questionable words & pictures from John Linton Roberson.

John L. Roberson

John L. Roberson
Berkeley, California, USA
January 22
Bottomless Studio
John Linton Roberson is an illustrator, cartoonist and writer, living in Berkeley, California. His new graphic novel is the first volume of his version of Frank Wedekind's LULU, Book 1 now available at Amazon.com, Comixology & Createspace. He is also the creator of VLADRUSHKA, SUZY SPREADWELL, and numerous other works in words and pictures since 1989. Find out more at jlroberson.org. Follow him on Twitter, too! @jlr_1969

Editor’s Pick
JANUARY 4, 2012 12:41AM

The Republican Carcasses - IOWA: LIVE BLOG (Updated)

8:30 am It turns out you can't get water from a caucus. Now I just feel silly. Professional, I press on.

8:58 am Romney tells little boy there's no Santa Claus, chuckles.

9:15 am Rick Santorum personally impregnates woman, chains to his wrist with a nine-month time lock so he can… Read full post »

Rumors can be deadly things if you don't deny them proactively.

Here's an example. Some say James O'Keefe likes to behead hamsters after raping them. Some say he prefers to do so before. Others say he doesn't behead them at all.

These are all awful things to say,… Read full post »