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APRIL 16, 2012 2:25AM

When you care enough to jail the best

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 Oh boy. Our representatives in Washington really know how to roll up their sleeves and get down to business when they're done fucking cattle. Not that I don't understand the NDAA. Sure. That whole speedy trial, jury of our peers, right to an attorney, to know what you've been charged with was a real draaagg. I get it. Don't think I don't see where they're coming from. Don't think I don't get the gist of what Congress was saying, almost unanimously - Hitler had the right idea.

You see, when push comes to shove Democrats an Republicans really can work together. Hell, the HR 347 was almost unanimous as well. More so. Only 3 people in the whole Congress voted nay on that chesnut.

The thing is, I just can't get past that whole, NeoNazi, Stalinist police state thing. The whole, "Sure, freedom is good, but have we gone to far? What about the terrorists?"

Look in the mirror. You are the terrorists. You and your whole limousine riding class of douchbags and your New World Order cronies. I hope you get cancer. That's about all for now. Obviously we can't try you for treason. We can't hang you for dismantling Habeous Corpus or the document you took an oath to uphold and protect, so let me just say, I hope you get cancer. Or AIDs. Maybe just some lethal social disease from fucking animals. Because the NDAA is what treason looks like. Fuck you, sir. Fuck your whole family with a garden rake, and maybe even a few kitchen utensils to round out the experience. You sir, are the moss that grows on shit. The flies, that eat the moss that grows on shit. You sir, are a fucking traitor. Did I mention cancer? Ok, just checking. Fuck you.

Talk to your your rep. And tell 'em Snorveille Redencocker says "Hi." 

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Do you think this qualifies as "belligerant?"
Not that I would change a word. The truth is the truth. That's just how it fucking works.
Since waterboarding is now approved as a method of interrogating I see no reason to bring sex into the matter whether it is sex with cattle or kitchen appliances or porcupines, sex should not be denigrated from its natural functions. Let them eat yellow cake.
As we move closer to a non stop election cycle and the ads for who is the 'right one' to vote for, let us remember that all the names on the ballot and bought and sold like the money whores they all are, lackeys for the 1%.
Truth is truth Redencocker.
Your belligerent tone sings well...
People will knowingly vote for their own dungeon masters as long as they wear their favorite their party brand, believing they are on the side of good in a fight of good vs evil, rather than just evil in cahoots with evil.
Snoreville- I am having trouble understanding the fine print in this act. It makes my head spin...Can you do an abridged version?Maybe with illustrations.
Whats hazy is the justification. I just know the results. Indefinite detention without trial, lawyers, being told the charges. Is it only if the president acuses you of being a terrorist, belligerant, annoying, etc, I dont know.
I think we can all take comfort from the fact that capitalists are cannibals. They all devour each other eventually.
I would take more comfort living ina world not run by cannibals.