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John L. Roberson

John L. Roberson
Berkeley, California, USA
January 22
Bottomless Studio
John Linton Roberson is an illustrator, cartoonist and writer, living in Berkeley, California. His new graphic novel is the first volume of his version of Frank Wedekind's LULU, Book 1 now available at Amazon.com, Comixology & Createspace. He is also the creator of VLADRUSHKA, SUZY SPREADWELL, and numerous other works in words and pictures since 1989. Find out more at jlroberson.org. Follow him on Twitter, too! @jlr_1969

JANUARY 31, 2012 4:09AM

Previously Unpublished: UNCLE CYRUS 2- "Cyrus at the Con" (2001)

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This is a story written, and with breakdowns, by John E. Williams and drawn by me, that would have been in PLASTIC 9 in 2001, had there been one. It's the continuation of the adventures of comics' favorite hack, Uncle Cyrus. Here we see him at the San Diego Con, though a version none would recognize nowadays. To be honest, I'd only been to APE in San Francisco, so this probably looks a lot more like that as far as the venue. The art's early and rough, but it is what it is. Click to read. (and both Cyrus stories can be read here) If you look closely you'll find my attempt at numerous cameos, including Trina Robbins, Dave Sim, Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell, Scott McCloud, Julie Strain, Rick Veitch, Dean Haspiel, Dan Clowes, Steve Leiber, Gary Groth, R. Crumb, Grant Morrison, Danny Hellman, Archie Goodwin, Harvey Pekar, Neil Gaiman, Chris Ware, Steven Weissman and Austin English, with a speaking guest appearance by Fantagraphics' Kim Thompson.

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