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John Linton Roberson is an illustrator, cartoonist and writer, living in Berkeley, California. His new graphic novel is the first volume of his version of Frank Wedekind's LULU, Book 1 now available at Amazon.com, Comixology & Createspace. He is also the creator of VLADRUSHKA, SUZY SPREADWELL, and numerous other works in words and pictures since 1989. Find out more at jlroberson.org. Follow him on Twitter, too! @jlr_1969

FEBRUARY 3, 2012 11:22AM

Cut To Ribbons: Komen Foundation Stops Funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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Holy CRAP.

I was kind of being satirical when I suggested that the Komen Foundation's new pro-life agenda would also entail their stopping funding for embryonic stem cell reaearch, which is right now a vital cancer research field. And which pro-lifers are vociferously against.

But they are in fact doing that.

The Komen Foundation deserves to be smashed into nothing as an organization. They have betrayed their mission, cancer research, and women everywhere. This is insanity. Why are they letting Karen Handel's pro-life agenda destroy the valuable work they have done and their reputation?

Or is destroying the Komen Foundation somehow the point of what's happening here? Because officials are resigning right and left and no woman wants to donate or to participate in their races. And everyone is now boycotting anything with their pink ribbon. (note: Yoplait is one of those)

Their reputation has now been, well, cut to ribbons.

I do not understand what they think they will gain through this. But the Komen Foundation has become a right-wing trashbin and it's tragic. They have taken a cause that was not controversial, curing cancer, and have poisoned it with petty and crazy politics. Obviously curing cancer is no longer their misssion.

What IS their mission now?

Donate directly to Planned Parenthood and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center(which does pioneering work in stem cell and other cancer research, is a major Komen grantee, and will suffer because of this) today.


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