tool, but he resisted giving in entirely and never got rid of his Jewish manager. Lewis wanted a rematch and got it quickly. Here’s what happened to the older white guy in this one:


A final note on Schmeling is that he went on after his boxing career to own the Coca-Cola franchise for all of Germany. Kinda like marrying into a Budweiser distributorship?

Of course, no observation of McCain’s birthday would be complete without recalling the touching scene three years ago on the tarmac in Arizona, on the day that Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. It’s hard to believe that the White House still has this photo on its web site:

Bush McCain cake

Barack Obama’s 72nd birthday will be August 4, 2033.

If the voters of the United States elect John McCain as president, we will be getting the equivalent of this 1936 Hudson:

1936 Hudson

Good luck with that!

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McCain is fond of saying "I'm older than dirt."

Nothing wrong with being old, if age has brought wisdom. In his case, I think it has only brought skin cancer.
Great post. You tread on an area that neither the Obama campaign or the M$M dare to drive into or over. Many Americans know the tire is getting worn and bald, but they rationalize they like that tire because it has been loyal and I just like the feel of something with a lot of mileage because that means experience.


Start down the path of life with insecurities and every experience is tainted, opportunities are missed, wrong conclusions are drawn. Why? Because, you are fearful of examining your weak areas and changing your views. Doing that means admitting you are wrong. Doing that means more insecurities.

Last night Bill Clinton and Joe Biden spoke strongly about McWar’s judgment and trashed the Repug mantra that McFighterpilot has national security knowledge and wisdom. The length of time someone spends doing something is no guarantee that it is useful for expertise or learning insights. You can just as easily draw the wrong conclusions from an experience, especially when you have ideologues and ambitious advisors who want you to believe their nonsense.

As I have called Republican and independent seniors every Wednesday since March for my US House Democratic candidate, many do express concern about McShameful’s age. At 68, I wonder about my own brain when easy things don’t pop out right away like they should. Unless these seniors say, “I’m a Republican,” and hang up, I am told that they are undecided between the experienced old man and the bright, inexperienced young man. With some, that may be expressing hidden racism. With most, they want to believe that the path of life is worth something because you have benefited from lessons along the way.

When I talk to them about my military experience with US Central Command and challenge McWar’s lack of knowledge about the Middle East region or his eagerness to cheerlead us into an unnecessary war, they do not argue or they agree with me. When I point out that Obama led and managed a far better campaign than Hillary, I get the same response.

Now I am going to add a third thing that I should have thought of and used from Bill’s great speech last night. They said I was too young and inexperienced. How did that turn out? I can tell them it can go both ways. Look how junior turned out.? I will also tell them that it comes down to character and values learned from your parents and life.

To those who still need to awaken their own judgment and rely on others for wisdom, as so many convention speakers have said, who can take care of the future for of our children and grandchildren and who hasn’t and won’t. We need to pound on McSame’s lack of judgment and integrity. I always tell my fellow seniors that McShameful has shown he has no values other than to do anything to win. (and buffer his insecurities)

Maybe he gets his lack of honesty from his mom. Take a look at this example from a wire story how mom lies for sonny when he gets in trouble regarding a law suit against McShameful’s first wife. Maybe his biggest problem is just that, mom protected him from learning to face responsibility and the consequences of decisions made. McSame and Junior are twins in that regard and yes Hillary, very hard to tell apart.

Wow, thanks for those thoughts, Paul. I agree that there is a difference between good experience and just repeating wrong decisions. Joe Biden's mother last night was the picture of wisdom gained from experience. At the same time, I wouldn't want her to be president now, but I certainly hope she's around for a long time as a resource for our next vice president.
Nice story Jim, I'm reminded that Ronald Reagan ran successfully at 73, because he was the picture of health and vitality, thats not really the case with John McCain. In 1999, prior to his run for President, he released 1,500 pages of his medical file to the press. In February of this year, he released an additional 1,500 pages that he had accumulated since his last document release. That is not the profile of a healthy man, and unfortunately it will likely be his undoing.
Jim Montague
Unfortunate? Unfortunate how? Unfortunate if he gets elected. Not unfortunate if it gets him defeated. Unfortunate if he dies in the near future. Fortunate if his health and campaign tactics causes Arizona voters see his true character and hypocritical values and he won't be able to keep voting for war as a senator and causing so much unnecessary suffering.
A great post about McCain and his age. He's definitely not improving with age like a fine bottle of wine. He may have his wisecracks, but that won't cut it as the leader of a nation that's in serious need of help.
Frankly, I'm not that impressed by some of his wisecracks.
Love the last pic , Jim! That should be a campaign poster. :)
The word craven comes to mind when thinking of the difference between McCain's actual, heroic past and his recent "positioning" for the Republican presidential nomination.

Any bow and scrape would do when it came to maintaining the perception of "loyalty."

Along the way, The Maverick became road kill.