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MAY 29, 2012 11:37PM

WhenYou Care Enough To Fuck Over the Very Best

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Monsters copy

Okay, very simply, a House vote is coming up in July and we need your input. They only ask for Name, Email and zip code to tell your representative, that, why yes, you do think they should AUDIT THE FED, so we can find out what banks corporations and investors wives they are loaning money to at near zero interest, so they can turn around and buy Treasury Bills at 4% HIGHER INTEREST, so we owe them interest on the money we loan them.

It's a sweet fucking deal for them, prison sex for us. You've seen their mugshots, now its time for a few swift kicks to the sack for these Wall Street Parasites and their Secret Santa, Ben Bernanke. Occupy these fuckers:

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Thanks for posting this. I signed the petition, but I would really like to see Congress go all the way and either abolish or nationalize the Fed and end the ability of private banks to issue money. Contrary to popular belief the US government issues only 3% of our money - the paper money and coinage. 97% of our money is issued digitally by banks when they issue loans. We will never get rid of the stranglehold Wall Street has on us so long as they control the monetary supply.
Yup, but first things first. Let the public know what they are up to. The rest will follow.
A comprehensive audit of the FRB is something that both right and left can agree on.
I think the correct ole southern saying on the Fed would be:

They got their fists holding my nutsack, and I can't move without losing them...

We need to remove that iron fist holding the keys to this country's monetary power.