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JUNE 21, 2011 5:26PM

Newt Gingrich's Campaign Runs Away

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Republican candidate and obscene word for a rash Newt Gingrich recently lost his campaign team all on the same day because he felt going on a sea cruise was more important than campaigning. They realized they were just pawns in a scam by Newt to build up sales of his merch on the idea he might run. Just one of many shysters pulling the same thing in the GOP, like Sarah Palin who's made a whole profession of pretending to run. They know they won't win, because they're not serious, but they do know there's money to be made off the pretense.

And that GOP voters are the most gullible, spendthrift marks in the business, having already been primed for decades by televangelists to waste money on conmen. Fox and Glenn Beck have made it a whole business model. Just label something conservative and watch the little red staters throw their money away, then rinse and repeat.

And today, he has lost his finance team. Because he's not viable, he's not serious, and frankly he's a terrible candidate, regardless of your side.

Actual live footage of the departure of Newt's staff.


They say it takes an elephant a long time to fall over and realize it's dead when shot. But probably not when all four legs are suddenly chopped off under it.

Wake up and go, Newt. We all hate you. Everyone. Right and left alike. And we don't care about your sad fevered ego needing one last jolt of juice.

And did I mention that most people alive who wouldn't be likely to hate you(because they remember you), don't hate you because they don't even know who you are, and to them you're just some fat old man with a huge Sorry Tab for his third wife at Tiffany's?

Give it up, Newt, and wait for the day Ken Burns makes you a talking head in a documentary.


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