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JULY 23, 2012 6:19AM

Israel: Remarkable, Possibly Millennial Archeological Find

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     Holy-Land Archeological Quarterly reports that two researchers, Professor P. R. Saul and Father Ryan McElroy of the Israeli Ministry of Old Bones and Manuscripts have recently uncovered shards, fragmentary evidence that suggests strongly that what had been thought to be an American musical number from the late 1950s and from New York City has distinct roots among the ancient Hebrew/Israelite clans.

     Apparently, the original lyrics of Da Doo Ron Ron had a religious theme, and are as follows. 




                               DA DOO RON RON

Met the Rabbi on a Sabbath and my heart stood still

Da doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ron 1

Somebody told me that his name was Shmuel 2

Da doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ron


Yes, my heart stood still

Yes, his name was Shmuel

And when he walked me from shul 3

Da doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ron


I knew what he was up to when he poured me wine

Da doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ron

He looked so pious but my oh my

Da doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ron


Yeah, he poured me more wine

Yes, oh MY, he's mine

Then, when he walked me from shul

Da doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ron

[Lyre-Lute-and-saxaphone solo]

Turned the pages of his prayer book, Lo!

He looked so fine

Da doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ron

By Yom Kippur 4 gonna make him mine

Da doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ron  


Yes, he looked so fine,

Yes, he'll pour me more wine

And when we stumble home

Da doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ron

[Fade on: Lyres Sax, and Lutes. Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah...with:

"Da-doo-ron-ron" from background-Angels]



1 Hebrew for "Oh, Lord, Make Him Dig Me"

2 Hebrew for "Samuel"

3 Yiddish for "House of Study/Worship"

4 Hebrew for "Day of Atonement"



Next Week:  the original libretto of the Rock Opera, "Tommy? It's Your Mother! You Nevah Call!".

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I put the rock in archelogist. Whatevah that means.
Rock of ages....
Dammit, you made me pee my pants...da doo ron ron.
Jonathon, i rely on you for mature Jewish wisdom:
daring speculations and cool intellectual extrapolations,
but...i sometimes think u are pulling my leg.
I happen to read Holy-Land Archeological Quarterly
every quarter, except last one,
when Georgie puppy ate it,
and i have not seen the work
of this Saul or McElroy before.
But...well, u are jon, and you wouldn't lie to me..
James I do do do wop not lie ron ron ron da.
Never even crossed my mind to think of a rabbi that way. Anyway I'm not kosher any more on account of I Sleep with a Goy. :)
JW, you've really been on a (da doo ron) run with this. When it comes to pop archeology you are truly the Leader of the Pack.
Abra I get my strength from the fact that I know My Ronnie Spector Loves Me.
Nice post. And good to see you walk on the lighter side of life once in a while.
Mary Thanks! I take my Muzakology seriously!
Was King David on the lyre?
jmac that guy really rocked.
sheila of course, i wish i coulda reported that Jesus' cross had been located, but I am committed to history and not fantasy.
Yanno they got meds for obsessions like yours now... tho I could see why you might not want to bother.
Check your Rye bread for fungus man. Ergotomine can be sneaky.
Cred If I did that Ronnie'd leave me.
This is hilarious stuff. Keep the songs coming!
In the King James version, this was translated as

Da Doth Ronald Ronald
I suppose it lacks something when you don't speak Jewish...
Jeff Hence my footnotes. :)
That was great. You know I'm getting pretty good on my guitar. We could take it on the road. Scanner & Wolfman. Yep, I get top billing, hah!