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AUGUST 18, 2012 7:35AM

The Church Now Ditches A Priest Whose Criminal Trial It Lost

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      The other week I wrote here of several, first-of-their-kind criminal prosecutions of churchmen, leaders who perpetuated child abuse.

          . I raised up the behavior of Kansas City's Bishop Finn who allowed a known sexually deviant priest to molest his way through that diocese. Bishop Finn reassigned a pedophile priest to a facility in which the priest would have regular contact with kids.

          . I spoke, too, of Philadelphia's Monsignor William Lynn who two weeks back became the first priest-administrator in the United States church hierarchy to serve prison time, in his case for shredding archival evidence thereby actively shielding well over thirty pedophile priests.

     Word has it that, now that the monsignor's case has been lost, the Philadelphia Archdiocese has dramatically cut back the support it had provided for Msgr. Lynn's defense. Even as Monsignor Lynn is appealing his six-year term, his legal team, four lawyers prior to his conviction, has been halved and the remaining two will now have to continue to represent the convicted monsignor -- for howver long they remain in the picture -- largely pro bono.

     Any wagers on how long those lawyers and the Church will support Msgr. Lynn? One could argue, of couurse, that appeals require less vigorous representation than an initial defense. One may also imagine that Church accountants know they have and will have for the forseeable future, just too many other perpetrators to defend. Or, one could say that Monsignor Lynn is now rightly in the position he himself helped keep hundreds of nameless children for years --  alone and terrified.

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I don't think it's too harsh to wish for these men the stark, prolonged, fear they helped to inflict on so many children.
my wish for them is-somewhat-more severe.....
Thanks for the update.
I agree wholeheartedly, Jon. If they're to find grace, let it come from the one whose name they defiled in disguise over the years.
Matt yes in this case forgiveness is not human
it's harsh, but somehow with their ''faith'', i suppose,
they will get through it.
what kinda faith does a child molester have, i wonder.
human grace is more money wasted on it. good decision.
all he can count on is spiritual grace now.
james that may well be the only kind; yes
I wonder how long it will take for the Church to complete its evolution from this Culture of Corruption... if history serves as any measure I expect it will take at least another century with no guarantee that the fix will take.
jmac we won't see it; you're right
Jon,even reading your posts and the comments below,hurts.
I personally know people who have been afflicted by exactly this type of child abuse,and I can assure you that it has been or still is a life burden.
In each case,the damage has been severe.
It's a little confusing why this has been fought by The Church when it should be embraced. Prison is a beautiful opportunity for them to become even greater men by learning about true faith, forgiveness, courage and strength on a very personal level.

It would be a mockery of their faith in God if they received further legal assistance. They should not be denied a full term and every opportunity to grow even stronger in their faith and put their trust only in The Lord. They must avoid the temptation to weaken and put their faith in their fellow man. This is a chance for them to seek the strength of God from within and rely on only Him to deliver them.

I rejoice for them that they can show God their unwavering faith in him by deep love and heartfelt forgiveness for all they encounter in prison. What a true Blessing for such High Holy men to be presented with this glorious gift.
l'h 6 yrs does seem too poor a gift, though
I hope they serve long sentences here and also, later, down there.
god almighty, wouldnt it be sweet for the Church
if it could simply say,
"the butler did it!"

this comedy of an organization is getting on my nerves.
i meet good people paralyzed by some (supposedly eschewed)
doctrine of guilt and

where did these fantastic ideas come from, hell, especially?

i guess my question to Benedict would be:
"sir, if they believe they are going to Hell, will they, per Blake
think it may be actual possibility?...for...
'what seems to be/IS /to those to whom it seems to be"?

it's not important to me, but i know alot of catholics.

not so many jewish scholars related to a. ginsberg tho!

1. You can't win. 2. You can't break even.
3. You can't even get out of the game.

These statements are known collectively as "Ginsberg's theorem"
Let him rot in the hell he has created for himself.
Any ideas as to whether this is a financial, political, or religious decision?
Kosh from what I ead it clearly isn't religious.
Incarcerating him and pulling out all his support is a start... I hope he eventually gets what is really coming to him.

If the world knew how many people the Catholic church have thrown under the bus, it would amaze them.