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AUGUST 21, 2014 7:33AM

Why Tolerate Hate?

     Among the many questions I'd ask people who argue  --  and we've seen it for a month and more  --  that Jews should simply give up on Israel, on the idea of a Near East homeland, is this:
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AUGUST 20, 2014 8:34AM

The NRA, Butchering Babar

     You see that Youtube video from Thailand where an elephant 
took a paint brush and painted an outlined self-portrait? I’m sure you can find the video. These re bright, feeling creatures.


     You Recall the children’s books and movies

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     I've read now, in multiple venues, re-post after re-post, of the NYT piece about Henk Zanoli who survived the Nazis and saw a need for the Israeli State at one time and now, particularly in the face of the recent Hamas/Israel war, does not.
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AUGUST 17, 2014 1:34PM

On Missouri @ Winking Racists

     Years ago, eons, I felt sad for those who believed they were oh-so-clevah racists whose racism was so often winked, unstated, then gratuitously, grotesquely defended when named.

     No longer.

     They can live permanently, frighten
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Enjoy these three most recent programs...great Sunday!



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      Saturday, 8.16.14  &n

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[we] learned guards had [thwarted] escape by three [other detainees]. full view guards [bound] wrists... A rope...tied...wrists...suspended each body...just enough...their toes [might] touch.... guards beat them...faces...unrecognizable. food...water. ...second day...guards

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AUGUST 14, 2014 4:04PM

War Atrocity Diary Entry

[we] learned guards had [thwarted] escape by three [other detainees]. full view guards [bound] wrists... A rope...tied...wrists...suspended each body...just enough...their toes [might] touch.... guards beat them...faces...unrecognizable. food...water. ...second day...guards [forced theRead full post »

As I read those sniping at people who really do see what's what in Missouri, in LA, elsewhere, where police have recently, and for one hell of a damned long time before recently, and often and without apparent call, killed Black young men, I think on those snipers' accusing, rhetorical
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AUGUST 13, 2014 8:11AM

Suicide is Unsusceptible to Judgment

        'Does One Have a (moral or legal) Right to Suicide?'

is moot; it's an action not susceptible to moral right or wrong and nearly unsusceptible to legal right or wrong; people do it or they don't, and far removed from moral or legalRead full post »




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AUGUST 7, 2014 8:11AM

How Many Child-Brides?

     How many child-brides do you imagine we have, roughly, in this rape-crazy place? 
     UNICEF and the Brits released a study in London two weeks back at an international conference on the practice, The Girl Summit. That group studies child-brides and rRead full post »

     Want to know just how stupid gay-panic gets?


     Here’s a question whose answer will tell just how idiotic, and it’s a question that oughta bring you back to third grade real fast.



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- JW 
( ...and this coming Saturday:  Delia Yeager, Johnny Robish, and more writers you know.) Read full post »
AUGUST 3, 2014 10:21AM

Update: Uganda's 'Kill-The-Gays' Law

     You may have read that last winter's law that can and has thrown lgbt Ugandans into prison, in many cases for life terms, for their sexual identities has been ruled unconstitional by a federal court there.
     The Ugandan lgbt community and its supportersRead full post »




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Podcasts have returned, healthy now, from a few weeks' cyber-convalescence . Enjoy!

(And this coming Saturday, OUR/OPEN writers Rosigami and Robyn Martins.)

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JULY 30, 2014 7:27AM

Cheating Ourselves

     Because patriotism has come to mean, for far too many of the hopelessly brainless, stockpiling as many weapons as we can, most in Congress would buy new, idiotically expensive weapons systems no matter the cost, no matter the quality, even without daily threats from weapons indRead full post »

JULY 29, 2014 7:19AM

Latest UnFun AIDS Theory Going

The Daily Kos shares yet one more piece of evidence suggesting that a job requirement for Republican office holders is the ability to make up absolute rubbish and call it science, especially when the lunacy has to do with sexuality, rape, lgbt citizens.


Here’s aRead full post »

This is a reasonable likeness of our fighter-biter tabby cat, Ms. Miryam Gumdrops.
This is a reasonable likeness of our son's Honda 1000.
 s780_2011_honda_cbr_1000_rr_black_red_review.jpg (500ÒÂÃÒÒÂÒÂÃÒÂÃÒ363)
Our son's new work takes him to tracks where he both races (oneRead full post »
Program Announcement's early this week as we're off on a brief beach holiday...pls make a note, save this...pass it on...and join us (for the show)!



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     The wealthy Muslim nations could have, years ago, and could now, pour billions into the West Bank and Gaza and they do not do it

. bc a sad non-secret in the Near East is that wealthy Arabs look down on the poorest ones in every
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     The other day I asked a friend just how idiotic and mean-spirited and yet still credited, even a teensy bit credited, some foolishness about the Near East would have to get before some come to their senses and might not swallow the verbal and
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JULY 21, 2014 6:52AM

It Isn't Muslim Children

While it is true that no one, here, 


children killed or harmed, not Muslim kids, not Jewish kids,

not one of the daily Far Left writers here who write, shrilly and constantly as if Evil itself is an Israeli invention...

not one of these writers took the care 

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JULY 19, 2014 5:09PM

Snipping Israel, Hamas

The first piece, from Mr. Krauthhammer, is likely the first time I've read the man and have, overall, agreed with him (even as I do not hold with what he says about the film. "Munich", here).
The Pew Research report is, for length, edited. It's out this week and… Read full post »