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     While I respect many who might, and as has been raised in numbers of venues, I cannot imagine signing a petition/request to get South Park (our closest regular offering to Charlie Hebdo, I suppose) to soften its approach. If we can tolerate South Park mocking rabbis, popes, the LDRead full post »

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    Conversations about poverty among Muslims in the Near East and North Africa rarely include talk of the enormous wealth in wide and deep pockets and institutions of the Muslim world, so I ask

. Why do Muslim oil and other elites and nations content themselves

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This also links to podcasts from the program "Insurrection", hosted by my colleague, Brent Lengel, an Occupy Wall Street organizer. 
Next Saturday, 1.24.15, 3pm Eastern, work from Alysa Salzberg, Nerd Cred, Delia Yeager, Tom Friel (Donnegal DRead full post »
JANUARY 18, 2015 6:34AM

1-Sentence: Our Era, Most Violent?

Each generation, particularly as it ages and in every era, determines it's living in the most violent time in history yet the sad irony's we're almost certainly living in a time of little sustained and widespread violence relative to virtually every earlier era, and the world ovRead full post »

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     Je read weeth some skepticeesme zee claim zat what wee see
a Paris
le prior semaines eez
une flagg-de-falsifie d'op...
...zat likelie z'Etats Unis et z'Eesrael eez,
as tu Amaricains say...
behind et lurkeeng...
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And now, Advice for Working Women. 


Daily Kos writer D. Honig Has a Question and an Answer for you.

Want a raise? Wash your vagina.


Want a raise? How should you go about getting it?

First, you have to figure out how to

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     This message is from my colleague, Reverend Patrick Mukajanga, St. Paul’s Voice Centre, award-winning Ugandan Human Rights Activist.



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     Anonymous has announced its new operation, #OpCharlieHebdo. It says it's jamming the Islamic State's -- ISIS -- Twitter accounts and other of its (and other jihadist) communications assets/networks. I hope and trust this is just a start.

     Mark Thompson (CNN) reports that the internet hackster collective, Anonymous, has decided to add Islamist terrorists to its list of those liable for its rather unique brand of punishment. Most recently the group announced its targeting of those responsible for the s

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JANUARY 7, 2015 6:16AM

Protect Police with Hate-Crimes Laws?



     I’ve long since written that I’m skeptical of hate-crimes laws for two reasons.


     First, hate-crimes legislation criminalizes thoughts, not just actions. They don’t just put you away because you bash me, they add yRead full post »

These three programs include pieces from OUR/OPEN Salon writers:
Terry McKenna
Con Chapman
Delia Yeager
Michelle Motoyoshi
Bud Clayman
Anne Born
Lezlie Bishop
Gina Ellis
Ron Powell
Tom Cordle
John Hamilton
Steven Axelr… Read full post »



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JANUARY 1, 2015 12:20PM

Salinger, at 96

I'm pleased he steadfastly refused all offers, never allowing a 'Catcher' film to be made.

His hope, his insistence, that Holden was, is, and will remain his  --  and yours  -- 

 --  and ultimately yours alone  --  

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DECEMBER 29, 2014 6:22AM


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DECEMBER 28, 2014 6:02AM

Bowl Glut? A Solution

A kid, I'd awake, great anticipation New Year's, eager for Sugar, Cotton, Orange, Rose... Now? Nah. Gluts do that. Any business or corporate consortium in any town can find loser/losing teams, hoard windfalls. I've a remedy, though, just beneath the list.



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     From jump let me say that what I believe about the man is not devotional. No remotely Jewish notion of God--and we do know that he emerges, in Christian texts themselves, wholly sprung from Judaism--can sustain the idea of human blood atonement for sin (or for anythin/
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DECEMBER 22, 2014 8:16AM


Please enjoy these past four 




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DECEMBER 21, 2014 7:53AM


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Ricky Ricardo, reservado, eternamente!....Babalu!

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DECEMBER 18, 2014 1:57PM

1-Sentence Cuba-USA: The Signal Danger

The signal danger in the Cuba/USA opening is the quite real potential for Hyman Roth and Michael Corleone once again to own the island and its people.  Read full post »