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NOVEMBER 6, 2012 11:27PM


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     This is an edit of a piece I shared some time before the president backed himself against the ropes at Denver. 



     I wanted the president to win four years ago. I'm delighted to be alive this night as he is now re-elected. My sole regrets are that my civil rights- and labor-activist mom never knew this president's history-upending candidacies and wins -- she died well too young at forty-five in 1973 -- and that dad did not live to see Mr. Obama's first election reaffirmed.

     As for me, I wanted this more, far more, than I wanted him to win four years back. This is for my son; it will frame his adulthood. 

     I'm delighted for reasons having less to do with specific policy-content than with what his re-election means to me emblematically. The specifics, the details, I've made clear over time, here and at numbers of other sites and in a variety of iterations. I am delighted tonight most for what one might call process-and-cultural reasons.

. I am pleased that those who have tried to deny voting rights in over thirty states a half century since the Voting Rights Act, in order to suppress the votes of minorities, students, and the infirm elderly...I am delighted they have been slapped across their collective very ugly mug and soul so hard that no party may well dream of trying to enact this evil again.

. I'm thrilled that the extremism of the Tea Party has run into a ditch from which it may well not in our lifetimes paw its way out.

. I'm happy that the misogyny far too many Republican candidates foment and tolerate is discredited to the point that it cannot be defended or promoted with a straight face in national debate.

. I'm next-to-ecstatic that the religious-based hateful rhetoric, overt and more subtle and cynically deployed against this president by those who see American religious minorities as problematic at best...that this vile rhetoric has taken a terrible, lasting hit.

. I an pleased that the minority of my fellow American Jews, my fellow Zionists, who think that only their favored Israeli political parties' positions must control my nation's Near East policies without genuine give-and-take between intelligent allies...I am pleased those Jews have seen this president receive at least 75% of Jews' votes. (Jews' voted for the president in 2008 by 78%.) And I want, in time, for them to see that Israel is in fact safer when real, even edgy, back-and-forth, takes place.

.  I am pleased that re-election has shown that the 'Citizens United' Court decision has been a wholesale failure in accomplishing what it was designed to do  --  derail Mr. Obama and others by allowing billionaires and corporations to hijack the democratic process.

. I am thrilled that this leader who stood up for thoroughgoing equality under law for LGBT citizens, has been roundly approved by our national electorate.

. I am happy that the strenuous efforts to return my country to a pre-New Deal, venal public-be-damned, communitarianism-be-damned ethos are tonight soundly repudiated.

. I am grateful that the men and women who serve in our military will continue to be served by a president who has won their support through positive behavior toward them and by rejecting jingoistic and simplistic knee-jerk behavior designed for domestic political consumption by the least intelligent, the most cowardly armchair-generals among us.

. Perhaps, now, no one will again say with a straight face that '08 was somehow an historical anomaly which has now been 'remedied'.

. I now, happily, have a chance to help enact health care legislation that goes well further than the Affordable Care Act does toward universal coverage.

. I have again a president who respects religion enough to know that our Constitution wisely restricts religious institutions' influence in public life and in law.

. I am thoroughly pleased that the sole true genius of American Exceptionalism continues to be raised up by our leadership for what it is: our Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

. There will be a chance again, and in my wife's lifetime and in mine, and in my son's young adulthood...a chance at having once again a Supreme Court and Federal Court system that honors the Justice ideals that our parents held and taught us and that we have taught our son.


One more:

I've won a bet on a terrific steak dinner at either Timpanos or The Palm...or a dry bagel at a well as for a fine victory cigar, with a former student, a very fine young guy who also supported Mr. Romney. I'm also the cheapest guy I know and needed the win.

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...knew it all along... ... ... uh huh..... ;)
I'm delighted too!
Even if Romney isn't conceding....
I wish my mother had been alive for even the first election, I understand how you feel!
Well said JW. I was feeling agitated all day because of fears of voter suppression but now, YIPPEE!!!! Senate races are looking good too.
Wow Glad you got all those good winnings. I am so happy too.
And speaking of winnings, I'm up $100 on a bet I made in late 2009 - Obama versus anyone the Repubs would offer. I need to find some frivolous and pleasurable way of blowing it now. Back to CNN now so they can tell me again and again.
And, unless it's premature, your home state (and mine for most of my life, though not now) just became the first state where the population, not the courts or the legislature, voted in favor of gay marriage.
Are we certain? How can that be, Jon? Here it is barely 10:20.
I can't help wondering......
Bless you for keeping the faith
kosh yes and it will be the subject of a brief blog post from me in the morning :)
I was relieved to see Obama confirmed again. But I'm bothered that Romney, a candidate with clearly inferior views and grasp of the issues, came so close to defeating him.

I haven't heard Obama's victory speech. I may not stay up that late. But I hope that the President realizes how money, power, gossip and racism-in-denial almost beat him. I hope he realizes that the opposition he will face in January are just as hard-set against him or anything he wants to do. I hope that he will start fighting back against the noise machine. I hope he'll use the bully pulpit, which he refused to do in his first term, and address his concerns to the American people directly.

I just hope I'm not hoping in vain.
neut i am certain he realizes all that you say here :)
I was so thrilled with how things turned out that I had forgotten about Citizen's United. So good to know that the electorate isn't for sale even if the candidates are.

This was worth waking up for!
I was so thrilled with how things turned out that I had forgotten about Citizen's United. So good to know that the electorate isn't for sale even if the candidates are.

This was worth waking up for!
Also: congrats to your fellow Marylanders for approving the same-sex marriage proposition.
I am just glad one part is done and the other part is beginning. I usually don't say anything on political blogs. I truthfully do not vote one party line. I vote who I think the best president will be so I think the party propaganda sometimes just makes it hard to decide both ways. And they both get at each other in a bad way. It is not Godly. But I am not sure politics ever have been. Give unto Caesar what is Caesars and to God what is Gods. Amen



Kimberley you would love my pieces on my favorite ancient rabbi (and yours) Honest.
Heidi Thanks!

Crank :) :)
Heidi Thanks!

Crank :) :)
Heidi Thanks!

Crank :) :)
congrats and good luck to the prez....
now if only the branches would work together and get some serious work done.....
one can only hope...
well put, the symbolism of elections is often what moves us most, it is a Democracy after all but to see Fox choking on its own postures, think of all that billionaire money taken out of hiding and put into the economy and the masters of the universe finding that the universe didn't want them are all wonderful to behold.
Steel I sure hope so. Thanks!
kenneth on every point you are 100% spot-on Go Pennsylvania! Go Philly!
Nice re-cap. My kids were fully engaged in this election and we are all happy with the outcome.
Sheila :) Yes This is for our kids.
America was on a terrible brink, I feel. It was very troubling
as all the monsters hiding under the rocks
that were shaken in the 2008
hurricane of change
came out to the light...and....were promptly fried,
and sizzled up good!

I feel your joy and your sorrow your dad couldnt see it, jon.

It is a new America.

I feel like we have escaped something very bad indeed.
James you are 100% on it, friend!
Singing that Dylan song, back in the early '70s with friends, we believed. I didn't realize two things until this morning, one, how long it has been -- the wait. Two, viewing the early parts of the evening, how much trust I had lost in that belief. Tough roads are still ahead, but perhaps each of us should send a copy of the DVD or book, The Help to our remaining republican congressman. Like the primary, I am still counting on that uncounted 3% in the close numbers in mine.

Feeling good Jon!!! Who won the contest?
Great post. I agree with you on all these counts.
Bud PV RW just before his death, Robert Kennedy said "In 40 yrs a Black Man will be President." He was right, to the very year, 40 yrs on, 2008.