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NOVEMBER 5, 2012 6:50AM


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My Prediction

Romney     233

Obama       305



                            Guess the precise final E-Vote numbers!

                                   Write them in a comment!

                                             WIN 47% of a




(I may revise my own numbers Tuesday mid-day but that is okay bc I am ineligible for the tawdry PRIZE and if I am in a foul mood I may not give it anyway. Maybe.)

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While I haven't consulted him, I might, as a Tawdry Prize, offer a night with Cranky at the Easy-8 Motel, Exit 4, New Jersey Turnpike.
obama - 294
romney - 244
Ray that works for me! Thanks!
Romney 248 Obama 290... and who wants 47% of your stinky old prize anyways?? R&R ;-)
jmac doesn't everybody???
Obama 301
Romney 237

I further predict that my congressional district will toss Dan Benishek to the curb.
Mrs R Good Curb him! Thanks!
Obama 331, Romney 302

Clearly I'm not up for going to Exit 4
I have a spreadsheet on my office computer that I'll need to consult so I'll get mine in this evening. Raymond Isser's looks close though.
Abra do come back..imagine what you could win!
Jon - I'd LIKE to do more than simply curb Dan Benishek... who decided to run for congress in the first place because his license to practice medicine was suspended.

This is a guy who (along with most of the rest of the republicans in the house) voted to remove protections for immigrant women and Native American women from the Violence Against Women Act. A guy who has voted 11 times to allow polluters to pollute the great lakes (which contain 21% of the world's supply of fresh water and 87% of North America's supply of fresh water). I could go on and on but when a politician is representing one state and is BAD for at least 6 other states and one other country... it's time to toss him to the curb resoundingly.
Mrs R I hope the voters turn him out handily.
I predict a tie and endless recounts that last the next four years. What a mess. Good contest.
Scared me putting Rumnuts first. I like your numbers. I'll pass on the chance to win the Tawdry Prize, thankyouverymuch.
Zanelle I think we'll win by 3am Wednesday, your time ty!
Matt! How you will disappoint Richard!
297 -- 241

279 -- 259 if the GOP manages to scam Ohio.
I don't have a prediction because I think it's unfortunately going to be close. But may I have the tawdry prize anyway?
Bud I'm sorry. To win, ya gotta play. ;)

(270 electoral votes are needed to win by a hair. If the president gets 270 only, it'd mean Mr. Romney would get 268 (and lose) bc the total number of electoral votes is 538.)
I'll give him 280. Now I NEED that tawdry prize!
Bud Now you're in the running!
A tie is not what we want. A tie goes to Romney.

A tie turns out to be possible because they gave DC three electoral votes. DC actually has enough of a population for more than that, but they wanted to limit DC to the amount the least populous state had. The trouble with this is that, previous to granting those votes to DC, there was an odd number of electoral votes, making a tie impossible, but when you add three to an odd number, you get an even number, allowing them to be split.

If there's a tie, the vote goes to the House. That's majority Republican. Say hello to President Mitt, kinehara ptui ptui ptui
I have this crazy theory that more people than you might predict from any of the polls are going to remember how pissed they were at the 47% remark and, just as their fingertip reaches for one touch pad, it will turn and face the other fingertips and say, "F*** that!" and press the other touchpad. Mark my words. Or, feel free to laugh at me for the next four years. With that introduction...

Obama 356
Romney 182

There will be much scratching of heads, which will be prize enough for moi.

~r~ for providing me an excuse to piddle for 15 mins.
Jett And Let Us Say Oimein!
Seer thanks tho this hardly plumbs my tawdry depths
We The People-0
Steel I hope you will, nonetheless, vote.
Mrs. cranky might have something to say about this prize idea of yours.....
always.....a duty not to be taken lightly...
I will put in for

Obama 290
Romney 248.

However, like Jett Noire, I am hoping people get unstupid in the booth and it isn't this close. I am also praying the machines Romney's sons own in Ohio and Colorado aren't rigged for his father to win those key swing states!
PW she well may, yes....
Jon,that's a splendid idea of yours to say "Vote often".
I guess you'll have to start now or you will run out of time.
Ever sooo funny!
Poor Woman: If Mrs Cranky wants a say in the prize, she'd better get on her statistical analysis ASAP.

I bet Obama 303, Romney 235. I'm giving Romney NC and FLA (Gov. Scott seems determined to suppress as many votes as possible), I'm giving Obama VA, OH and the other swing states.

What happens if I win? Does that mean I have to do it with myself? Because that's never happened before. I'll be waiting at Exit 4 with a bottle of cheap wine.
Crank as Jacob Cohen/Rodney Dangerfield said:

I MEAN, I WAS ALL ALONE... ... ...
I don't care about the numbers but...I'll be in Room 314 to verify the Winner & to see if Cranky doesn't chicken out! R
Romney 317
Obama 241

Does it have to be exact or does the closest man win?
Marilyn I'm counting on you!
Cat exact! :) (bc I am cheap and I don't want to pay for two or more motel rooms)
Romney 275, Obama 263. Voter suppression and fiddled voting machines make the difference. I hope I'm wrong.
You might like to read this:

Proud mother-in-law of AP Reporter and Editor
Romney 285 Obama 253

but one faithless GOP elector votes for Paul when they assemble.
OK, Obama 281, Romney 257. But we won't know for sure till Wednesday.
Abra I'm thinking 3am Wednesday?
My prediction is we should all know the winner by 10 PM EST. Obama will win Ohio and Florida and it will be all over. See you at La Fontana in Hatboro, PA for the tally and some hot beverages.
Roger it should only be, cousin!
Since we have to be exact then I need to change my math.

Romney 315
Obama 243
Since we have to be exact then I need to change my math.

Romney 315
Obama 243
Since we have to be exact then I need to change my math.

Romney 315
Obama 243
Since we have to be exact then I need to change my math.

Romney 315
Obama 243
Since we have to be exact then I need to change my math.

Romney 315
Obama 243
Since we have to be exact then I need to change my math.

Romney 315
Obama 243