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MAY 27, 2012 8:11PM

You Can Not Hide Those Lion Eyes

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Animals playing with animals, animals playing with people, this is still about the most amazing thing I've seen:

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I very much admire people like this. I am passionate about animal conservation, and I love being around most animals - especially cats - but big cats can be scary, because they are so powerful and unpredictable. When I was younger, my mother worked at an animal hospital that specialized in feline care. When circuses would come into town, they would sometimes bring their exotic animals to the clinic - or ask for the vet to visit them on site. One day, my mom brought me and my sister to the clinic, where we got to play with a young tiger. It was only a few months old, and I was thrilled to be able to pet it and interact with it, but at one point my sister and I got really scared; the tiger was playing with us, and its claws got very close to my sister's leg. If she hadn't moved out of reach quickly, she would have had to have stitches. So, bless this courageous man, full of love and bravery, and I hope he stays safe.

Also, lions are awesome.
This is arguably the cutest thing I have ever seen; fantastically adorable. R